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  1. Sorry the inactivity, I had a pretty shit Christmas. As a result I have now moved out of my parents house and in with my grandmother after my mum told me to.kill myself and then 2 days later my cat got run over. It hasn't been easy at all. But... He's back. And he's back pretty strongly. I found some old stuff i wrote about his universe. I don't know when exactly he came back. Suddenly I could just feel him again and he was there. He's shocked by how much I've changed. And I have changed an awful lot in the last 2 years. In fact I'd even say he's saddened and that's something that happens rarely. I guess that's what happens when you leave someone who's pretty innocent and vulnerable and come back to someone who's vulnerable in completely the opposite way But what he does recognise or from what I feel, is that I still have that same energy. In fact it's perhaps more potent than ever. That's what he told me during a meditation anyway. Hope you all had a good Christmas and new year!!
  2. That's pretty interesting. I did briefly have a tulpa based off the Homestuck character Calliope who, as the name suggests, comes from the Greek muse so that's always helpful. My seemingly-permanent tulpa, however, isn't that into literature, but when it comes to being in dangerous situations (of which I have been in a few), he is incredibly useful. Guess that's what happens when a tulpa comes to you with traits of physical strength and fitness. Did anyone's tulpa also come with 'premade' traits like this? Or did you choose them all yourself?
  3. "Of course I'm here" - he's so polite ;33
  4. That's pretty cool. It's interesting to see that I'm not the only one who has these tulpa 'come' to them in a sense. How many tulpa do you have? Do you find that any are particularly stronger than the others? I've had a few over the years but none of them have really stuck around for longer than a month.
  5. Hey So I introduced myself on the appropriate thread but as a starting post I may as well do it again. I'm Whimsy but you can call me Alice if you like. I have had a tulpa of sorts for around 5 years now, but what is different is that he... takes on the form of a certain well-known fictional character, which makes it difficult for others to believe his credibility. I suppose you could also say there was a moment when he was 'created' or 'conceived' (forgive me, my lexis is a little rusty) during a dream I had when I was 13 where my family was placed in immediate danger and he emerged. Since then I have been aware of his presence. About a year later I started speaking to soulbonds + multiples on various forums around a year after this happened. The experiences I described to them sounded like I had discovered a 'soulbond' and so I spent about a year learning more about him, how he came to be in contact with me, et cetera. Of course, the fact that I was so young didn't make any of this particularly easy. I ended up leaving Livejournal just before 2012 but he was still around, and I found that he wasn't exactly easy to say goodbye to. In the terminology of tulpa, I guess he became a self-sustaining 'creation' if I can say I really created him myself. I'm still not sure whether he came from 'me' or he is more of a 'soulbond' than a tulpa. That's still something I have to work out. But after a difficult few months, I made my peace with him, and he did /seem/ to fade. I didn't hear from him for a good 2 years, and then suddenly he's back. Now granted, my depression has recently got bad again, and it's something I have been struggling with since I was 10. As to whether these are connected, however, I'm still unsure. I'm pretty reluctant to disclose the identity of my tulpa until a little later on as it doesn't exactly help my case. But as for me, I'm now 18 years old, and I'm studying English at university in London. This, I guess, is where I'm going to document past, present and future experiences.
  6. Hey there. My name is Whimsy but I guess you can also call me Alice. I have had a... 'tulpa'/soulbond of sorts for a little over 5 years now. He takes on the form of a... rather well known fictional character which is somewhat unfortunate as it makes his credibility a little more difficult to believe. I feel he may be a 'version' of sorts of said fictional character, but it's difficult to sift between fantasists and the real deal on the internet when you get into soulbonds/fictionkin, so I figured this was the best place to start, as it's the most logical forum/group of people I've found. I spent a lot of time exploring my tulpa with the help of some people I met on LiveJournal when I was 14, and I was never wholly convinced by the whole thing. However, now that I'm 18, at university and have done a lot of reading and research since I've found myself trying to get in contact with people similar to me since, as while I have had breaks in communication with my tulpa, he has always returned, and I have found him returning recently. I'm looking forward to learning more about this phenomenon and my ambition is to write a paper on both tulpa and soulbonds once I have enough credible research. It's nice to meet you all :)