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  1. Well, I've been making my Tulpa for about 6 months. I haven't gotten any headpressures or responses from her yet, but that's not what I'm worried about. At the very start, I spent about an hour doing basic personality before deciding to let her form her own. Looking back on this, I'm worried about the outcome of her picking random emotions from my mind. I've heard bad stories about Tulpae turning violent, aggressive, angry, depressed, etc. What I'm wondering is: What's the worst that can happen with her giving herself a random personality? Will the brief personality I went over at the start give some form of structure? Is it too late to work more on personality? Sorry if I'm worrying a bit too much, I just need to be sure.
  2. I'm about 15-20 hours into Narration with my Tulpa, she's shown no signs of recognition yet, although I wasn't expecting anything yet so soon anyway. I was just wondering, is there any sort of order of signs I should be looking out for when it comes to her showing signs of sentience? Things like: Moving on her own in our Wonderland, talking, emotion surges, head pressures and obviously talking. Does this usually happen in an order? She's currently done none of those things as far as I'm aware of, although It would to be nice to know what to look out for first.