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  1. Sounds like a great idea.
  2. Hi Lumi. I'm afraid the giraffesona has been officially retired. I was just going through the new black metal releases and saw that one, and it naturally made me think of you folks.
  3. Who's the trve kvlt black metal-er with the malevolent tulpa?
  4. I am resigning and will be taking my leave of this community shortly. It's been fun. Take care, everyone.
  5. What were the usernames you were trying to create accounts for?
  6. Kiahdaj

    Chat Thread

    A record still only sounds as good as the speakers/headphones you listen to it with. There's a lot to be said about record player/setup too, when it comes to reducing noise and such. Personally, when I buy vinyl, it is for the artwork, and or because I feel the particular album is well suited to vinyl. Plus, I'm the kind of person that really appreciates having the physical form of things, so if it's an album I love (and especially if it's nice to look at), it's nice to have the vinyl as well as the CD. I have a few records framed on my walls. The artwork can make for great display. Also, I almost never like colored vinyl. I find it kind of tacky. I think plain ol' black looks the best. I only own one colored record, and I didn't know it would be colored when I bought it. It was ~$10 on Amazon, so I went for it, and it turned out to be white. Oh well.
  7. Our email sending is borked at the moment, so you don't receive the confirmation email when you attempt to change email addresses. Considering this, using a different email won't do you any good right now, because you're not going to be receiving any emails from us, but PM'ing anyway.
  8. This thread is essentially "Make long posts, replacing periods with commas". Grammatical correctness went out the window by the end of the first page. The last several posts are rife with comma splices. Also, semicolons are kind of cheating, too (and not strictly correct).
  9. The fundamentals of this guide are based on things which I feel are much too abstract. You are instructed to let go of the balloon and let it fly upwards to where your tulpa is located in your brain. This is quite a counter-intuitive concept here, suggesting that your tulpa does in fact reside in a specific, physical area of your brain. It doesn't, and unless you've already come to associate a particular area of your head with your tulpa, this part of the symbolism won't be very significant to you. What's more, if the balloon traveling upwards to a specific area in your head where your tulpa is is important, then you would also have to have associated a specific part of your brain with you/your wonderland or something, right? Otherwise, it would be going up towards your tulpa, from a non-specific location. If you're going for symbolism based on symbolic, physical travel throughout your brain, you're missing half of that equation, if you don't have a firm association with where you are starting. Moreover, does that mean your tulpa has to be located somewhere in your brain higher up than where you are located? Otherwise the balloon would be going in the wrong direction. I'm being pedantic here to show that the symbolism that this guide is based on does not appear to be particularly well thought out, and that a person following this guide would probably have to have pretty specific associations to these concepts (that are in-line with your own) for it to be useful to them. You could expand the guide to explain the general concept you're going for—really explain what you're trying to achieve with the symbolism—and perhaps detail multiple different ways that the reader can incorporate your method into their own symbolic associations. A paper airplane could be used instead of a balloon, so that it doesn't have to travel upwards. Something could be thrown over a wall, if the reader has chosen to imagine a wall as a symbolic representation of their disconnectedness from their tulpa. Maybe it would be just as helpful to someone for them to merely imagine giving their tulpa a note or something, containing the idea. Maybe even just hand them the balloon. If you are both present in your wonderland for this, it wouldn't require having associated you/your tulpa with specific locations in your brain, which a lot of people (dare I say most) have not. Those were just a few random examples off the top of my head. The idea is that you should be explaining it in such a way that the reader can choose their own symbolism that works for them, and hopefully giving them a few different examples to help solidify the concept, or spark their creativity. In my opinion, the best guides that involve symbolism are ones which take an idea—in this case, representing the transmission of a thought through a physical medium, through space—explain what the underlying concept is to the idea, and in essence, help the reader to build their own symbolic method. This way, you do not presuppose the reader's own symbolic associations and constructs; you are merely proposing an idea that they can use with their own "tools", so to speak. If the guide is based too heavily on a single symbolic idea, it will be helpful to only a small subset of readers, whose ideas of symbolism match your own. Symbolism is a very subjective thing, and it is only helpful if the symbolism being used is something that resonates with the user.
