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    i have two tulpa, of whom are very precious to me. i'm not very active here, but i check in now and then.

    Kovie is my first tulpa, a monosex alien that identifies as a girl. She's a sweet bab that is too good for this world, an amazing artist of all sorts.

    Vyx is a walk-in, a genderfluid ghosty pal. Very enthusiastic and sometimes loud, super supportive and always up for an adventure.

    then there's also Leo and Ori, who are interesting stories i wouldn't mind being asked about.

    my name's Majiq but you can call me Mage if you like. the name isn't just for aesthetics, i am in fact a spiritualist with strong focus on energy manipulation and working with extra dimensional beings. my pronouns are they or he, i'm aiming to be a comic book artist, and i love cartoons, videogames and roleplay.

    chances are i won't respond to pms here (only because i likely won't see them), so you'd best message me at my discord if you're on there.

    [[ updated 10-11-19 ]]
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  1. hello! may or may not be actually returning (due to it being not entirely in my power to stay active), but i have some updates and fun things to talk about. i haven't been active for some time, so to reintroduce myself, the name's Majiq - tho you can call me Mage, with pronouns either they or he. i'm a spiritualist of three years, and an aspiring comic book artist. i usually describe myself as the local space hippie conspiracy theorist with friends on the other side. talk to me about magick craft, my favorites are energy work and extra dimensional beings, especially ETs. following in suit, my comic book plans are largely sci-fi, and my favorite shows and games always involve a mix of technology and magick. Steven Universe, Voltron LD, Mass Effect (tho actually a comic book and video game series) for example, tho i also like anime such as DeathNote, Canaan, and good ol Naruto. i love roleplaying in writing too, tho the amount of rps i've left less than halfway through will be the death of me. Kovie will introduce herself now: Hello! You know my name friends! I use she pronouns, i'm an alien, but i look different from most. I have four arms, three eyes, and long antennae. I love music, dance, drawing, science and language. I'm pretty good at possession, doing good with imposition, we're practicing with dual processing a little bit. Talk to me about anything! I love learning anything new~ Vyx will now introduce themself: hey guys, waddup! i kinda went through some more remodeling so i'm like a little less edgy, more just fun and cool i guess, so heyy nice character development! right so, pronouns are just whatever dude, i can be feminine or masculine or whatever basically whenever. my gender actually changes with the situation i'm in, but i don't give a damn what you call me. i like being active, so i like doing stuff outdoors. parkour, climbing, sports, dancing is cool too. i think i could learn spanish so i can make new non-english friends. talk to me about whatever! i just like making new amigos so feel free to interact, pm me or send me a fq on discord (just let me know your username on here when you send it). i may not post myself much, but i will respond if anyone decides to hmu.
  2. *cringes at this article, feeling bad for ever having thought this* Well... you all will probably like what has developed from all this. I in-fact didn't abandon my tulpa, they're still around, just dormant sometimes. Making comments here and there, they especially liked my recent visit to Oregon where they got to meet again one of the first friends they ever had, via possession. Still not good at imposition, but they've been a great help keeping motivated for the current goals of joining the Army and experimenting with alchemy. The third one however... interesting thing happened with him. https://community.tulpa.info/thread-averi-s-tulpa-journal?pid=194610#pid194610
  3. Been a while since i've posted here, but it's worth mentioning... Sans changed his name to Leo, short for Galileo cuz he likes star gazing. So it's pronounced 'ley-oh', not 'lee-oh'. Leo had become quite unhappy with my mindscape and was very bored with it. He told me he felt useless and caged, so i told him he could do what he wanted. We struggled for a bit finding a solution for him, up until he disappeared one day. I was worried, but i just knew he was still alive, so i didn't fret over it too much. Few weeks went by without him, just Kovie, Vyx and i hanging out with friends that understand all of us. Then one time a scary thing happened and i had a panic attack, and i hid in another room behind a bed. One of my friends that came in to comfort me is a reiki practitioner, he's been able to see bits of my tulpa that has been very exciting to hear about. This time he saw "a small white figure crouched on the bed beside me", and after some questioning, i determined it was Leo. This was the first i had heard of him since he disappeared, it instantly made me feel better, because we were certain he was concerned about me and was there to make sure i was okay. I've had a couple signs of him still being around since then (he tried to tickle me during work a few days ago), so my conclusion is that he somehow detached himself from my mindscape and now resides... elsewhere, not quite sure. Maybe our plane, maybe astral, maybe somewhere else. Hell, knowing how he was, he could've created his own mindscape. He was really a very unique tulpa, had abilities i've always known to be especially uncommon. Point being, i've found it is possible for a tulpa to exist outside a host's mindscape, to be self-sufficient.
  4. Kovyx

