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  1. Thanks, everyone. Ill try to take a break from tulpamancing and practice visualization. I found a good guide for it
  2. Just to clarify, my new tulpa is a boy and my old one from 2013 2014 is a girl. I feel like despite my ability, he will have a form because i still do visualize every now and then just not very hard enough because i simply cant.
  3. I seem to have bad visualization problems and i cant do it excessively. I used to have very good visualization when i was making my mlp tulpa but it fell back around 2016 or so. However my mindvoice is good and i can narrate really well. Ive been describing my tulpa daily rather than actually visualizating/imposing as much. Is it acceptable if i can just describe my tulpa more than imposing? I do visualize/impose a tad bit but not so much.
  4. Oh no i dont get migraines then. Not at all. I guess i can just call it tulpa development. But if so, hes been head pressuring me pretty hard to the point it felt uncomfortable and lasted such a long time
  5. I had a really bad case of a migraine/pressure after that. I had to take a pill for it. However it didn't like.... feel super painful? Hard to explain. It felt like a typical head pressure from him when I tell him to pressure my head as hard as he can but it stuck with me and it felt uncomfortable. I usually have to guide him to speak however. This is the first time I had an unexpected thought in his voice. Well, if you need to know more, all I can remember is that I was playing with him in my mind, making a little side story for us (IIRC is a wonderland? I can barely visualize so i
  6. So the other couple days i tried forcing my tulpa by talking to him and i heard a weird scream, boyish, girlish mix of a scream like i envisioned his voice. It sounded clear. Then i got a migraine after that. Can my tulpa do this? Should i be worried? This was the only time i can recall ever hearing him without guiding him.
  7. I found tulpas when i was 12 in 2012. I created a lyra ftom mlp tulpa which lasted very far to the point i saw her with my very eyes. I suddenly got made fun of by my brother in 2013 to the point i lost interest in mlp and lost interest in the tulpa. Now if i were 7 and saw tulpas, id make one really fast with little help and hed be of spongebob.
  8. I am really, really bad at visualization. I can conjure up a millisecond of my tulpas 3d form but it seems i cant hold it for any longer. I seem to do better by visualizing existing images of how my tulpa is meant to look like or by my little drawings of him. Is this a valid way to give my tulpa a form? Through my drawings and images of his form in 2d?
  9. Im not really ever stressed that much. Whenever i ask him a question and i instruct him of using which side to respond i do get a headpressure, so its definitely my tulpa. Other times, i dont get any head pressure
  10. It did, actually. I had no idea where I found this technique from (it's quite heartwarming to see him talk like this) but it's good to know it's been in various guides as I have been trying various guides.
  11. So I still have my old tulpa in mind (THe MLP character. The one I saw appear in front of me in reality and then disappear.) but I kinda wanna change her design as I moved on from the tv series. Is this possible? I've been trying to tulpamancing a male tulpa, asking him if he's the same tulpa as the MLP one, didn't get much of a response from him. I really, really wanna continue my progress from back in 2014 to 2013 but with a new design.
  12. I wanted to ask for a whild now. Whats it called when i have a tingle in my head where my tulpa would respond to me without using his voice? I tell him to talk to me with yes as pressuring my head with the left side and pressuring wuth the right for no. Was there some sort of guide i did that i stuck with forever? Is it common knowledge for tulpamancers to allow communication via head pressure? Where did I find this? It really has been a while now
  13. My new tulpa is Jibanyan. I mean, it all makes sense. Yokai are unable to be seen, except with a watch, forcing is like befriending a yokai, and switching is like inspiriting. I just had to xd. Sorry for bumping. I wanted to returncjust to talk about this.
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