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  1. i wish i could give you a cookie and a high five so..... high five yourself and pretend it was from me
  2. where do i see myself with her in a the coming years? inside her. lol no what kind of loser fucks their tulpa anyway?
  3. >arguing with your tulpa wut i dont know how one gets angry at their tulpa.
  4. atheist- tulpas conflict with my religion 100%
  5. welp i dont do energy drinks cause of all the shit in em but coffee works great
  6. i read that wrong and thought you were doing something A LOT more uhm *cough* sexual*cough*
  7. -google 3d pinkie pie and use that -if your having trouble defining pinkie pie from the show then make some shit up.
  8. there was a time where mine changed diff. colors a lot. it lasted a couple days then she went back to default rainbow dash colors.
  9. good side of my conscience: Dont to drugs, its bad. bad side: i guess so, might as well try. me: it probably does but look for cleaner methods that dont involve you getting hooked into a drugee.
  10. When she loved me- Sarah McLachlan Sweet child of mine- guns n roses What you give- Tesla not so much of "its our song" but more of whenever i hear it i think of my tupper
  11. a lot* sorry the grammar nazi got the best of me. also an hour a day is a lot better than i have been doing
  12. tulpamancer. makes me sound like a BAMF
  13. i like playing catch. it keeps me focused while imposing while narrating while having fun
  14. go around all the different threads and youll learn all you need to know
  15. i was playing catch with my tulpa on a beach a crowded beach people look at me like im crazy fucks given by my tulpa-(5-1/2) fucks given by me-0 btw i live next to the beach
  16. to mistake this for a guide someone would have to be stupid or REALLY gullible
  17. >After 2 one hour meditation sessions today, she is completely visible from every angle and is quite talkative. i stopped reading after there as that seems like b/s
  18. my tulpa is an ipod. To elaborate, I find her singing songs and it feels like im actually listening to the song as if i were playing it on youtube
  19. >Although, I prefer she'd keep them.. For certain reasons... >For certain reasons... Are you planning on sexing up ur tupper? Do we need to have a talk?