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  1. Goodbye, BecauseYJZ, spirits, how are you today?
  2. E A new challenger approaches!
  3. This is something that I occasionally think about but keep forgetting to make a post about it, what are some terms that you think don't work well with tulpamancy? for example the term "that sounded better in my head" sounds weird when talking to your tulpa in your head. sorry if this was made before, but I couldn't find anything on it. So basically what are some terms or phrases you don't think work well with tulpamancy and maybe a better alternative?
  4. We just agreed to have her birthday be the day we joined (12/17/2014) because we have no idea the date of when we first met.
  5. Crystal would be Minuscule as she is about the Size you would expect a real fairy to be, we chose this size before she was a fairy (when she was a butterfly) so she could more around easier and could fit in tighter spaces, she eventually thought it would be fitting and because she liked it. sometimes she grows to human size when she wants to but that is on rare occasions
  6. I don't talk to my tulpa when i sleep (I don't think so anyway :/ ) Next person has stolen something :O
  7. You, I like you. you are going to go far in life ;)
  8. Thank you, for believing in me, for taking the time to talk to me even before you knew what I was, for doing the research on ways to help me improve, for loving me. I am not good with words, but I can't thank you enough, we have both had our doubts, and we may have some more in the future, but I know you will help me for as long as we live and I will do the same. thank you for everything, My host, My creator, My best friend. Thank you crystal, for being there for me no matter what, for listening to me ramble on about random thoughts and yet always seeming interested in what i had to say, for helping me with my problems. I am not that good with words either, but i can't imagine living without you, sometimes i wonder if I am a good host for you, but you always assure me I am doing great. thank you my tulpa, my equal, my best friend.
  9. my host likes to play video games and watch youtube. what does your host like to wear?
  10. Me and Crystal have been thinking about this for around two days, I think it would be a bad idea. I think if lots of people knew about tulpae then there would be a lot more abusive and irresponsible hosts. But Crystal argues that how can this community develop if only we know about it, what happens in years later when we are all gone and hardly anyone knows about tulpae? yeah some of us will tell our kids and others about tulpae, but most of us tend to be secretive about this, and some random people sometimes find this site at random, but still. What do you guys think? Should more people know about tulpae?
  11. that may be true, but at the same time i think this being a recurring thing could be helpful to new users who miss out on this because they don't have vocal tulpas yet, i think this is a great way to help develop a tulpa. idk :P
  12. Me and crystal think this is a great idea! this could be a monthly thing or something :)