  10. Maybe it's just a crappy bot that didn't fill out the sections properly. I considered that it intended to put its spam in its signature, but it was not yet visible, because they didn't have 5 posts; however, I would think I would be able to see it in the admin CP, even if it hadn't been "activated" yet, but there was nothing. So I guess my bet is on crappy bot.
  11. Yes, please. Lots of previous questions about switching can be found using the search function. There are also a couple of switching guides in the list, here. Locked.
  12. Before making new threads, please be sure to go through the FAQ, and read through some of our guides; we have a section of guides specifically for the wonderland, and the subject is touched on in many of the general creation guides as well. You can also use the search function to see if questions like yours have been asked before. Here's another thread with the exact same topic here. There are a whole lot of threads on the topic of wonderlands. Nearly any question you may have can be answered by going through these various resources. Please try to be sure that your exact question has not been asked before, before making a new thread. Locked.
  13. Moved to Q&A. Luminesce pretty much summed up my exact thoughts on the matter. I'm downright shocked that I can't seem to quickly find another thread asking whether tulpas can wake their host up, but if anyone else knows of/can find one, please let me know. I'm almost entirely certain it's been asked before in its own thread.
  14. As detailed above, the answers to these questions can largely be answered by reading through the FAQ, some of the Guides, or through use of the search function. If you have another question, feel free to create a new thread, but first, please do go through these available resources to try to get a better understanding of the concept, and use the search function to make sure that your question has not already been asked. Locked.
  15. If someone cares to make a new thread for the general topic of a tulpa's rights or what-have-you regarding finances and other physical world-ly things, then they are free to. But this thread has started out a bit too silly, and I don't believe it will serve that topic well. Locked. Edit: A new thread has been created here.
  16. If this didn't count as a nomination, then I'll nominate Stevie for the same reason. I've always found him to be a reasonable person who has a somewhat unique perspective in comparison to most of the userbase. I think he would be able to provide valuable input. Also +1 him if I can do that too, or the previous nomination(s) count.
  17. A "no" needs a reason for voting. Nominations still require reasoning.
  18. This is no longer a thing. Of course, you can still decline for whatever reason you want. And assuming this still applies, people should keep this in mind.
  19. Sounds to me more like it was just a spam email. It's not even a real credit card.
  20. It was most assuredly a tale, and nothing more. One cannot summon "entities" through creating a tulpa or otherwise. Some people just like to make things up for attention.
  21. If we were to ever create an official Discord server, we would need to abandon IRC entirely. Otherwise, it would lead to even more community fragmentation. This community has seen quite enough of that as it is, and I don't see us dissolving the IRC channels any time soon. Discord is also less accessible than IRC, in that it appears to require the user to download the app (and maybe then create an account—not sure), if clicking the join link on a mobile browser. This would alienate the mobile userbase to some extent, and reduce the number of random users who join our chat, who primarily browse with mobile devices. As things are now, any mobile user who is browsing the site can click on the links on our Chat page, and join our IRC channels, with no issues, and without the need to download an app or make an account of any kind. IRC also allows a user to choose from a plethora of clients for their own use, if they so desire. They are not stuck with a single client program whether they like it or not, like with Discord. There are some handy things about Discord, but overall not worth the effects that it would have. Furthermore, neither Chupi nor I have any desire to moderate a Discord server. Anyone is free to create their own tulpa Discord server (there are already a million), but it would not be an "Official Discord Server". As far as I see it, this isn't going to happen.
  22. I have added Time Format options that include seconds, which can be selected in the User CP, under "Edit Options". Unfortunately, this isn't useful until however many hours pass when MyBB decides to show you the actual time of the post. If I change it back to how it was before the MyBB update, it will be at another time, as that is definitely more of an undertaking. Plus evidently some users like it this way. At any rate, if you ever want to know the exact time of a post, you can quote it, look for the part of the quote bracket that says "dateline=", and convert the number from unix time to people time. That should be good enough to solve those very important arguments.
  23. Fixed. I'm surprised I never noticed that before in the other grammar edits.