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  1. ye i iz totaly linguistiks. Next person is a jerk.
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    What am I doing with my life?
  3. So I know how to draw and all but I'm not so great at it as other people. Pretty much, I need thou to draw Sal! He's in anime form... lazy I know. But his appearance isn't really based off of any anime character I know of. His face is heart shaped-ish with subtle features. He has blond hair and emerald green eyes, of which are covered by glasses. He's approximately 6'0 and skinny with tiny muscle. Then he usually wears a black button up shirt of which is long sleeved, with jeans and black sneakers. He smiles subtly with both sides of his mouth. If you can even get a crappy headshot, that'd be okay! I'd just like to see an actual representation instead of just in my head.
  4. Ah, thanks so much! And I thought I had some mental illness or something weird like that... thanks! I appreciate the explanation as it was very helpful.
  5. Well pretty much I created my tulpa last night. I didn't have any difficilty creating a form or personality. Today I've noticed he has one very different from mine already. I don't think for him, at least I don't think I do. To introduce himself he'd like me to say: "Hey, I'm Sal, Mia's tulpa. I like the color yellow and it's not a stupid color. (Goddamn it Sal!) I'd have you know that I am not as pervy or creepy as she says I am. I'm more of a joker guy than anything like that. She takes too much precaution even in her own mind, which is like a 5+ age gate on everything. So, the only way I'm allowed to speak is through here and she even deletes my words. It's not my fault you type everything I say." Sal, everyone. This is really weird. Like have I created tulpae before? Would that even affect the way I create new ones? Grrrrrr... annoyances. Is it unhealthy that I argue with him at points? I need le answers.
  6. My first day with him and he is already talking and developing personality. He's flirtatious and pervy with a lil bit of artistic genious. Usually he's childish but he can get real serious. He's social but never seems to get along with me... you could say he's like in a love hate relationship with me. He's hilarious. The name is Sal.
  7. She wants this dick. But nope. Have you and your host done anything fun lately? We haven't... -Sal
  8. "Can we do that?" "Crap, I haven't created you yet!" "Okay... we can wait... gosh, sassy."