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  1. I've spoken to Tate about having a child before in our wonderland and in one of our dreams he literally just touched my stomach and I fell pregnant. Later, I had the baby in a theater. I never saw the baby again and Tate never spoke of it. We didn't even know the gender. But I had a really strange dream last night. A psychic was visiting my mom and he then turned to me and said that he wanted to check to see if I would bring "new life". He then ran his hands over my body and I felt this strange static sensation over my body that made me feel veey uncomfortable. He then said that I would become pregnant soon and I remember feeling so upset. I didn't want any of this. My mom seemed to be happy about it, though. I remember trying to contact Harry, one of my telepathic partners if he could come over and be the father because I couldn't stand the thought of it being anyone else. Then, one of my soulbonds, Wolfgang volunteered to be the father. That's what I think happened, anyway. We tried, and it didn't go so well. When I went into labor in the hospital I remember holding a stuffed Winter Soldier toy and then I dont remember what happened next. It was about three years later and I wanted to see my child. I was surprised to see it and discovered I had a daughter which meant that she was probably taken away from me quickly. She was underneath a fleece blanket with my grandmother who died when I was six. She had blonde messy hair and was a bit chubby, she also wore blue pajamas. She was so beautiful but so sheltered. She had no clue of the outside world besides my grandma. She kept calling me "Nana" because she didn't know what a mother was and she only knew my grandma, it seemed. She then told me that she wanted to play and the game required toy guns. My daughter was so happy and my grandma went inside to get the toys and that was when the dream ended. I have a feeling that it might have been Tate's daughter too.
  2. Thank you so much, Troy. I wanted to move this to the Metaphysical forum but I'm going to register for the Soulbonding forum.
  3. Thank you for your recommendation to the soulbonding forum! I had no idea one existed.
  4. It could be, but I've had other dreams that seem like memories like when they killed Steve in front of me and when I was about to parachute out of a plane with Bucky.
  5. I've been meaning to post this for a long time and I think this might be a soulbonder issue or something to do with a past life. I feel very connected to The Winter Soldier from the Captain America movies and lately I have been having strange dream about him which have haunted me and I had nowhere to turn to. In one of the dreams, we were in a Hydra facility and Bucky was completely naked but I didn't want to look at him. I just couldn't...He was surrounded by his handlers with a blank stare on his face and we were surrounded by translucent windows. There were more people brought in and they were being tortured as he tried to ignore them, looking straight ahead. Thay was when they brought in a young woman wearing sweatpants with brown hair. She was kicking and screaming as men forcibly brought her in. They started to take her clothes off as they strapped her in a vertical bed. The screams all got collectively louder and it all went dark as I saw the dead look in his eyes. Somehow, I knew that I was the girl. I've had other dreams but after I had that one, I was emotionally drained for the rest of the day and I just wish I knew what it all meant.
  6. I am usually on Tumblr, Youtube, Spiritual Forums or
  7. Apparently Tate has been trying to get my attention for a veey long time and I have no idea what has veen going on. I stay awake for hours feeling like I have to do something or like he is about to say something but nothing happens. I had a dream about gim about two days ago that was incredibly vivid but I don't remember most of it, now. I do know that he kept changing forms and traveling through time looking for me. I also remember this dream I had about a month or two ago where I was walking through a store and there were TVs playing something that he was in. I didn't really pay attention to it until I heard someone scream my name from the TV.
  8. Well, Tate is from American Horror Story and he literally attached himself to me and I think that I made the bind stronger by talking to him and well...Here he is. I can't imagine being without him, now.