    Chat Thread

    on Tuesday i met an experienced reiki practitioner, got to hang out with him and his friends, and it was pretty fun. even got to talk about tulpa, and to everyone's delight, they got to meet Kovie via possession. the best part however, was the reiki guy, Josh.. he saw Kovie's ears. he said something along the lines of "on your real form, is there something on or near your head, right around here?" while he pointed to the upper back part of his head. Kovie excitedly exclaimed "oh, those are my ears!" then a moment later she was showing him pictures i drew of her, and he pointed out the part of her antennae that he saw. she was ecstatic, he said her energy was very different from mine, much lighter and more free-flowing. this was the first proof that someone other than me could actually sense my tulpa. I'm pretty happy about it too, next time we hang out, Vyx wants to talk to him.
  5. I've once again been neglecting my tulpa, and it really sucks because i feel bad for it and i want them around, but i also feel like i don't have the time or attention span... and, it kinda doesn't seem worth it. As a depressed/anxious introvert who's way too often sucked into their own thoughts (too much so to listen to anyone else), i'm having a bit of trouble. I've never been able to multitask, so listening for my tulpa while doing anything but talking to them, is really difficult. Then i also have trouble maintaining their personality, and perceiving their voice. My mind is all sorts of crazy disorganized, so often some random stray thoughts that are absolutely out of character for them, will seem like it was from them. Aside from that though, my actual point here is... well i can probably find some way to fix all that above, but i just can't find the motivation, or a reason for all the effort to be worth it. So, does anyone wanna regale me with tales of anything you've experienced, heard or thought of, that might help? Hopefully something specifically tulpa related, what you can do with them and how much of a help they are in certain ways. What could i do with a tulpa, that i couldn't do on my own? This all sounds really pessimistic, maybe even cynical, but really... please, give me a reason to keep up with this.
  6. Alright, not really back yet but, i'm trying to work with Sans to strengthen his voice and character a bit. Dunno if this counts as a beginner question, but i didn't think it needed its own thread. But basically, i've been looking around at guides and tips/tricks, however the majority of them require usage of wonderland visualization. Thing is, i'm awful at that. I'm really bad at wonderland stuff in general, so i very rarely active force. I've gotten as far as i have with all my tulpa almost purely with passive forcing, and more recently, possession. I wanna be able to do some of this wonderland stuff though, but whenever i try, i just end up spending more concentration on just keeping their proportions right. I cannot for the life of me see their entire form at once, it's always some zoomed in view of one body part, like the foot, arm or smile. Does anyone have any ideas of their own on how to help this? I can do imposition just fine, but wonderland visualization is incredibly difficult for me. What is something that will ease my problems with this?
  7. Aaww. Suppose that goes to say you believe real aliens exist? ^^ Or, are lunarians from something else? Yeah, that sounds like a lot of fun~ Ana doesn't spend much time in our wonderland though, she doesn't often have time for neat adventures like that. She already has lots of ideas for my alien world though, and i quite enjoy them. I really like your idea to pick out a star though, i think i'll go do that now! *wanders off outside for a bit* Aww, it's too cloudy to pick out a star now. Oh well, i'll find one later. ^^ I could do that, it'd be very fun to model the wonderland after the ideas Ana has for my home world, but... we already have a nice place for our wonderland, and Vyx really likes it. I don't think i want to change it, if she likes it so much. Maybe i could make a small part of it for myself though. Ehehe, Ana looked up lunarians, and i saw a character that looks just like something in her memories. That's you, Reisen? Doesn't look very alien-like, but still super cute~
  8. Me, Kovie, as a tulpa with a form that was based on a design for a fictional, extra terrestrial, sentient life form... ah, it's rather difficult to explain. Or, maybe not. Maybe it's just odd, because despite that this is the only world i've ever known.. when i look at the sky, especially the stars, i feel a bit homesick. Sometimes more than a bit. Once or twice when stargazing with Ana, i started tearing up. It's really weird honestly, i know it's probably not something i should be feeling but, it still feels like there's a place somewhere else that might be a better home for me. Not that i want to leave Ana, i love her dearly but, i suppose my curiosity can be a bit too much sometimes. So, on that topic... are there any other tulpa with forms based on an extra terrestrial body? If so, have you ever experienced something similar to what i described? As for anyone else, feel free to comment or maybe offer advice on how to relieve my anxiety about this? ^^"
  9. Care to describe your tulpa for me? :3 so i have an idea of what kind of pose to use, and so i know a bit about them, for my tulpa to decide who wants to be in a picture with him ^^
  10. Ok so i myself am not a beginner, i think a few of you know me cuz i've been around here a while, but a couple of my friends want to create a tulpa and they're having a hard time with their mindvoice. One has been trying to create a tulpa for about a month, but they just cannot get any response from their tulpa at all. No head pressures, no conveying of intent or feeling, and especially no words. Sans thinks it's because they're expecting something different than what it actually is, but i wanna see what you all think first before i go conveying any advice to them about it. And then there's also a friend who has a similar problem to me, wherein their tulpa talks a lot, but it's like it's coming from the same place their own thoughts are coming from. So, that makes it kinda hard to tell when it's their thoughts, or their tulpa's voice. So basically my questions are... any advice on getting a tulpa to respond like, at all?? And, how would one go about differentiating their tulpa's voice from their thoughts?
  11. Sans: right, thanks. sorry 'bout that guess this can be deleted? o-o again, sorry..
  12. Sans: for a conversation, i swear it's important
  13. Frick, Kovie was 'born' on January 24th of 2015, which was a few months ago during which i was inactive with her, so i forgot to celebrate her birthday.. aaww, damn.. ;-; Well, i can still celebrate Vyx's and Sans' birthday on November 11th. I think i'll probably do something to make up for missing Kovie's first birthday.