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  1. I have been forcing host just like a tulpa for years to strengthen some traits and weed out some bad habits. You can force every concept, even yourself. Just ask the Bear. If you wanna be separate and unique you gotta practice being separate and unique. Think about it, talk about it, write about it, emotionally immerse yourself in the topic. Forcing personality differences will be some work as you've been so close and constantly co-fronting for a long time though. I'd go about it like during tupper-creation. Make some chart with your personality traits and focus on the differences,
  2. Why can't we have both? I'm used to assembling complex posts in a text editor with code before posting 'em because it can be saved offline as a textfile. Until now you couldn't save formatting, quotes, spoilers in the current software and that sucked. So it's good to have BBcode back. Not saying the rich text editor is bad but I'd like to post the same thing as code as well. Especially as long as behavior is as unstable as it is now. The question is - how does the forum software handle formatting in rich text wysiwyg editors compared to BBcode in the long run? We saw th
  3. Ido

    Ashley's Lounge

    Ido hope you recognized the older balding man and his 'son' Wew, that was quite some rimworld adventure. I didn't understand most of it as I never played that game but it looked like a lot of work. What does the Stellarch even do? He comes to your base, eats all the food in your fridge and if he's satisfied you may come with him?
  4. Ido

    Ashley's Lounge

    >when you ask a bear to turn your teen daughter into a man and end up with 2 Will Smiths I wish you'd draw this but as you don't it's up to host once again.
  5. @jean-luc This is correct for unprotected users. Tor browser generates a randomized output of these pixel values with each reload as tracking protection, but this inevitably messes up the canvas. If I upload the same pic 5 times I get 5 different colored patterns but no image. You can test your canvas fingerprint at https://amiunique.org/ The first two are reloads with the Tor Browser canvas protection on resulting in an unique pattern of stripes which changes every time and hence is useless for tracking. The last is how a canvas looks for a
  6. Same image: Uploaded normally in Tor Browser With HTML canvas data extraction allowed (click on the image icon on the left side of the url box before the https://) No idea why this is necessary, generally the forum asks for html canvas data when logged in, probably for device identification. Well, It's not a security risk for Tor users since this data is randomized at each reload, hence the different image colors. But for normal users it may be used to link an uploaded image to a uniquely identifiable user. That's pretty intrusive.
  7. Yep, I have to allow HTML canvas data extraction for image upload. Why? We just don't know...
  8. Quadro-fail! Simple links get auto-embedded... But attachments are kill for me.
  9. Does attaching images work for you? I just get some weird pattern that looks like HTML canvas data which may be related to Tor Browser
  10. Wtf? Is there anything related to HTML canvas data going on? Tor Browser spoofs HTML canvas which results in exactly this effect. Never seen it in image uploads though. If I attach an image 3 times each comes with a different color. All are the same image [img]https://upload.vaa.red/i/grK78.jpeg[/img]
  11. @Luminesce You have uBlock, you can block all these bars you don't like and release the space they occupy. Another thing - why are pages of threads arranged vertically now? Is that some adaption for phone users? Drastically broadens each thread longer than one page.
  12. Ido

    Ashley's Lounge

    A cyborg Ren is fine too! Also poor Dave, how comes he ain't even mad? Then again, he IS a robot.
  13. Heh, I told before host drilled into me since day 1 that I cannot be harmed by dream or wonderland characters because I'm - just better than them. I think it's awesome this has worked in every dream so far in the past 6 years even when I had zero control over anything else. Interestingly logic did work in this dream, before the souvenir shop host was in a mansion belonging to his aunt and they tried to estimate the size of the garden calculating the area from width and length. Never witnessed even simplest math to work in a dream before but here it did, at leat as an estimate. Ever
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