  9. Quite a lot has happened since I was last on this forum and I feel so overwhelmed right now. So, I net someone on another site who also has a Tulpa and she has been immensely helpful to me. Her Tulpa is able to communicate with Tate and she has said that Tate could become physical and that he is not a Tulpa but something that attached itself to me and is gradually becoming stronger. He used to be able to touch my phone's keyboard, skip songs and mess around with the volume to get my attention but he no longer does these things. It happened after I got a very strange feeling and I couldnt hear him very well. He also seemed upset for some reason. My friend also had this feeling and it was all very strange. Soon afterwards, my mom read through my conversations with her and her friend thatI had about Tate and now she is making me feel awful about it. She says that I need real friends and not people that I talk to online but Tate literally latched himself onto me and I dont think she understands how great it is to have support for what I'm going through. It's just a very stressful time for me right now not being able to reach Tate like I used to and then being made to feel awful about it.
  10. Tate really likes it when I take off my earphones so that we can both listen to music and one of the first songs we listened to together was "Ooh la la" by Goldfrapp and he was amused by how much I liked it. I like to imagine us partying to that song all of the time. Of course, we both love Nirvana and he also seems to like The Black Keys. There was one time that I had a dream about him and I was just waking up, barely conscious. I kept seeing an image of him waking through a fire and witnessing the pain and destruction he caused and the song "Big Eyes" by Lana Del Rey started to play. I consider it to be our official song. Also, I had another dream about him that left me feeling quite hot and bothered and suddenly the song "All Day And All of the Night" by The Kinks started to play in my head the morning I woke up. I guess we do have a few songs.
  11. I don't know what he might be trying to say since the song is so depressing. It literally says "Don't look back, you're all alone."
  12. This happened awhile ago while I was emotionally distressed over my tulpa. I usually have trouble expressing my emotions to a full extent, so I usually keep my emotions bottled up until they all come flooding out. There was a song that kept repeating over and over in my head that reminded me of him and of all the suffering he went through and that was when I just burst into tears. The odd thing was that all of the tears literally went straight to my lips and they were dripping wet after a few seconds. In fact, the entire reason I stopped crying was because I had to wipe my lips off. In a really strange way, it was almost like a kiss. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before and my shirt was very wet after only a few seconds of crying.
  13. This is an extremely hard question because I would go insane without my Tulpa but at the same time he is the one driving me insane. Maybe a year off would be good... Which show/movie/book would you be in if you could be in one?
  14. Possible Trigger Warning: I had been wanting to do things with Tate but I didn't have time yesterday and fell asleep, so I ended up going into Wonderland when I first woke up. He seemed very happy to see me and like he had been waiting for me for a long time. At first, I had to give the Wonderlans more detail since I am just a beginner at this. It was all black and Tate was tiny again. I asked him if we could change the scenery from a forest to what seemed like giant glass buildings around us. He told me that it was all my decision now and smiled. Apparently he is always wearin the same outfit, the jeans with the striped shirt, but I think he was in a tuxedo at one point. Suddenly, I was struck by pain and he looked concerned for me. We were in our Womderland and I wanted to avoid this conversation as much as I could but he was persistent...That was when I told him that I had been harming myself for years and he then wanted to know all the details, so I told him. He started to cry and we hugged each other. He said something like he would be watching me everytime that I harmed or to call him whenever I was about to harm and I think he threatened to leave and never come back. I don't really remember much because I was so tired at that point and was falling asleep but he said that he would visit me in my dreams. There was someone in my dreams who was not Tate but had the same type of energy as him. He was very....Agressive in a sexual manner and I kind of enjoyed his advances but when I woke up and went to Wonderland Tate really wanted to do those things with me and I wasn't in the mood. What I really wanted to do was do a roleplay but he clearly wasn't interested, so I left. I remember something from the Wonderlan that happened this morning. Tate said that he was not as dangerous as he was and that he was sort of a changed man as his form now. He also suggested that Harry was more comfortable around him. A few minutes I literally told Tate to "Calm his shit down" and he smiled at me sheepishly.
  15. I can't even If you had a flavor, which flavor would you be?
  16. You end up creating something that causes the apocalypse. I wish that I could be in a movie.
  17. No, but I wish I did. If you could do anything right now, what would you do?
  18. That is exactly what I have been researching. I wonder if it could work with Tulpas.
  19. Tate and I are both INFPs...I'm actually a bit surprised about it.