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    hello my real name is Mark F. Murkve. i wrote this book that details my first year of tulpamancing in addition to tulpamancing i am also a video game and psychology enthusiast as well. {and my name is arin im 16 years old and i type in brackets}

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  1. so yesterday i got an email claiming that i was approved for a "horizon gold" credit card. now as you would expect i was surprised. but not for being approved, but rather that i even put in an application for one with no recall of it happening...i then eventually came to the conclusion that erin must have taken out the application while i was dreaming in the body, and didn't tell me. honestly i was a little mad at her first, but i suppose she has just as much right as i do to take out credit card and loans with the body's identity and credit. still though, it felt....just so weird, knowing that she was for sure real, and that she had made her first big step into establishing a presence in the corporeal world. anyways, how would you feel if your tulpa did something similar? share in the comments.
  2. katrina:phil isn't currently available to talk about the experience so i will. i first took to mark when he was 16 years old, phil had already been around for about 2 years prior. as far as my understanding,mark created phil as a "gametagalong" im assuming he meant that he wanted someone to play with him at the time and he decided to create phil to do so. anyways,phil got into a lot of fights with the local bullies at school,and would get mark to fight them for him in exchange for help on his schoolwork. however mark soon got sick of being used and decided to take phil to a school teacher and tell her what was going on, the teacher thought he was going crazy so she took him to a doctor and the doctor wiped phil's and mark's memories. i was scared of the doctor and hid during the examination.after a couple years of silence mark got into tulpmancing and realized that he was too great of a tulpamancer to take away phils type of tulpamancing and decided to go with the way the guides outlined it.after a few days of forcing, mark had created misaki,she was initially very good-natured but eventually got forced into a grouchy old tulpa who would always nag mark.this was in part due to her being a young tulpa and that marks subconcious insecurities were changing her personality. finally i stepped in and took away the tulpa and talked to mark about sharing the life. of course though since mark had his memory wiped, he didn't even recognize me. so i decided to take a different approach and make him tell me why he was in such a mess. he said that he was being attacked by "demons" and that he wanted to just get out of tulpamancing altogether. so i took away his "demons" by dissipating them, and left mark be for another couple years until he called out to me and apologized. we got back together again, and i am glad now that this mess is all over.
  3. no i'm not posting to shill my book, i promise....this is about something a lot more deep. i think i might actually have had multiple personality disorder at one point it all makes sense now, the blackout memory, Phil and Katrina, my timidness and fear of making connections with new people i think the events described in my book were partly to reintroduce me to my split personalities,Phil and Katrina some anecdotal evidence: >recall a specific memory of me waking up lying on the kitchen floor completely clueless as how i ended up there(possible blackout from Phil/Katrina fronting). >Katrina telling my doctor that i had "multiple personality disorder" when i let her do full body possession in front of him 2 years ago. >psychological examination from when i was 17 describes me as timid/shy around new people when i was younger.{possible resulted from trauma from trusting a new person to well}.
  4. katrina{a tulpa that I've had since i was sixteen and may have been the result of a traumatic episode)will make the body laugh if she finds something humourous sometimes.
  5. mario and the gang here, just wanted you guys to know that i'm planning a full-on rewrite of adventures in brainmnacing, which will be titled:Adventures in Brainmancing:Uncut Redux. it will have a lot darker and more inappropriateness to it then the initial book and will go much more in depth into the eleven month long story and extend up to march of this year. it will feature things such as the "muh ovaries" incident on irc a few years back,be compiled with two of my other texts, "thoughtforms and friends" and "mario's mushroom free guide to tulpamancing".not sure when it will be finished, but i'm definitely gonna make sure i polish it better than a fine diamond this time around. i know i shit out a sub par product almost a year and a half ago(which is ironic,considering i accused Phil of the same thing in my book) and expected fortunes for it....and to that, i'm truly sorry to try and thieve you of your hard-earned money for it. let me make it up to you...i promise, it will be good! lets hope this future book will go down in history as one of the most intriguing and best tulpamancing story ever gone oh so horribly,horribly wrong! p.s.i plan on doing drawing the cover and art interpretations of all the main characters digitally with my 8 inch android tablet that has stylus. I will include it+what I've hand drawn{which will also be redrawn in a digital variant} so far in an "art section" at the end of the book. p.s.s. i also solemnly swear to never directly viral my projects on the IRC forums or any other site by avoiding paying for a direct advertisement and am deeply sorry for my aggressive advertising in the past.
