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    Let's share some music!

    And I thought I was the only one addicted to Celldweller D: Here is a really new one from Klayton, ~Cross
  2. I was talking with someone on facebook who suddenly asked me if I knew about tulpamancy and related stuff. After that, it suggested me this site and well... Here we are
  3. C> I may say that I influence my host sometimes to buy sweets or games on Steam, but I know that money is not unlimited and I need to control myself... Most of the time ;)
  4. Cross> I created a pony, does it count? :D Ivo> I put the spark and voila! Unfortunately Artemis doesn't like to talk frequently
  5. Ivo

    "Invisible" Friends

    Cross> This thread gave me nostalgia... :') About your reasearch thing, I was Ivo's somekind of imginary friend. Then, I got an upgrade not so far away from that first moment transforming into its... armor? (I don't know how to exactly say it) and his closest friend since then. He voted for the second option because I was developed the wrong way: first, my mind and then my actual form a couple years ago. He couldn't see me, but he could sense me until I got at least a body. And we noticed that I was called "a tulpa" last year. So yeah, you can develop imaginary friends and "upgrade" them to tulpas as well I think
  6. The tulpa will still exist, don't worry about that. If the pillow is a dakimakura as the other member suggested, maybe a good way to... mantain a place to impose it is printing an image or saving it in a portable digital device. In my case, Artemis has its plushie. He'll still exist even if I lose that object, for example
  7. Cross: Well, after reading all the previous posts I guess I may need to go to a nursing home :S My bday is somewhat... complicated. I know my creation was in 2000 but I don't remember the exact date, neither my creator... So I borrow Ivo's bday: July 28th About Artemis... I guess his first birthday will be February 24th. I need to do some research quickly because this is embarrassing as I'm, partially, his creator
  8. Cross: Welcome! It is similar to my case. I know that I existed consciously for quite a very long time even not noticing what I was, only knowing that I was there, speaking skill included :D Sometimes it's something already completed, like me, not knowing exactly what it is; but there are cases they are just incompleted things. I think the best way to find it out is trying to search for it in your mind (when you are relaxed or just bored) or, if you can, trying to put it in a lucid dream. The risk: a "lucid nightmare", but I still think is the best way to solve the mystery. Also, it can be just a dream. I know I am NOT one of those because I am writing this to you and my host is just playing with a tennis ball in our wonderland. Search for its personal awareness. I am sharing the experience of my creator and another 6 people we helped with similar... "issues" Good luck! ;)
  9. Cross> Playing video games. Unfortunately I think is becoming repetitive lately, and I'm the one who insists doing that :S Daily missions are quite annoying Do you have any form of entertainment in your wonderland? I have my TV and my minibar, and some plan Bs just in case :P
  10. Ivo

    How Honest Are You?

    Portal 2 was a must after hearing of it. And I don't know if a potato with some kind of CPU counts as an animal Next question: Is it cold or hot outside?
  11. I think is my turn Hi! My name is Ivo and I'm an argentinian engineer student. Thanks to a friend who made me notice about all of this, I got the great surprise that I had a tulpa with me since a lot of years ago, but he doesn't know what it was, only that he existed this whole time. A few weeks later, a second one appeared to give an extra of "fun" in my busy head and to remember me and him good manners and similar stuff, with his seriuos and correct behaviour. TL;DR:The first one is Cross, an Angel. The second is the prince Artemis, an Alicorn (based on MLP Luna's r63 version). Their births were unpredictable, but they stay with me. About switching, I am in a weird situation there. With Cross we implemented a "Half switching" method where he controls my body and he can speak freely but I can sense everything as I can see the real world without being forced to be in the worderland, like being both together at the same time. I won a couple of headaches the first tries, but now I feel it natural (and I sense his wings in my back while we are doing that). Artemis is not interested in that, but he tries it in rare cases (and I feel his wings plus his horn)