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  1. see just a few books about it on amazon, which is the best one for beginners to gain knowledge what it is, how it works, etc.... ?
  2. I mentioned before I can't find a book written on the topic. I don't even know where the information from this site is from. There are books on reincarnation, near death experiences, astral projection, telepathy, etc... but nothing on tulpa, why is this? A good assumption would be that it doesn't occur as much, maybe it's harder to achieve than the others? Other than this site, where else can I find useful information, tips, about tulpa? Again, I don't know where the person who created this site got the information from. If there was a book, I would simply purchase it, read it, and put it to test.
  3. I searched videos on youtube and didn't find many about Tulap but saw 2 that gives me an idea of what it is and what it can do. One was an episode of a TV show with teenagers who found a boy with the ability to move objects. Another one was of a monk who was approached by a reporter and the film crew which was all part of his imagination. What is my goal? To create at least 1 friend who is just an imagination. But on average, how real can he or she be? What does this mean? I will have the ability to physically see him in person and interact with him? Or will it all be in my head? What is this talk about being able to move objects? I keep hearing something about negative emotions and feelings and memories might make this imaginary friend dangerous? I can't even find a book on this topic. Please post any useful videos or links if you have any. Does Tulap go by a different name or is it the same as psychokinesis? What is the worse that can happen if this tulap gets out of control?