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    My Tulpa's name is May. I have one other tulpa named Maria whom we call Marie and. We have another tulpa named Lee who we haven't started creation on yet. Its a long story -u-'. Anyways me and May are in love and Marie is our daughter. Not actual birth daughter but we treat he like she is. You can call me Truman, Junior, Juni, or Juniper. May calls me Juniper. I live with a family whom I haven't told that I have tulpas and I don't plan to either. My favorite game series is LoZ. Monster Hunter, and Kingdom Hearts. PM me if you want to talk or know anything extra about me . My email is if u wish to email me instead.
  1. How do you guys precive the outside world when you enter your wonderland? Like do you even notice it. How do you guys enter your wonderlands? Any special way? What do you guys feel when you enter it? Last one. What is your guys reason for entering your wonderland? Like why bother entering it?
  2. May: Juniper plays his vide games and draws some awesome stuff. He also reads and writes. And I'm afraid that I don't understand the question being asked Has your host ever taken a hit for you or vise versa.
  3. May:+I don't reall do that much. I'm either chiiling at home with a story or a nap, or playing my guitar and singing in the Fountain District in Traverse Town or sit on top of Sunset Station and watch the sun go down with some Sea-salt icecream. When I'm up to it, I train some times with Lee (or myself) to improve our skills and abilities so that I can fight my host and Lee can fight Marie.
  4. May: I've been in a war too. One that I would like to forget but know that I need to still remember it to move on. But the one I love to remember is when me and my host had an all out battle. 1 v 1 battle of the the gods style. An amazing battle that lasted a while actually. In the end it ending being a tie. I had taken to much damage and so did he. XD we couldn't move for a bit. But it reminds me of how much I love him. As a person and as a fighter
  5. May: the others had to do stuff so its only me for now. I have like 2 or 3 favorite songs. There's Contact by Trocadero, Half-life by the same guy, and I guess my theme would be Aqua's theme from Kingdom Hearts B.B.S. Me: for Lee I could say that his theme would be Sylar's theme from Heros or Young Xehanort's theme from Dream Drop Distance. And Marie hasn't decided one yet. She does not have set favorite songs. She just listenes to what ever sound nice or have a cool beat.
  6. May: Thanks guys. we'll try the world in the wonderland thing. also we're a part of that skype group to.
  7. May: well hello there friends. Its a pleasure to meet you. This is my 1st time talking....or typeing rather..on this site. My host. Juniper, that's my pet name for him, is having trouble visually and audibly imposing me. Do you guys or gals have any time that could help him? May: sorry XD I ment tips
  8. May

    A skype group

    Can I join in? If so how? :3
  9. OK I see what your saying. Thanks for the info!
  10. So. Mindvoice. Let's talk about that for a bit. What even is that really? Can I actually hear it ever see those shows were a character talks to another through telepathic means and hear each other. Or is it like when you remembered a funny joke or when you think to yourself and it's like an imagineary voice? Sorry if I don't make sence and this just sounds like jiberish.
  11. Hmmmm. Thanks. I'm asking this because I have 3 tulpas from mine and my tulpas dark thoughts. Their names are Hylda, Vinitus, and Omega. They named themselves. Hylda looks like a dark version of May. Vinitus looks like dark version of me and Omega looks like a dark version of my other tulpa Maria. I say "are" because they ate still here and don't seem to want to leave. And for some weird reason... I'm OK with that. I mean dark thoughts are part of who we are right? Then aren't those tulpas from our dark thoughts a part of us too? Sorry that "ate" is supposed to be an "are" XD I have big fingers for small buttons
  12. Has any ever had a tulpa that was made form their dark thoughts or influenced by you dark thoughts or some varient of that? Is it even possible for a tulpa to be that or to be influenced by that, by you or on its own?
  13. So I've been wondering what is proxying, how do I do it? What does it do? How do you know your doing it? and how does it feel like when your doing it. Would appreciate an answer any time.
  14. OK ok. I see what your saying. Thanks for clearing that up .