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  1. Tulpa are supposed to give you super memory recall right? With all the people who claim to have tulpa we should have dozens of people with hyperthymestic syndrome or eidetic memory. It should be simple to prove tulpa to most people just by showing off your mental abilities. Maybe have your tulpa stay awake while you go to sleep and listen to audio books, within a week you should be able to recite a dozen books that youve never read
  2. You know its funny I have the exact opposite concern about the forums. Too many people openly believe everything that is posted and refuse to exercise critical thinking skills. One of the forums major shit storms involved a guest showing up and making dubious claims, which evolved into ridiculous claims, which the vast majority of people posting in thread took at face value unquestioning. Then when he came out as a troll everyone got so butthurt guest posting was disabled. Too many people are too naive and most of the people who have doubts about others' claims are so worried about hurting feelings that they dont come forward. It has demonstrably made the forum worse imho, and some of these unchallenged claims destroy any hope of tulpa being taken seriously. And if you are lucky enough to actually have a tulpa, instead of crying if someone happens to not believe you, be happy that you have a fucking tulpa.
  3. He also has no proof that tulpa arent just alien ghosts and the only people who have trouble making them are highlanders secretly tasked with dispatching this ancient threat. Generally the burden of proof lies with those making extreme claims. Of course those who have gone months with nothing to show for it are bitter and jealous. We came into this thinking that we would get amazing lifelong companions and instead we get nothing. Watching tons of other people pop in and claiming to have everything that we want after mere weeks naturally leads to resentment. As far as being toxic to others progress, if they actually have tulpa, why should they care what anyone else thinks? They have everything they won, who cares what people who fail at even imaginary companionship think? As far as I can tell the new method is do exactly whatever you feel like doing and anything faq man or irish said is bullshit even though this place only exists and youve only ever heard of thought forms because of them. Alot of what is said around here makes no sense. Maybe you should check into some of the 'real life' vampire and werewolf forums and then come back and tell me how nobody would roleplay here.
  4. Maybe a better discussion would be why do so many people make up tulpa stories Or how do you decided which stories you believe Or do any talking tulpa really even exist :@
  5. I looked through some of the mlp tulpa archives and found posts from him going back to atleast the beginning of April. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/33926727/4chan-archive/main/index_new.html I can understand irc being skeptical. First of all who only has one tulpa? Besides that what kind of person would waste their time fooling around on the internet after having a complete tulpa? It seems interesting to me. Quite different from the logs here, and much longer than most. I thought there were atleast a handful of people here interested in studying this stuff. He says that this log is started from 20-30 hours in. Also as I mentioned above he was posting in tulpa threads atleast as far back as the beginning of April, and the log starts in June Actually just noticed something, supposedly all the way back in April he was 175 hours in somehow. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/33926727/4chan-archive/arc21.html ctl+F Raina
  6. So nobody is talking about this over here yet? Methos + Raina http://pastebin.com/jsGVV1eb also http://boards.4chan.org/mlp/res/4415355
  7. You missed where he said the only people who cant make tulpas are retarded or brain damaged? What I was getting at there was to point out the incongruities between his progress, and the idea that no normal person who is really trying could fail. And him. And I dont disagree with you guys. Again I was questioning his beliefs that any normal person can do this. What exactly are his assertions based on? First person reports, from people who he thinks are lying. A quick google search gives me varying heights for the average nfl player ranging from 6'1" to 6'4". Split the difference and thats not much taller than the average height for an american male. The nfl star also wasnt born 250lb, he got that way by hard work. So follow me here. If, growing up, you worked and trained exactly as hard as any given 5'10" football star did, you probably still would never become one. So what makes you think the exact same thing isnt true for tulpas? What makes you think that if you and a random 'normal' guy' both dropped everything and tupla forced, narrated, and believed in the exact same way, that its impossible for one of you to fail and one to succeed? The only 'evidence' you have that tulpa forcing works for everybody is that most of the people here say it worked for them. The same people you say are 80% liars. Yeah. He said that essentially any non retarded person will succeed with enough time. I am saying there is no real evidence to back that up and based on many other human activities there is a high probability that failure is most likely entirely possible. Should is exactly the sort of qualifier you should have used to begin with. And you and many others, make assumptions and leaps of logic and post them as fact. Again, based on a few months of reports, of people who you dont know, and dont trust. Where did you get the idea that the IQ lower limit is 70? Gut feeling, or maybe just hyperbole posted as if you were an expert listing off well known facts. I agree with this. Nothing I posted has anything to do with the abilities of the tulpa themselves. And thats all my response is. Based on their hearts belief that "Yeah We Can Do It!" every person responding says dont worry failure is only possible if you just dont try hard enough.(or happen to be retarded) I say, maybe you can fail. Maybe Ive been in the process of failing for a long time now, and maybe you too.
  8. I dont think Ive ever seen so many experts with so few years of experience. Funny how 99% of the forum had never heard of thought forms 7 months ago and now we know everything. Interesting theory. I bet I know where you pulled your 'facts' from. I wonder what your tulpa has to say about it? Looking at the slowpokes thread, would you say they mentally retarded or simply brain damaged? Maybe lazy or not just believing hard enough? Dont you openly believe that something like 80% of the forum are lying about their tulpa? I dont know if any one can do this, but I have doubts. Do you guys believe that any person can become any amazing surgeon or an nlf star just by believing hard enough and trying super hard? Some people arent capable of some things, why would this be different from anything else
  9. The problem with threads like these is that the details necessary to make most of the situations happen would completely change how your tulpa or Anyone else would react You cant figure out what your tulpa would do if they were late to school without first your tulpa somehow having a body Were they born like the rest of us? Whats their family story and situation? Did they get downloaded into a robot? How did they get enrolled in school? How do you fit into this universe etc And every answer spirals into a thousand more questions change the entire scenario
  10. People think that you can split your consciousness into 7 unique people (6 little girls) People think that a being living in your mind can fly to outer space and that outer space is less interdasting then your room at moms house Are Jakes stories that bananas:cool: