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  1. She's pretty! Would you mind if I draw her?
  2. Glow

    Maat and Me

    If you're anything like me, the only advice I can give you is: try not to overdo it. Creating a tulpa can (and should) be very exciting work, but don't forget that you two got a whole life up ahead. If you strain yourself too much in the beginning stages, you might end up exhausting your own mental capabilities and eventually lose interest. I've seen people getting so worked up over questions that all boiled down to "this can't possibly be real", they completely missed out on all the fun aspects that come with every tulpa journey. Just wait and see. Give your new companion a chance to grow and learn with you; and forget about those worries. There's no shame in being laid-back. After all, what is there to lose?
  3. After well-nigh two years of living with my tulpa, I figured we might as well start reflecting upon our time spent together, because, why the heck not. How well I perceive them depends almost entirely on the strength of the bond we share at a time, but on the whole they're imposed to the point of being transparently visible. Audibility is a whole 'nother story, but we're quite at home with the prospect of them sticking to their lovely mindvoices indefinitely, if it can't be helped. As for the title of this thread, it refers to the day before yesterday, where we accidently stumbled upon our new wonderland while on our ride back home. It's a train – a modern looking express thundering through beautifully rugged sceneries! It happened on a whim when we were having a conversation. I shut my eyes to enter the wonderland and found us both sitting inside what is now our carriage! Luckily, visualisation comes natural to me, so acclimating myself to my new surroundings went effortless. This is it for my first post. See you around!