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  1. To begin with, I've started creating my tulpa about half a year ago (had a monthly break in the middle). We can't talk yet, except some spontaneous LDs and her random single words, but I can visualize vividly at all times. Today, during forcing, I remembered this excercise where you symbolically transfer your energy to your tulpa to help it grow, and that's what i did. I was fully relaxed to the point where the feeling of your body starts to fade, but I'm 100% sure I was fully awake. I held her hands and imagined my energy flowing into her entire body. After about 15 minutes of doing so, I saw her silhouette. I mean, not in my mind's eye, but on my eyelids. It was like dark and kind of light at the same time, it's hard to describe. I concentrated on it and her facial features began to show. And that's when I physically felt her hands holding mine. I was shocked and really didn't believe this could happen, and asked her for confirmation. She squeezed my hands and then started moving her fingers independently, and I could feel each separate finger. Now, I've never practiced imposing, I haven't really even read any guide on how to do it at all. Could this be spontaneous imposition (well, partial and temporary)? Could it be my tulpa practicing imposition without my consent? Could this be caused by everyday extensive forcing including visualizing and 'touching' tulpa's body? Thanks!
  2. I guess this is actually preety common from what I read on this forum, and is related to your tulpa. I get this warm, fuzzy feeling in my chest whenever I think of mine or talk to her. It has started on day one and I keep feeling it almost everyday since. It could be her way of telling you she's there and listening to you. It can be really reassuring and comforting at times, I suggest you hold onto that :)
  3. Yeah, I guess leaving the physical world for the sake of forcing maybe could even lead to some mental ilnesses in the long run. I didn't think of the closet thing, it could be good. My bathroom is preety silenced tho, so I just put some blankets in the bathtub and lay there.
  4. I assume I'm capable of forcing for extended amounts of time. My tulpa is still in the early stages of developement (well, we can't even really talk yet), I also have a lot to learn and we don't spend much time together, that's why I thought it could be helpful. I was thinking of cutting out all the light and sounds from the outside world and dedicating the whole day to what's in my mind, thought it'd be really hard to do in practice now that I think of it. I'm basically asking because I remembered back when i learned about tulpas few years ago and it was quite a popular statement on the Polish equivalent of this forum that forcing for over 3 hours at a time can be dangerous/ harmful.
  5. Hi! I haven't been active here for a while, but I'm back! What I wanted to ask you is, has anyone tried to actively force for a whole day? I mean, like 10 hours non-stop (maybe a break for toilet and a snack). What (what do you think) the consequences would be? Mental exhaustion and headaches for sure, but maybe a boost for you and your tulpa, since you'd spend so much time together in such a session? Would it be helpful or harmful to try it? What are your thoughts on this matter?
  6. Sooo, would you mind explaining how you enter someone else's wonderland, and how you check the validity of your experience, then? :)
  7. Thank you, Yakumo-san! :D I'll definitely try that out! What I did earlier today is I took a book and read one sentence at a time. I have asked Enya to repeat it a few times with me, and then keep repeating on her own. After a few repetitions, we would move to the next sentence. At some point, she has told me something about Africa. I didn't know what the hell she would mean, so I just laughed a little. But then, moving on with our excercise, I realised she just said the second part of the next sentence (and I didn't even conciously look at it). Needless to say, I was stunned. She's amazing I mean wow xD Today's active forcing amount: 1 hour 30 minutes
  8. My dear Forum, I am in need of your advice! Enya and I have been doing the counting excercise to help her become vocal. I have asked her to count with me from 1 to 100 aloud, and started counting. When I reached 10, I started hearing her voice. She continued counting with me untill the end. Then, we took it a step further. We were counting together at the start, just to get her going, but from 10 we started counting by turns. She would say 11, me 12, she 13..... Now, her voice is getting a bit clearer and more distinct with every repetition of this excercise, but no matter how many times we do it, she won't answer the simplest question of mine afterwards. She's also able to repeat simple sentences after saying them a few times with me. What can I do to actually talk to her?
  9. Actually, whether it is or is not, it should work, as symbolism plays a huge role in the creation process. You just have to believe something works and it probably will. Also, I wish good luck to you and Eve! :)
  10. Today we have only been forcing for an hour, hovewer succeeding with interesting results. Also, I've received a very clear head pressure response just before the session. We have tried the number excercise (writing numbers from 1 to 100). At the first time, Enya was writing them, I was reading, and we got to 100 with no trouble. The second time doing this, I've realised I was hearing two voices. She was reading the numbers with me. So I have told her to continue reading and begun writing numbers myself. I have even done a test- I've skipped one number, and she fell for it, so it couldn't have been me. She was speaking in my mindvoice, but it was somehow distinct. I hope this will serve as a vocalization excercise for us. Today's active forcing amount: 1 hour 15 minutes
  11. This actually is perfectly normal and is caused by your brain reaching alpha/theta state :)
  12. I've tried using various doses several times and unfortunately none of them worked for me. But big thanks anyways!
  13. Today I has having a hard time forcing, and we haven't achieved much if anything, because I couldn't focus on Enya for the extended periods of time. It's the first time it has been so hard for me. How do you keep your focus when forcing? It's like I drank a big cup of black ground coffee right before our session and still fell asleep after half an hour. I've never had this problem and it's preety disappointing. halp Today's active forcing amount: 2 hours
  14. We have just finished a long forcing session. During it, Enya has gave me the feeling of peacefulness and stillness to a degree I could never achieve by meditation. By the end of the session she fell asleep, which was super cute xD Also, today for the first time Enya has actually answered a question I asked her. It was a one-word answer, but still a big step forward. Everything is perfectly fine. Today's active forcing amount: 2 hours 30 minutes
  15. I can fully agree with Lucas. After all, such an subjective subject needs a subjective approach. The only "right" way to do things is what works for you.