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  1. Drama continued around here in different forms the whole time I spent here. It's just that 2012-13 drama was different than 2014-15 drama, etc, because the community had changed. It's something I have come to expect from a community of this nature. But hell, all communities have some form of it. Didn't expect to see @Sorryman54 pop up, either. What got your attention? Maybe we should make an Oldfags thread if we want to continue this, rather than get too deep in unrelated conversation inside of a PR...
  2. Wow. Color me surprised too. Would not have expected that. Also yes hi Kadoh. Already sent a PM. I just happened to check in at a very opportune time it would seem. Wild to see you here again. Yeah, those are some big names for me, as well. LucidAcid was a real cool guy. It was painful to personally delete his account and anonymize his posts. As Luminesce said, Glitch is still around on the Discord, but Josh and Yot haven't been around in a while, and I miss Tealeap like hell. The people I talk to most often to this day are people I met in this community.
  3. Believe it or not, Knapp actually crossed my mind just the other day, even after all these years. She was cool. She was an important part of the community at the time. Would have loved to have had her around all this time. She's still missed.
  4. By popular demand, I've finally gotten around to changing the gross, white-on-black look the guide has had going on. I don't know what I was thinking and actually intended to change it several years ago. I'm sure there are other things I could do to improve the look, but this is all that I can be bothered to do for a guide that I wrote almost 8 years ago and think is not very well-written to begin with. Enjoy. I hope the people who actually still read this won't get as many headaches now.
  5. Hi Lumi. I'm afraid the giraffesona has been officially retired. I was just going through the new black metal releases and saw that one, and it naturally made me think of you folks.
  6. https://natanas.bandcamp.com/album/tulpa-is-taking-over-suicide Who's the trve kvlt black metal-er with the malevolent tulpa?
  7. I am resigning and will be taking my leave of this community shortly. It's been fun. Take care, everyone.
  8. What were the usernames you were trying to create accounts for?
  9. Kiahdaj

    Chat Thread

    A record still only sounds as good as the speakers/headphones you listen to it with. There's a lot to be said about record player/setup too, when it comes to reducing noise and such. Personally, when I buy vinyl, it is for the artwork, and or because I feel the particular album is well suited to vinyl. Plus, I'm the kind of person that really appreciates having the physical form of things, so if it's an album I love (and especially if it's nice to look at), it's nice to have the vinyl as well as the CD. I have a few records framed on my walls. The artwork can make for great display. Also,
  10. Our email sending is borked at the moment, so you don't receive the confirmation email when you attempt to change email addresses. Considering this, using a different email won't do you any good right now, because you're not going to be receiving any emails from us, but PM'ing anyway.
  11. This thread is essentially "Make long posts, replacing periods with commas". Grammatical correctness went out the window by the end of the first page. The last several posts are rife with comma splices. Also, semicolons are kind of cheating, too (and not strictly correct).
  12. The fundamentals of this guide are based on things which I feel are much too abstract. You are instructed to let go of the balloon and let it fly upwards to where your tulpa is located in your brain. This is quite a counter-intuitive concept here, suggesting that your tulpa does in fact reside in a specific, physical area of your brain. It doesn't, and unless you've already come to associate a particular area of your head with your tulpa, this part of the symbolism won't be very significant to you. What's more, if the balloon traveling upwards to a specific area in your head where your tulpa
  13. Maybe it's just a crappy bot that didn't fill out the sections properly. I considered that it intended to put its spam in its signature, but it was not yet visible, because they didn't have 5 posts; however, I would think I would be able to see it in the admin CP, even if it hadn't been "activated" yet, but there was nothing. So I guess my bet is on crappy bot.
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