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    I am looking forward to the end game. ADVENTURE AHOOOOO!!
  1. TL;DR - Hello, my name is Kleindolph, though you may simply refer to me as Klein. I have just started creating my Tulpa, Eve, and I am completing the second day, getting out the kinks of my routine. I'm extremely excited for my life long buddy, and living with her. I have long wished for someone to be so close to, someone I could fully trust no matter what. Purity of bond. To share that with someone sounds like something out of a dream. I am going the full hundred miles, I am going to work with her until I can Impose her in my reality with ease, and experience Wonderland as though it were real life. I am unfamiliar with the site, but I don't want to ask a bunch of questions that have been answered a thousand times. But there is something specific that I am looking for, and I can't seem to find it. If someone would be kind enough to point me in a direction to search, that be awesome! I am looking to see if instead of Switching(when I get this advanced), we could both simultaneously experience Wonderland as a reality. Both become Tulpa-like. If there are any descriptions or guides that talk about this specifically I would be so happy. If not, I guess I will experiment when I get there, and hope I don't get trapped in some kind of coma-like state...:)