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  1. Doesn't seem really inflammatory, why report? It's not like the user is being radical, they're just feeding a debate...of sorts. Plus, Sushi linked a boatload of nice references.
  2. Nope, barely eat a meal a day. Next is a guy wearing a t-shirt with a band logo on it.
  3. I'm just talking about my day at this point. Sometimes I'll ask questions rhetorically. Describing things works for me when I run out ideas - so basically something that would make your tulpa yell at you to shut up about. I figure this will make a response much more recognizable.
  4. Dang, the detail on those scales is amazing! How long did that take? I kept thinking they were an actual texture like paper mache or something.
  5. Hello everyone, this thread is a progress report on a tulpa I'm creating named Kathrin. She is based loosely off of a character from a webcomic. I'm not the best at visualization, so I usually have to consult reference material often. My plan is to narrate and impose/use open-eye visualization, as I don't really see the merit of a wonderland. As far as giving her character traits, that was done yesterday and I intend for her to use the few basic traits as a springboard for developing her own. I personally think a complex series of traits is too limiting, so I only have her five, with freedom to make up her own in time. As far as using the same name and design/form as the webcomic character, I don't see any serious identity issues as the character was seldom seen in the comic anyways. Well, that about wraps it up - I'm currently sick with the flu so her and I have tons of free time today to devote to forcing and snuggles. Ask me anything, as I'll be around the forums a lot today. As for her reference art for the form, I prefer a grey coat. If she wants to change her form early on, that's cool too.