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  1. Well, of course a lot of people are going to have different conclusions for this one, and, as it's already been mentioned, that stems largely from the fact that everyone has a different connotation for what imaginary really means. Personally, I'll go ahead and say that there is no difference at all between an imaginary friend and a non-sentient tulpa--and, in fact, I would say that there is no difference between an imaginary friend and a fully sentient tulpa. This is not me saying that James (or any of the tulpa here) are fake, but it is me saying that they are ultimately friends that stem from our imaginations.
  2. James tends to wear quite a bit of black as well, though sometimes he goes all aristocratic Victorian era on me. XD Though I will say that there are a lot of times when I'm visualizing him (like if I'm focusing a lot on his body and not just hanging out), I tend to not have him wear clothes at first, and then he slowly starts to put them on over time (starting with underwear, socks, pants, shirts, etc., etc.).
  3. James was sentient in three day's time. If you'll browse around this section of the forum, you'll see that there are quite a few threads just like this one. It's normal, and everything is fine. :)
  4. Lucid Dreaming Thursday, September 17, 2015 Post 25 [align=justify]Note: I can't remember if I've talked about lucid dreaming before or not, and knowing how stupid I usually look online, if I have, I probably did it just a post or two ago in this PR, but in case I haven't I'm going to be talking about it now. I knew about lucid dreaming when I was in the seventh grade and have been working on it off and on for six years now. Over time I've come to realize that the only way I'm guaranteed a lucid dream is to take a nap (which is actually a really cruel joke, because I've had problems taking naps for as long as I can remember). I still attempted LD'ing a lot when I was starting on James, and I remember telling him that if he could help me have those then there would definitely be progress to be had, and in a different way than what we would do otherwise. As it is, lucid dreaming is actually what confirmed James' sentience for me in the first place (though that might be a story for another day). Anyway . . . this morning I had a lucid dream (because I took a nap). Unfortunately, because I hadn't set up a lucid dream intention, I pretty much wasted that precious time. It was nice to have it, sure, but I know I can do better. I completely intend to as well in the morning, when I have another LD. So, what should I do? * Summon James * Work on vocality * Go on an Adventure/Quest Hmm. James has had trouble getting in my dreams in the past; he says that it's very tiring. I'm somewhat worried that it will be difficult for me to "summon" him when he seems to have such an aversion to coming in. I still intend to try, though![/align] Possession - III Thursday, September 17, 2015 Post 26 [align=justify] Day 5: Man, these past couple of days have been so "active" in the "real world," I don't even remember what happened. Day 6: Just did some possession! :) James was actually able to move my right hand up in the air a good little bit before taking it down--and I think the only reason he put it back down was because my elbow was pretty awkward in the position that that made it go in. There really wasn't much "twitching" going on, and not quite as much energy seemed to be going everywhere. It was all very concentrated on the hand. The "alien feeling" is starting to become a thing, too.[/align]
  5. XD Your tulpa is a trolllllll! XD I love it. It sort of reminds me of that one tulpa who created a statue of Jay Leno in a backyard or something--can't remember who that was. . . . I'm gonna be reading OotP really soon (or finishing it up). I love reading your PR. You understand the magic haha By the way, I'm sorry I haven't been able to respond to your PM! I intend to tomorrow. :) Or possibly later on tonight. Anyway~
  6. Personally, I'm not totally sure that James is a sentient person; at the same time, I'm not sure he isn't. I really see no difference between an imaginary friend and a tulpa (though I suppose you could distinguish the two by saying that a tulpa is just an "advanced" imaginary friend). If you don't necessarily want to consider her to be as alive as you are, then don't. In my personal experience it's a bit more fun if you do--but that's just me. If what Mistgod and I said still isn't enough, then consider this: If you don't want Alexis to know of anything that you're thinking, unless you direct it to her, then you can always just tell her that she can't see your thoughts. Does that make sense? When I was planning for James' birthday I kept all my thoughts regarding that behind a door in my mind that James wasn't allowed to look into.
