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  1. Hey, I took this test And my question is, is this legit? Should I pay any attention to the result I get? Or is it just bs? Thank you.
  2. Not really sure. I love programming though.
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    Thanks for reading this. I wrote my second dump. Its not as long as the first one, but it might have repeated ideas. It basically is what's going on my mind. @jean-luc , no, it isn't a tulpa. I decided to come here because, unlike many other places, I was sure you wouldnt be... idk. This looks like a very good place tbh.
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    Thank you. I appreciate it.
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    I just didnt know where to post this. For the first time in my life, ive decided to try and open up. So, here are my "thought dumps". Idk, I need someone who can understand me and... idk. Im lonely, I guess. Thanks to anyone who reads it.
  6. I have this channel, about lots of stuff.
  7. Thanks. I am currently learning more about tulpas.
  8. Hi. I am new here. I only learned about tulpas this week. I read that they were people in your mind. I don't know, I've thought a lot, and I don't know what to do. Can the tulpa be bad, without any reason? I am a lonely person. Even if it doesn't currently look like that, I still am. For 8 years I had no real friends. Well, one or two people consider themselves to be my friends, and I like them, but, as the years passed, I grew a shell around me to avoid being hurt by those who surrounded me. All people that know me, they don't really know me. They know my shell. As you can see, I currently am 16, and because half of my life was spent burying myself within my mind, I don't have any decent social skills. I don't know how to socialize. My "shell" talks and kind of socializes, even if poorly (I talk, but I don't feel anything, and I hide all that I feel, because I don't know if I should show it, or even how to show it). I don't like being alive for the reason that I don't have any reason to. Nobody knows or understands me, and I am unable to understand my own feelings properly, and even if I do, I don't show them (I guess I am afraid of doing it). Point being, would a tulpa help me, given that I am alone in the only place where I actually am me - my mind ? Would a tulpa understand without rejecting me? Would communication be easier than with people? Thank you.