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    I miss myself
  1. Content cats sleeping on puppies.
  2. Treasure Mountian! on DOS. Imma get those pesky elves!! Have you ever just run around in the rain and intentionally gotten soaked?
  3. Banned because they may take our lives, but they'll never take our links!
  4. Granted but he always burns everything. I wish i had a giant vat of sweet pickles.
  5. House of the rising sun - live I've been on a real kick of watching live performances of classic rock n roll
  6. Dentists are highly undervalued for their courage, as they constantly work around the single most deadly part of the human body.
  7. Granted but there is no lemon and the ice hits your tooth on a sensitive part and it gives you a headache. I wish for a personal grocery shopping donkey.
  8. Banned so we can go do the twist, with Chubby Checker ...
  9. (Caaaaaaarl what did you do?) Eight legged drama Llamas
  10. Banned because figures are better when they are warped