  7. I second what Stevie said; these feelings will disappear. I also doubt that you're parroting, to be honest.There are quite a few people who are more experienced with tulpamancy than I am that will tell you that if you aren't consciously parroting, you aren't parroting at all. Perhaps they're right, perhaps they're wrong, but I can tell you with all certainty that worrying about it will do more harm than good. :) Just keep on truckin'!
  8. Well, I don't exactly see how it could be impossible. If you think of your tulpa as sentient beings separate from yourself, then of course it's possible.
  9. Yeah, I can't think of anything else to add, either. I will say, though, that making James on TS3 helped me picture him in my head a lot. XD
  10. Possession - II Tuesday, September 15, 2015 Post 24 [align=justify] Day 3: We didn't do that much--or at least not as much as the second day. It was hard to concentrate because I kept thinking that I was just fooling myself and that James wasn't actually doing anything [perhaps I'll discuss what possession is, in my opinion, on a later date, but for now we'll operate on assuming that it really and truly is James who is controlling me, yeah?] Since I was starting to get frustrated we stopped for the night. Day 4: Today I had to go to college a little bit earlier than usual so I could meet up with one of my teachers (who wasn't even there . . . bummer), so while I was waiting for class to start we practiced some more on possession. I felt a good deal of pressure on my right hand, and I could also feel him moving it slightly, as if to close it and then open it back up again. Friends, because I still am not really able to distinguish any "alien feelings" when it comes to possession, that was a really tricky thing. It took a lot of willpower for me not to fight against it (as in, push my hand back) or go with it (open it up for him). Anyway, I'm very glad that it happened! :D He doesn't seem to be going for just knocking around on anything anymore. I believe he's focused in on the hand, now. He's starting to get it, I think. ^_^ In a few minutes I'm going to need to go out for school again, but I'm pretty sure I'll be early. If I am then I'm going to practice some more. :)[/align]
  11. I don't know if you lack consistency or not--it's possible--but I've heard that tulpa will sometimes change themselves for what is best for you (and it will also be good for them). Do you know whether or not your tulpa is sentient right now? I'm sure you've heard that you should expect sentience, but have you seen anything that would tell you she's gotten to that point? As Anderson said, tulpa can change their traits and appearance over-night. This might just be your unconscious brain working on things that you would like, or it might be your tulpa actually showing you what she would rather look and act like. If I were you, I would take it as the latter and flow with it. :)
  12. XD Ever heard of mnemonics? Mantras? I suggest trying to do one of them. "I am not puppeting my tulpa," or something of the like. Do your best to believe it when you're saying it, so that your brain can pick up on it. Just a tip! It can help. It's helped me. :)
  13. First, thanks! Though to me it does sound like a good bit. I know it takes a lot of effort on his part to move anything at all, so any little thing seems like such a big thing. Anyway, glad you didn't mess up that time. ^^ Using "honey" definitely sounds like a smart move, so good job. I know that was a panic moment!
  14. Damn y'all, that's a face-palm moment. ^_^; Thanks for posting links, though! I'll be sure to read it when I get back home later. Luminesce - Yeah, I'd say that's fairly solid advice, and it's more or less a variation of what I have been doing. I think I will try your version at some point, though. As for the opinion thing--I don't suppose there's that much point in possession, either, other than a general interest. If James hadn't suggested it I don't think I would be trying it now--but I'm happy that I have tried it, because if nothing else the tickling sensation is nice.
