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  1. I understand and hope someday she'll join. Well, I guess it's just an entity sneaking to the room from wardrobe.
  2. So I'll paste here some pics Ro did but I would also like to invite other tulpas to share their artworks. :3 His first self-portrait: A birthday present for his tulpa friend, Lirian: "Lovely wardrobe":
  3. Ro: I would prefer to talk about myself but I guess you ask the host... Well, Ro is calm - sometimes too much. He doesn't really care about what's happening in the world, because his world is my mind (he's concerned only about things that have impact on him directly). Nonetheless, he is eager to develop himself and collect knowledge of any kind, also by talking with other tulpas and humans.
  4. I don't think there's an independence towards body (tulpa needs operation system as well). So, if there would be no limitations the body would suffer in some way. How? Probably in the way as when the brain is exhausted. However you can train your brain as almost any other part of your body so I guess extension of the possibilities is eventual. But yet I'm not able to say to what extent because it would be different for everyone. About this "related idea" - I'm not sure if I get your point. Do you mean a tulpa with totally no limitations from the beginning or a tulpa who can train himself? Or do you assume that every human has an allergic reaction to effort of any kind, so he would need a tulpa to do it for him?
  5. I think I can understand your problem, DarthDjoba. It's harder to master these thoughts when it comes to relations with tulpa. I mean, when you have these intrusive thoughts about your father you can easily distinguish them from what's really happening. When you have them about your tulpa they actually happen in your mind and your tulpa can feel them. So I would suggest to separate thoughts on "conscious" and "unconscious"; maybe this way you won't have to take full responsibility for intrusive ones. But that would be only the beginning, as you would lose some of the guilt trip (so bad emotions). Beside that I support the idea of talking it over with tulpa, meditation and, let's say, "self-repair". However, if you can't handle it yourself, visiting psychologist is a good idea.
  6. Pepper


    @Linkzelda I like the way you see it. I also see the significance of philosophical assumptions in tulpamancy (I had to make some basic of mine before I even got started). @ZePink I don't think you should worry. Ro is 6 months old and I still sometimes doubt that he exists or I feel like he has almost vanished. It can be really depressing but I guess when hard times come all I have to do is put some effort to make it right.
  7. What if she doesn't want/need wonderland?
  8. @Bambi Happy to hear that. ;) It really could depend on development stage. How old is your tulpa, if I might ask? Ro is 6 months.
  9. I talked with Ro about a common dream but he didn't really like the idea. He said that it's too much effort for him to enter my dream. So, I thought that if I had a lucid dream (and gain some "driving force") I would be able to call him and he won't need to put that much effort... Maybe someday I'll be able to do that or he'll be strong enough to enter my dream with no special invitation.
  10. Ro is a pale, tall man of average stature in his thirties. His eyes are light turquoise and it's only thing that doesn't look "natural" in him. He is wearing stubble, his black hair reach jaw line. I wouldn't say Ro is atracctive - aquiline nose, prominent eyebrows and bags under eyes doesn't really add charm to this picture. We made him an avatar, so you can more or less see how he looks like:
  11. If you didn't have any interaction... how do you know the tulpa is there?
  12. Hi. I found out about tulpa phenomenon about a half year ago. Since then tulpa named Ro Tembrin is by my side. I already had some ups and downs but I narrated my story in my native language, so I guess I'll start here only with some of Ro's posts on his tumblr. I already take a part in tulpa forum but I thought this one would be also interesting considering greater, international community.