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  1. picture links seem broken. please fix? :^)
  2. Hi. I'm pretty new here, but I've been lurking around for a few months. Over the summer I decided to start making a tulpa, and looked over as much information as possible before doing so. The first few weeks were really successful, I was having fun forcing and making progress quickly. I even felt my tulpa laugh once! Thing is, some things happened in my life and I had to drop it for the time being. I've been thinking a lot about my tulpa lately though, and really regretting just leaving him 'unfinished'. So I started forcing again, what I usually do is lie down in a semi-dark room with music and close my eyes and try to reach a meditation state where i can imagine my tulpa easily. This worked SO well when i was doing it earlier this year, I felt like I was always having productive sessions and woke up happy and refreshed, but now I just constantly fall asleep by accident. I tried 5 to 10 times over the last few months but i just keep falling asleep no matter what I do, how can I solve this? I've read that meditating right after waking up really helps but I go to school 6 days a week so there's really no time to try that since I already wake up at 6am every morning. I could do that over winter break, but I want to be consistent with this and don't want to just go back to falling asleep as soon as I go back to school :^( If anyone knows of any guides about this please point me to them, I've looked everywhere and can't find any!