  15. Possession - I Sunday, September 13, 2015 Post 23 [align=justify] When I first started tulpamancing, I did not like the idea of either possessing or switching. To someone like me, who was not entirely confident that tulpa are truly as harmless as everyone was saying, possession was the equivalent of playing with fire. XD Of course, nowadays I'm not afraid of James, so the only thing that's been holding us back from practicing possession is simply not being ready for it. Yesterday, though, we got really excited about it. James sent over the idea to me (he didn't say anything--or if he did I didn't hear it--he just sent the intention . . . y'know what I'm talking about?) and we started practicing thingies. I didn't have much luck with finding many guides or tricks on the subject (though I have now, my favorite being Yuki's), but I worked with what I could. So . . . Day 1: Since I didn't really know what I needed to do I did my best to relax my body in my chair. I told James to do his best to move my left finger, and although my finger never moved several other body parts did, such as my calves, right elbow, feet, etc. The feeling wasn't alien and could easily be passed off as my body just doing body stuff, but after reading Yuki's guide I feel more confident that that was James after all. :) Day 2: Just did this. ^^ I can report success! Also, my body is super . . . hmm. Not sure how to explain this. It's not a bad thing though, just kinda . . . wishy-washy, I guess. Very relaxed. As soon as I found a comfy spot, I told James to move what he could. I felt nothing at first, but then gradually began feeling tingling sensation, especially around my elbows. My elbows were sort of enclosed pretty tight because of the arms of the chair, though, so I asked him if he wanted me to move them for him. At first he said no, but after a little while he said yes. He seemed to be trying to move all of my limbs instead of just my finger, but I just asked him and he said that it was a little bit of both, but he was mostly trying to go for my finger. My knees and thighs twitched a bit, and so did my right hand and elbow a bit more. Then he made my left index finger go up, and as soon as I realized that that was what the original goal was I opened my eyes. I can tell that he wants to go back to practicing some more, though, so let me do that. . . . * * * * * That was good, too! This time there was no tingling sensations, and instead James was able to keep moving my knees--or making them twitch. However you want to say it. Unfortunately our time was cut short because my friend knocked on the door, but ah well. ^_^ James is tired now, and so am I. I think I'm going to visualize him a bit, maybe go on an Adventure, see if I can hear his mindvoice, and then go to bed. But before that, James wanted me to relay a message: Fuck yeah. P.S.: Earlier I was taking a walk with my friend. I slipped up back-to-back, because I accidentally called my friend James, and then I almost called the constellation Scorpio "Tulpa" XD Whoops~[/align]
  16. Ah, James . . . what do I like in regards to hanging out with James? Well, I respect him as a dude. Perhaps that's a silly thing to say, but it's true. James is something like my ideal everything, and it helps a lot that he's as patient as he is with me. He's funny, he helps with so many things . . . I think he might actually like to go streaking, so that's something that's always amusing. XD
  17. This isn't my original account. I'm an idiot who can't remember that password. I'm also an idiot who has several email accounts. See my problem? xD Anyway, I remember when I made my first-ever I HAVE A QUESTION BRUHHHS . . . and I was pretty surprised at how many other threads there already were on the most recent page at the time that had the same questions over and over and over again. (Just to be clear, I wasn't going to ask one of *those* questions. Can't remember what it was now though.) Maybe I'm holding newbies to an unfair expectation, but I read several guides, articles, and threads before I ever asked my first question online. I really don't understand why there are so many who must ask their questions before snooping around first. I try to be patient, but I can't deny that it gets exhausting.
  18. Hey, thanks a bunch! :D I hadn't seen Yuki's guide yet, but I did read The Muscle Memory before and that was probably my favorite thing in the Tips and Tricks area. But really, just posting that was a big help, so thanks!
  19. Hey, y'all. I hate to make this thread because I think I already have an idea of what to do, but there's not a whole lot on this website regarding possession (or at least nothing overly detailed), and much of what is here either suggests Oguigi's guide for those wanting to know more or has that guide as the sole recommendation. Well, it's been deleted, so I'm afraid I can't read it. ^_^; That being said, of course I know what possession is. I'm actually just hoping that some of you are willing to share a few experiences and how-to's (that is to say, am I supposed to visualize being in front of James and ask him to move my hand/food/whatever? is there anything else I'm supposed to do?). Thanks!
