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  1. But only if you remain within an inch of the ground! I wish for a magic potato, who is definetly not evil.
  2. But the audio is always terrible! Also, two ;s is just a line and an empty statement. I wish for magic, ooo.
  3. Oh, that's nice, now you always put your squiggly brackets in the right places. But now you always put too many! (I assume this is bad, I've never messed with that stuff before. I am a young little programmer.) Ohnoooooo. I wish to not forget my ;s, actually. That's just as much of a pain.
  4. Yo. I call myself The Cosmic Bard, for no particular reason. I've been lurking for about two weeks now, and since I've started making a tulpa, I decided to join up. It's a bit lonely when there's no one to talk to about it, haha. [align=justify]I'm a college student studying Computer Science (and Security), and spend most of my days doing normal introvert college things. Oh, and I'm not gonna be a yada and advertise or some stuff, but I'm making a log of my tulpa creation on tumblr, too. [/align]