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    Hyperactive and imaginative, yet scatterbrained. Grew up imagining to myself before I realized it was a "thing", and am just now taking it for serious.

    I make music, draw, program and study language with a short attention span.

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  1. I hardly ever force with Zgi any more. We're not sure if we should put too much effort into it, since our relationship has developed past the point of "oh man we gotta get closer", yet we do want to get close again, but we don't know if "close"s definition will ever be objective. fadfdsfsafasf
  2. PROGRESS SO FAR Physicality: You know those light touches like a wrinkle of cloth on your shirt against your skin, or like wind against you? When Zgi's near me, his presence manifests in such a way that those light touches feel too much like Zgi to be a mere magic trick I pulled on myself. In other words, I slightly feel him. Deeper the forcing? More vividly I feel him. I don't see him IRL at all, but in my mind he's more vivid than dreams. Well, maybe not super-lucid dreams, but still vivid. Also, I've physically felt his (invisible) body in a dream once. Emotional connection: Deep in forcing, I get strong emotional reactions from looking at/sensing Zgi. For example, I "see" his eyes and suddenly "realize" I'm looking at him, and recently he sat on my lap once and blush ran through my body. Also we're not that sexual but it's a kind of sexual where it's not so much orgasm but it's still notably sexual and romantic ewefhi;uyvowefh; idklol I guess it's called platonic Personality: Most of the time when I bring him into my (imagination) sensories, he's just "there" and hanging out, but deeper in trance/forcing? His personality shows more, much more.
  3. My mate put it on my computer, not me. But yeah, the .info theory seems the most logical to me and sets my mind easy. Edit: Removed reaction images posted in inappropriate forum area ~Chupi
  4. Did some forcing the other day, then again today - felt like we got more done today. We chilled on the couch, then dreamlanded on a beach and made out and stuff, then Zgi said something interesting... "We should hack the universe." I translated this as making changes in my head/worldview/our dreamland. So we went to a library that we saw for the inside of my head. We used a library computer to access the computer of my brain. I wanted to increase my creativity, and it said that it did, but it'll take a while to get a notable effect. I tried changing my mental ego to my moth fursona, but Zgi got creeped out and wanted me back human/default again. The computer also said Zgi and I were married g;r;ewklhtr;l
  5. When he got his voice and sang the song we both had stuck in our heads, then held hands as we sat together... That, and the walks we've had, seeing the trees.
  6. I like this thread. Everyone has more personality than what they show. Tulpa is just giving it mental form. Nothing's being changed, just being categorized and visualized. People just need to get comfortable with the insides of their head. The insides that can hug you back.
  7. Oh, wow. And here I was, thinking I was the only person to ever think of combining hypnosis with tulpaforcing. I haven't really recorded anything with my voice yet, but I've been wanting to get into making hypnosis files, and I definitely want to record some stuff related to tulpa. BUT BY THE FRIGGIN WAY I've tried making Speakonia-voiced hypnosis files to try to help me tulpaforce with Zgi, and we had issues... I wanted to force my head to make him real and everything, but he didn't want to feel like he was abusing my mind/reality, so he actually made me stop. And this was early on. So yeah, just be careful.
  8. My mate knows, and he likes the idea of making one for himself. We don't talk much about the stuff though. His family's seen me tulpaforcing once, and I easily explained it away as meditating. My family, on the other hand, is the fundamentalist type, and they'd probably think I was inviting a demon into my head. Thankfully I've moved out. Then again, I could've always just told them I was praying, if they ever asked, and they were even slightly discomforted by the idea of meditation. Meh.
  9. I use Trend Micro Titanium 2012 (my mate got it for me, he's paranoid about viruses), and today when I came here, I got a warning in Firefox from Trend Micro's plug-in, saying that Tulpa.info was a dangerous site or something. Screenshot is the attachment. Anything fishy been going on? Or maybe it was the way the antivirus's algorithms work, associating this website with some of the deeper internet stuff (you know), and thus possibly more questionable stuff than the average person would be comfortable with...
  10. Hoo yeah, got some off-brand Delsym to enjoy today. Zgi and I gonna chill today and do some classic meditation. Off-brand Delsym style. -melts into a sparkly cloud- Damnit, why do I get out of the habit? Then again, Zgi and I have both decided not to let our relationship turn into an obligation, so we've been kinda letting me off easy for a bit.
  11. Tried some classic stuff with Zgi on the couch, but this time I tried forcing some buddha-ish truth-light into him to help him be my spiritual guide, summoning a white orb between my hands. I willed the contents into Zgi, and my hands got numb after holding Zgi's hands after he glew white. Is this anything to worry about? He also says he sees my essence as candy-colored, and he thinks his vision to me and it seems more neon/jelly-like. Anyways, I'm feeling his communication a bit stronger, mainly with emotion, and I felt him laugh at a video when I wasn't laughing yet as he sat piggyback on me. His touches are really emotional. Also, I feel like my shoulders are a bit sore from him sitting on them. We/he decided for him to move off and onto the side of the chair, and it feels better.
  12. I've actually had a similar experience. Zgi's personality early on was super-cocky for some reason, and I suppressed that part of him. Then I progressively imagined another character to take its cocky place, but never Tulpa-forced it. But it was pretty controlling, so I had to force it away. I basically let Zgi be playfully cocky now, but we make sure that he doesn't get out of hand. More recently I've slightly forced a little version of Toro Inoue (Japanese Sony cat) and Zgi id able to hold him and stuff. Toro doesn't really have a personality yet as far as I know, and Zgi more-or-less holds him like a plushie/pet.
  13. Damnit, I'm so sporadic. Oh well. Forced some again and chilled out with the Z'gster. I can't believe it's been 3 weeks since I last was in the swing of it...
  14. I just tried something new. I tried imagining a statue of Zgi and animating it, but that didn't feel right, so I worked on imagining a mixture of an animal and a human, getting subconscious movement data from both of them. And holy crap, Zgi feels pretty freaking vivid. Currently still in a bit of a trance-like state. Gonna force a bit more with some binaurals.
  15. A bit of a powerful, emotional and trippy forcing session I tried with binaural beats. (Just YouTube "binaural beats", it's awesome.) Suddenly, my mind's like "wait, how big is Zgi is proportion to your surroundings?" Which I'm guessing is a very good sign. I intended for Zgi to be about 5'2", which is surprisingly bigger than what I thought, since it's near as tall as me (5'7"). Also, I discovered an awesome theory I learnt from Zgi: if your tulpa ever feels "not there", it's because they intend it: they just want a break from being at the forefront of your mind.