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  1. @Hail, So would that mean most headspaces are Wonderlands since most are created? And would that mean Wonderlands are Headspaces? Maybe I'm just confused by Jenffa's philosophy on Wonderland. -Asher
  2. Well, we don't have a "wonderland", but we do have a Headspace. Our headspace is based off of two main structures, The Hotel and The City. The Hotel is in the north and the City is in the south. Surrounding the two is various enviorments that go around clockwise: dessert, tundra, rain forest, moutains, temprid forest and an ocean. We also have two structures we use as our fronting buildings, the Lighthouse for the hotel side and the Windmill for The Cityside. -Samari
  3. First of all, I'd like to clear up a few things. For one, Plural systems, or multiples, are not DID at all. In fact, most plural systems are natural from birth and have close to none of the symptoms thag people with DId have. And yes, there are systems who are DID but it is wrong to say thag all plural systems are DID. For another, most systems have Headspaces, but I somehow think theh are not exactly like what you refer to as 'wonderland'. Also, plural system members are usually different from tulpas in that system members are not created. And while a lot of systems have the ability for system members to switch and front, not all do or either they do not have syatem members who wish to front. There are many different types of multiple systems. Plurality Resource is a good place to go if you have more questions. -Samari
  4. I guess this is where I write this? Yeah? Kay. So my name is Samari and I am a system member of Monokrom, also known as The Hotel and City system. Monokrom is a plural system, no one here are Tulpas, but recently a lot of people from the Tulpa community have been showing up so I decided to check it out and see if any other systems are around here. Well, we have a website on Google sites at so if anyone cares to check that out. There are about 6 different frequent fronters but you'll probably see me most often since I'm the most onto social media stuff lol. Anyway. I am a a girl with short strawberry pink hair and eyes, golden colored glasses and bat wings. I love helping people and dancing. My favorite hobby is filming (as you can see based on our website lol). Anyway, nice to be here I guess. -Samari