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    Im a medium, i write books (action horror comedy romances) and read allot i also paint and draw anything but real people and fingers. i love every kind of music but rap.i want to be a paranormal investigator and i love criminal investigation also im really good with animals and little children. im a big thinker i love giving people advice and creating new plans. im a sucker for comedy and my hero is Jim carrey.

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  1. Um still dont know what there talking about but anyways, master slept for quiet a while from last nights..... temper tantrum. He gets really clingy with me but im worried his temper is too out of hand.
  2. Im a little worried i had talked to an old flame who had broken my heart, it caused master to get angry last night i while watching a movie unaware of him glanced and for a few seconds saw him. But i then had a nightmare of him when i awoke i asked him why and he wouldn't talk he just stayed angry. I tolled him i was sorry i talked to the man that i still cared for master, when i tolled him that he had broken my heart he calmed down and silently cuddled me. I know he was jealous and hes not a bad person really! But still
  3. so i thought we could work on his voice so i said each letter of the alphabet and by the letter v i heard him whispering each letter right after i said them im so proud hes doing allot better. its almost been 3 months since iv known him <3
  4. yes master he's easy to get along with tho sometimes he can be unpredictable, i believe iv know him for a few months now, i can only hear him in my head tho i once thought i heard him in the real world, its like hes jealous. master took over Sam that's why i thought it was strange Sam was talking and showing emotion and touching on the second day. now Sam's just entirely gone when i try to think of him master distracts me.
  5. I cant call Sam anymore master wont let me and its like Sam has disappeared. Master is already visualized, able to touch, seems to know more then i do, talk perfectly, and show emotion.
  6. i havent seen sixth sense in a long time what are we talking about im getting confused o^o
  7. I know this may sound stupid and stuff but iv... had imaginary friends for a long time. ones that could talk in my head and i could feel them but never see them. I just recently learned of tulpa's and wanted to try it so i started creating Sam. but it seems my very close imaginary friend has been trying to take over Sam and send him away. i wounder if i could have been creating tulpa's with out knowing but because i never believed they were truly real and i could never see them that was the reason i never did. Iv always been sickly specially when i was younger and i was different because of th
  8. i liked the show tho he gets too cocky and rude but Sam and me liked how he looked. Sam is already showing feelings and even tho i cant see him when im trying to work with him hes always trying to touch my face. i really didn't know he would go so fast. He even asked to watch a movie with me last night. i cant wait to see him, im slightly impatient from being excited but i keep telling my self it takes time.
  9. i was working on Sam when i felt i should ask him what he wants to look like and i cant hear his voice but in my mind i know what words hes saying. I didn't know he would be able to speak like that so quickly were still on visualization. he asked to look like zak bagans from ghosts adventures but we both have a problem with his noes, im worried tho he will have an identity problem. what mostly gets me is why hes creating almost full sentences and were not even close to that stage.
  10. i might be i slept for a long time but im small i could be hungry im supposed to eat 6 times a day. its only his face that's the problem..
  11. iv been having problems creating Sams face i cant concentrate on it and it starts to change and i don't know if he dosnt like it or what its bothering me iv tried playing some tulpa tones to concentrate but i cant seem to get his face right.
  12. Hi im new to this and i really just need other peoples out look. Iv hopefully got personality down for Samuel "Sam" but im worried it wont work i haven't spent that long and im usually really good with detail so it didn't take too long before i was almost done with his visualization but it kept getting switched i cant concentrate on him too long for some reason. I get bothered by ghosts mostly monsters lately but i feel if i finally actually see him ill get scared. iv already been thinking about what hes going to sound like and what he feels like. i know im probably going to fast its just hard
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