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  1. greetings fellow tupp peeps. I need an art person to art for me, as i cannot art. Trust me, i'v tried. So if you're an artist that draws human guys and would be awesome enough to draw Skyler for me you would earn a lifetime supply of free hugs. I wroght up a description for ya'll. Enjoy! alrighty lets get this started. he looks about 14-15 Build: He's around 5'8. he's pretty slim, and has a little muscle. he has a roundish face shape i guess, not like pudgy just roundish. his eyes are bright grey/white, his hair is short straight dark brown, we can't come up with a haircut so you decide. glasses are optional. for clothes, he has on a greyish orange (hah dirty orange) T-shirt with no markings, normal jeans, and no shoes (if you can't draw feet then ankle high light blue converse will work too) extra... well he is currently debating weather or not he wants to have wings and a tail. the wings can be dragon or angel so whichever is easiest for you. the're black. the tail is long and thin and black with a tuft of fur on the end. wings and tail are optional as i said before he can't decide. If you need any additional information please ask. I really appreciate it!
  2. Hi :) your art is really great. I was just wondering does that mean you won't draw guys? I really want someone to draw Drew for me as a reference pic thingy and heaven knows i cant draw xD
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    oh god... o-o i finally have something copied and... -sigh- well sense its already there: 0:25. that. f***ing. smirk.
  4. [recently today. Willow got some advice that helped her believe in me] [did you choose an age? are you younger or older than your host? why?]-Drew
  5. for the last time zebras are not horses. horses are not ponys. and ponys aren't all mlp. so no. xD
  6. ermagerd we did it! and the last letter was on the 1000th post! wooooooooo! anyway we should probably let this thread die now^^ end on a happy note.
  7. 436 is an awesome number because 4-1=3, and 3x2=6
  8. naw we are so gonna lose xD i'm surprised we've gotten this far