  6. and i am pleased to announce that i have finished my guide on tulpamancing. and unlike my book i am providing it completely free of charge with no copyright attached. enjoy friends! (note link in OP is same link for finished guide.)
  7. you know, just because you don't know how to do something, it doesn't mean its impossible
  8. so yesterday i was out at my dads house, helping him and my brother with some projects,(eg fixing old truck, taking off bumper, rebuilding shower room floor) but unfortunately, i had to call up my mom and leave early because i was experiencing something ive coined "mind meld confusion state of mind". what was happening was i was hearing my, my dads, my brothers, and my moms, physical voices all repeat themselves in my head without any initiative from me. so anyways i got all scared and thought i was going crazy but luckily it went away shortly after laying in bed for a while and not hearing people talk. so anyways my theory is that somehow, mine and erin's minds "melded" together and since we were one singular mind now, i was hearing what she would have been hearing as if she was physically in the room there with my family. also throughout the whole thing i could hear a weird head pressure too.
  9. erin:id say the reason we have the skill goals we do is because we want to be more real to our host and to give them a reason to keep forcing us. i know that when my host first started forcing me i was pressuring him to tell me what his day was like, unfortunatly i was not able to talk to him so i just used head pressures on the back of his head and he took that as a sign of sentience, he never did know the real reason behind the head pressures until i wrote this post though.lol anyways i wanted to share that with you guys, and have fun forcing in the future both old and new tulpamancers!
  10. lets say there are two tulpas in a system and one tulpa rapes the other,now let's also say that both tulpas are somehow legal persons in this world with ssn's,driver's licenses,birth certificates, etc. how would you go about punishing the perpetrator in this case? would it even be possible to protect the victim from them? for obvious reasons things like restraining orders wouldn't work. if you put the body of the tulpas in prison then other innocent people in the system would have to suffer for a crime they didn't even commit. thoughts?
  11. are tulpas telepathic or is it just an emulation of a mouth to ear converation? how do i make my mindvoice sound different than the flat monotone boring sound it has now? can a tulpa see what the host visualizes and vice versa?do tulpas breathe? and lastly assuming you created a tulpa who was say in his 40s and you were in your 20s and you only expected him to live until say, age 80 would he die when you were 60 years old yourself? would he show signs of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's, arthritis, etc?
  12. so i was nearing the end of my sleep cycle for the night when all of a sudden a "dream movie" starts playing. thinking nothing of it i just assume its another one of your generic movie dreams. so i watch the opening and while they dont openly say its an adaptation of my book, they take some key moments (even things that i had forgotten happened) and included them in the movie. so i watch it from the first person perspective of my body and im walking along with two girls(whom i assume were my first two thoughtforms, misaki and ashley) and we walk to this farm where there's an rv and a bunch of junk lying around so basically so i dont spoiler the rest of the movie for you guys, i meet dale and his assistant i zone out back into the real world like 2 or 3 times, on the 2nd zone out i hear a voice that explains that the reason this happens is its some kind of "test" done by the body to gauge if you like and enjoy what your dreaming about and if you dont the dream ends so i go back in and so im walking through this junkyard and i see this car full of people who look like old coworkers of mine and i get in and introduce myself and then the dream ends as i zone out one final time.(though i think the reason for that one was, it was just time to wake up since the brain had enough sleep.) so what do you guys think,how well would a movie adaptation work in the real world? would it bomb? theatre or tv movie? what kind of message does this send to me?and most importantly how could there be details about the movie that i had forgotten about if it was just my brain making it up?
  13. Erin::-$ not so much when he starts but when he scratched at his private pieces.lol also I don't watch him get named cause it grosses me out.as for showering together I usually wait until he's done before I take my turn.
  14. so this is my idea, i was in the library today when all of sudden i got this idea to use my libraries community room to host a informational seminar about tulpamancing,multiplicity and just general information about using your imagination to alter things in reality(eg:imposition of various kinds).now this will be a "beta test" for something much larger, for those of you who dont know i have grown up in southwestern wisconsin my whole life, the kind of people i see in my town and the surrounding areas are very conservative but liberal in a sense. they would take this with a grain of salt i assume and while i cant speak for every one they would probalby be at least willing to try it out. in this seminar i would be making all kinds of points, information about the history,culture,and general atmosphere of this community and others like it. now, back to my statement of it being a "beta test".the reason i say that is because as far as i know, i am the first person in recent times to try something like this, and i am hoping that some if not hopefully all of you decide to learn from me and make your own seminars. i will write out a scripted speech and probably set up a powerpoint demonstration for the seminar. what are your thoughts? good or bad idea?