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  1. Last night I followed through on my promise for a longer session. I divided it into three taking short drink and 'walk around' breaks between. The first was roughly 45-65 minutes long. I sat with him and focused on him completely, picturing his form with as much clarity as possible. I enforced his traits again, explaining them more thoroughly last night, and discouraging the development of traits I didn't approve of. The second session was roughly 40 minutes in length, during which time I created him a sort of sanctuary. A place for him to rest and wait while I'm not around. At first it was a tower in the middle of a swamp but I found it hard to maintain. It cast shadows through the windows and I found myself unable to concentrate. I believe my fear of water was the cause, so I changed it to an endless unfocused desert. The inside of the tower consists of five levels. I've drawn a [bad] diagram to better understand it. I can already see, hear, and smell every aspect of it and summon it instantly without any trouble. Essentially the entire tower is full of books that contain memories and bits and pieces of a similar nature. Each book will give him all the sensory information available, and because of his bird form I've given each book a toggle he can grab on to and carry to a seat/nest of his choice. In the centre of the bottom level I've given crow a pedestal which will be his default position whenever I enter his sanctuary. All the levels above have nests with shelving so he can place books there to read. Though I don't expect him to be browsing any time soon. The very top level is sort of like an empty attic with a clear overlook to all the levels bellow. At the moment I imagine it to be dusty and full of clutter, as he becomes more sentient I look forward to seeing the clutter removed and his own items of interest scattered around instead. Our last session I simply chatted to him, not about anything particular. It was more of a wind-down session before bed. I said goodnight and focused loosely on him before I fell asleep.
  2. I thought so, too. 10/10 worth creating a progress report just for that. Ah, true, I guess I hadn't really considered it. I've always been terrible with names, though. I knew my best friend for 24 years before I even knew she had a middle name, and still can't for the life of me spell her last. I think names don't hold as much weight with me, but we'll see what happens. I can see possible jokes in the future if he changes his form to another animal. Haha.
  3. Just a quick introduction, I go by the alias Vladimir Balthier Crowe, I'm a cat fanatic with many of my own. I am an artist and design/maintain websites for a living. I consider myself quite down to earth and have been told I'm easy to get along with. I don't take things personally and enjoy listening to others. I'm looking forward to becoming a helpful part of the community in the months/years to come. It's a pleasure to meet you all.
  4. This will be my neat and tidy thread for all things Crow Tulpa related. It should be noted that I've been a pretty heavy 'stalker' of the forums for just over two years and was aware of tuppers under different names for many years before that. I've decided I now have the knowledge and patience to progress and start manifesting my own Tulpa, who I've fondly nicknamed Crow to match his default appearance. This is just a good way for me to give him a temporary name that wont have to much 'stick'. By that I mean, in a years time it wont be as solid a name as, say, Joanne, might have been. [align=center]My first session was traditionally uneventful. I spent roughly 40 minutes picturing his temporary form from all angles, the feel of his feathers, the way various light sources would hit them, etc. I also visualized bright orbs of sparking colour/energy entering him, confirming that each of these was a personality trait he would have by default. Once that was done and the essence of him was firmly in my mind I imagined a silver cord from my chest slowly enter his and connect us. I'll be using this cord later on and knew it would be a good idea to be aware of it from the start. (and for him to be aware of it, also)[/align] Tonight I plan a longer and more intensive session and will update it here tomorrow afternoon. Fingers crosses for us! We've got a long way to go! UPDATES BELLOW