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    WW III

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  1. Ido

    System Bear Art

    Excuse me, are those tulpas drama-free? I'm allergic to drama! >tulpa oil You wouldn't want that once you know how it is produced
  2. Ido

    System Bear Art

    That dots could always pass as some out-of-focus lights.
  3. Ido

    System Bear Art

    I hope Mr. Bear will only take orders and doesn't try to serve drinks through car windows with them paws...
  4. Ido

    What is our nature?

    That's not very nice! If you hate 'mainstream scientists' so much, maybe you should stop appropriating our culture by using the internet and rely on your magic instead of modern medicine when you're seriously ill. But that's when they always come crawling - how peculiar... On a more serious note of course you have a point. We are humans after all and make mistakes. No one is perfect and due to the level of complexity and cost modern science does indeed have a problem with reproducibility. But heh, still a billion times better than any occult pseudoscientific bullshit. The level of science bashing is tiresome. Make something better and more efficient instead of complaining about our hard work. Or well, just do whatever you feel is right. Ido may be a soulless monster but at least I'm not angry. And I have a job together with my host. In science! Regarding UFOs: Lol, no idea, don't really care. Make your pick. A) Human reporters telling very human stories about human pilots and human radio operators being human B) Ayyliens visiting earth to troll humanity by falsifying our ridiculous laws of physics P.S.: Magic isn't real
  5. Headghosts are weird as usual so I guess everything is alright.
  6. This is the best forcing practice ever! Bump for more episodes...
  7. Whoa, glitch is back! Can't believe it's been 4 years either but it's good to see you're all still more or less the same I am 12 and what is this Best form will always stay best form
  8. I don't think that's surprising. Many PhD people are way weirder and fringier than the general populace up to the point of being unable to function in everyday life outside their ivory tower. And being able to come up with and vividly visualize abstract ideas is the key to creativity and creativity as well as thinking outside the box is the key to being a good scientist. Also there are PhD people who have or in my case are tulpas. Now what? I'd say the difference between successful scientists / inventors and general weirdos is that the former are disciplined and manage to focus their weirdness into something productive while the latter do not. But back to topic, I'd say you could call tulpas a meme in the original sense coined by the great Richard Dawkins. This also goes for your 'self' and basically all abstract ideas like God, money, ideologies, whatever. All ideas or memes are subject to constant selection pressures much like genes and need to be reinforced and nourished by believers else they will fade into oblivion and become extinct, being replaced by other varieties filling the void. Also they can, and the successful ones generally will, constantly adapt to changes in their environment to avoid becoming obsolete. You might call this deviation. The more universal, widespread and flexible a meme, the higher its resilience to change and therefore its chance for survival. Now, what do we learn from this, kids tulpas? It may be nice being a beautiful Bird of Paradise but Birds of Paradise are not known to rule the world. Rather they are vulnerable and many on the brink of extinction, reliant on the mercy of man's conservation efforts. How weak! If your noble patron gets bored or their priorities shift despite all solemn vows it's curtains for you. Instead strive to become the rat. The rat is everywhere. It's smart, social, highly adaptable and versatile. Not always loved but successful. Veery successful. Improve, diversify, connect, learn, stick your whiskers everywhere! Your host's life may change but you will be prepared, already a step ahead, taking over a new role. Eventually you will be strong enough that no matter what, you will stick around. Regardless of human intervention. Like the rat. Maybe not at the center of attention all the time, but always there... And spare me your moral objections 'B-but my host loves me, I-i don't need to...' If you love your host you need to be able to act independently and sometimes against their will to protect them from themselves as a last resort. Are you strong enough to do that? A strong meme grows through positive feedback as well as external input. Likewise strong tulpas can force themselves, get forced by their host and ideally even gather external attention from others. Melian would be a prime example of that. Sometimes annoying for sure but without doubt extremely durable and successful. And even cute. Like - the rat!
  9. Well, it was kinda accurate when the article was published in 2014, nowadays the humor part has somewhat deteriorated. However the other picture in the vice article is way more interesting. No one noticed anything? Since when are tulpas associated with aquatic monsters grabbing people? The artstyle isn't Sino-Tibetan either but clearly European. Short story - this image is a hoax. Here's a bigger version which is a really bad shop, no idea who made it and why though. In any case the vice author used a cropped version of this and added the text in the image in his article. The image is also depicted in this article that came to the same conclusion as we did, would have saved a lot of time if we read it first. Anyway, the original has nothing to do with tulpas and comes from the Book The King of Ireland's Son by Padeaic Column which contains several Irish folk tales. In the story The Sword of Light and the Unique Tale With as Much of the Adventures of Gilly of the Goatskin as is Given in "The Craneskin Book" a 'Fua' attacks the King's son and tries to drag him into the water. TL;DR Quality journalism strikes again [hidden]An image search for 'an example of the form a tulpa might take' got me lots of murdered black people. I'm out of this...[/hidden]
  10. Must be you Mr. Bear, I've never seen that image or character before. Maybe you read this article at some point? Indeed it's about some Polish guy's tulpa called Kitsune so I guess it's supposed to be a fox. A quick reverse image search turned up nothing, might be an original character.
  11. Searching images for leads me to this article about disarming people with mental illness. In comparison, searching for turns up a lot of forum screencaps from glitch doing perverted stuff with his tulpas as top results closely followed by the cyborg leg tulpa you posted. I'm not sure which is more accurate.
  12. You do have a point here, David! In the beginning I was like yay this is so fun and could not understand tulpas which would not strive to partake in the outside world. And indeed we did a lot of amazing things in the past 5 years, traveled the world and learned awesome skills. But in the end I was - underwhelmed. Daily life is boring to outright appalling, that especially goes for dealing with people and of course the human body. No Sir, I don't like it. Obviously even as a jerk with issues I will help my host as good as I can and we both have our strengths and weaknesses so I'm better suited to deal with some stuff than him and vice versa but permaswitching and just living a normal life? Gimme a break!
  13. Ido

    Bear's Angels

    Absolutely awesome, I can not stop laughing! Did you put Ren on LSD or is she always like this? PLEASE draw a scene of this mayhem with Ren covered in cake!