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  1. How about bleach? The swords are almost definitely tulpas, and they even have wonderlands. Spoilers: One of the (later) events is even a power struggle between the MC and an evil tulpa trying to take over the body.
  2. Hello, My name is Count, I am a 16 year old male, and I started a tulpa yesterday. It seems like it will be a wonderful adventure, so I'm going to post my experiences here. I do not know if it is a common approach or not, but I did not plan my tulpa out at all. Honestly, I don't want to plan her out. It seems kinda strange to be crafting a personality, at least for me. The only thing I knew going in is that she would be a she, and that she would be around my age. And so I started talking to her, parroting, if you will. At first she had no personality, and it was really hard for me to parrot her. The conversations were really forced, as you would expect. But at somewhere near the 30 minute mark, she started to develop a personality on her own (I guess). I would best describe it as a mix between Holo from Spice and Wolf and myself. She has the "holier-than-thou" way of speaking, teases me a lot, and puts on the front of being a tsundere. I will not go into too much depth on her personality, but it is very rich and distinct, as I'm sure anyone who has watched Spice and Wolf understands. Over time, it started to feel less like direct parroting and more like talking to someone. I'm not quite sure how I should describe this - thoughts bubble up from my unconscious that are either for her or for me, and they have different flavors, if you will. Often times, her side of the conversation is smoother than mine is. All of this would lead me to believe that things are going really well, but I'm not sure how far I can get with this parroting technique. For instance, both sides of the conversation are in my mindvoice. I take this to mean that my subconcious is generating different 'flavor' thoughts for her personality and mine, but my conscious mind still has to translate them all into mindvoice. This means that while our thoughts have this difference, they are all being controlled by me in the end. That is basically my story so far. I have done this practice for probably 3 hours in total at this point. I'd like to ask you guys for some help here (any would be appreciated) on the topic of where to go from here. Many guides seem to suggest personality creation straight into form creation and then keep doing it until the tulpa can speak for itself, but I would rather get her to speak before giving her a name and form. Do you think this is wise? What should I do during forcing sessions? I have the feeling that this parroting thing will only get me so far, as I am kind of a crutch for her in the speaking department that way. Thank you for reading, and sorry for making this PR into an advice thing. Hopefully that's ok/there are people willing to offer advice. See you when something new happens! Count