  20. I've heard that it's best to see through first person POV, and that makes sense in a way, but if third person works best for YOU then you should go for it. Personally I think that everyone should at least attempt doing it in first person first, but if it's just not their thing then they can go to third person.
  21. Well, I did say that you could take ten minutes out of your day to active force instead of just passively. I've never heard anyone say that active forcing slowed down their progress, and I've never heard anyone say that it didn't do anything to help. People who actively force (and therefore take more time to spend with their tulpa and just their tulpa) are more likely to get responses quickly.
  22. Your English isn't bad at all! :) Well, passive forcing hurts nothing, but if you don't feel like it's making any progress then it simply isn't going to make any progress, period. I'm sure that you have ten minutes *somewhere* in your time table, and that's all you need. Close your eyes for ten minutes and focus on nothing but your tulpa--whether the two of you are exploring wonderland, or if you're just trying to visualize them, or if you're trying to hear them . . . it's all the same. Ten minutes of active forcing is better than nothing at all.
  23. Well, tulpa are meant to be sentient. If you control everything they ever do, then you're just making a servitor. So, I have questions for you: Do you treat your tulpa as sentient? When active or passive forcing, do you attempt to make yourself believe that they are the ones controlling their movements, and not you? Have you ever tried asking your tulpa to surprise you? If you answer those questions then I can better answer your original question. :) As for your second question . . . no, imagining your tulpa somewhere they actually weren't won't do major damage, but it HAS been noted to be incredibly annoying, as this is a form of puppeting (and tulpa hate excessive puppeting). It would be much better if you could ask them in your head where they are or if they could come to you. ^^
  24. Time Travel Thursday, September 10, 2015 Post 22 [align=justify]Unfortunately for all of us (?), James and I have not yet designed a time travel mechanism at Bridgeport. What I'm actually talking about here is the progress that James and I made last night. It wasn't "normal" progress, I'm afraid, or probably what you think of when you hear tulpamancers talk about making progress. All I did was talk to James about how I was sorry for the things that I could have done better in the beginning. At one point or another, everyone wishes that they could go back and change something foolish or hurtful that they did. The things that I wish I could change are 1) Being afraid of tulpa in general in the beginning. 2) I had a really bad case of parrotnoia for almost a full year. 3) I went through the hated period where I never really did anything. Granted, I talked to James pretty regularly, told him I loved him, and all that good stuff, but I wasn't actively working to make progress. You see . . . the past few days these have been weighing on my mind--and for good reason, because those three things have a lot of power to hurt a tulpa's progress. Thankfully he and I talked a good deal last night, and we've agreed that the best way for us to "do this"--that is to say, "fix" this problem--is to go about doing everything that we've been doing, except I need to focus on hearing his mindvoice more than what I have been (we believe that my bad case of parrotnoia is the primary reason I can't hear him). I suppose it really isn't progress so much as it is looking forward to progress, but oh well.[/align]
  25. I told only two people about James when I first started, and they were my best friends. My best girl friend was more open-minded than my best guy friend, so I told her first. I sort of worked into it, and the only things she had to say was, "That sounds a lot like DID" and later on, "Please, Brandi, I don't want to hear about your tulpa." When I tried to tell my best guy friend, he told me that I was stupid for even considering making a tulpa. He sat there and told me he was so sorry for being a terrible friend--after all, in order for me to have an "imaginary friend," he would have to be terrible, right? He told me I wasn't alone and just went on and on. The day after he texted me and told me that he woke up and "my tulpa was standing over him with a knife." Which, of course, isn't true--he just wanted me to see how "dangerous" making a tulpa was. (Incidentally, I've noticed that James isn't all that fond of this guy here.) Basically? The chances of you having good luck with telling them is so close to nothing it's not even funny. I advise you not to do this. Wait. And if you're going to tell anyone at all, then go with friends first--online friends are even better for this kind of thing. Work your way up. Wait, wait, wait.