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  1. First, sorry about absence, holidays and life blew up. Second, I guess this is almost an experiment to see the difference in play styles between Tulpa and host.
  2. For languages, I find the site Duolingo to be a wonderful (and free) site/app. My fiancée recently found it and has began learning Italian at a fairly good rate for about three weeks now while I have moved to trying to learn Esperanto.
  3. Stepping up and apologizing while also now accepting tulpae/thoughtforms as real is a big step. I applaud you for not changing your stance (since it was a perfectly valid one) but for willing to come to terms and work more with the community.
  4. Glad with the overall response! I'll be keeping everyone updated on what to expect in the near future.
  5. Bienvenue dans la communauté , Lea . Je ne parle pas français moi-même, mais je ne veux l'apprendre un jour. Heureux de vous avoir comme partie de notre petit club! Je l'ai écrit cela et l'a fait traduire par Google , donc je me excuse si elle ne convient pas français.
  6. [sarcasm]No! We can't move on![/sarcasm] I won't make any judgements, not my place.
  7. Alright, I think I'll actually start the game after New Years, let everyone get through the holidays and such. The game will, indeed, be Pathfinder, specifically the adventure path Rise of the Runelords. I'll keep everyone updated on what to expect and how to build characters later.
  8. @Mistgod: Funnily enough my fiancée statted out a pixie race earlier this year for a one shot. I still have the stats since Paizo does not have a pixie race. The character concepts sound fine enough as well! @Sushi: Sadly I won't allow 3.5 specific things, only Paizo-specific (only exception being I'm cutting the recent psionic classes they released since I have zero experience with them). If you go to d20pfsrd.com or archivesofnethys.com I'm sure you can find something to suit your needs. As for timing, since it's forum based (unless I go for Fantasy grounds) it'd be casual play-by-post
  9. @Raymond: Pokemon are fine, this is all for fun anyway n_n How os Fantasy Grounds, if I may ask? @Mistgod: Yep, both the host and the tulpa would get a character.
  10. Title says it all. Basically, I want to try running a Pathfinder adventure path with two hosts and their tulpa (one tulpa is multiple ones, please) to see the different play styles while also having fun! It wouldn't be ran here, sadly, but over on the Paizo forums so we can roll dice and such. If I find there is enough support, I'll update the thread with more info.
  11. Koharu was with me for several months and at first I would have said "no", but as she got 'older' and more developed, my own opinion changed fairly quickly. While I hope she comes back some day (even for a visit) I respect her decision to leave to give me and my fiance 'space'.
  12. It very well could be stress. I suggest taking a day or two to unwind (if you can), popping in to your wonderland to say hello real quick before going about relaxing again. If you stress too much, that is not only unhealthy for you but could possibly be unhealthy for Adrian as well.
  13. Favorite game is Victoria II, though my favorite series is Zelda. Can't wait for the new one to come out! EDIT - I should also note I love WoW, Elder Scrolls, Pokemon, GTA and a very large number of other games/series. That, and tabletop RPGs!
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