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    Hi! :D

    I'm that dorky, weirdo artist type. I like singing, writing, drawing, daydreaming, parodies, acting, most types of humor, and mostly, fun!

    I've moved around all my life. The longest I've ever spent in one place was eight years (which was a miracle. :P).
    I used to be a Disney Cast Member, and I wanna go back someday.. but extreme panic disorder makes it really hard to work anywhere. :/
    I'd LOVE to have a successful YouTube channel someday..

    Also, I make LOTS of references and quote things frequently. Just to warn you. XP

    Okay.. that's more than enough about me. *grins*

    See you around!

  1. *raises hand timidly* Soulbonding is still a thing in the otherkin/fictionkin/possibly therian communities. Not that many people like those communities (especially otherkin and fictionkin), but if you did want to look further into soulbonding those are possible places to go.
  2. Um.. hi. ^_^ Apologies in advance, I'm not all that great with introductions. >.>' I'm Tanuki. I've heard about Tulpas in other forums, but for whatever reason only decided to look into what they are recently. To my surprise, the concept actually sounds very familiar (and extremely awesome) to me... I read through what I found and took everything in like a sponge, and I just had to join the forum and learn more! :D Nice to meet everyone!