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  1. That's a problem i always had with my mind since i was young. I have aleatory impulsive aggressive thoughts, no matter what person is around me. I NEVER had my actions changed or influenced by these thoughts, but now that i want to create my tulpa this problem came to me again. I'll exemplify: i'm making my bread in the kitchen with my father, i took the knife and start cutting it. Then suddenly came to my mind the scene when i stab my father and i saw all detailed gore in my mind (all this thought in a fraction of seconds and then disappear) Or i'm brushing my teeth with my friend, and suddenly came again to my mind i spitting in his face and his exactly reaction. BUT I NEVER got my actions changed by these thoughts, they just appear for a fraction of second and then disappear and i just ignore it. So, let's get to the Tulpa. I was forcing yesterday and i got in a point were she asked to hug me. She was at my side and it was very comfortable. Then suddenly the aggressive thought invaded my mind and i slapped her face for a microsecond, but it was sufficient to start a bad experience with this forcing section. I apologize to her, but for some seconds after that, it seems that the aggressive thought invaded her, i saw her form changing to an aggressive and feral form for again, a fraction of second, and changing back, then i got her under control and hugged her again. This was the only time it happened. What do you guys think? I should search for a psychologist? This is NOT a problem that originates with my Tulpa, it's a psycologic problem i have. Sorry for my english, i don't speak it very well.