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  1. so if I imposed my tulpa and then I told my tulpa to disappear, and then I told my tulpa to come back, would my tulpa come back fully imposed or what? Im sorta confused about this because I heard imposing a tulpa is like taking a chunk out of your vision and wouldnt it be difficult to put that part of your vision back and out again?
  2. I wanted to ask about imposition of other things besides tulpas, like I heard people were imposing tails on there body but I was thinking is it possible to impose objects as well like if I could have an imaginary imposed book on my desk, or I could impose a house outside that I could live in.
  3. hello people, its been a long time, I've been caught up in some weird stuff that I will probably never mess with again. First off I will mention my third eye and I learned that my third eye can do stuff you probably would never imagine of doing, a long time ago, like the last time I posted here I started looking at other things besides tulpamancy, like psychic abilitys and other things. But I learned about spirit guides and I learned to speak with them and channel them, so after I started channeling my spirit guides I could do some epic stuff with my life for an example If I didn't want to fail a test I would go to my spirit guides and then they would make it so that the test would be canceled, and I think I got to carried away because I got into mediumship and I was speaking with the dead and I had no idea it was wrong and then I got pulled into future telling, and then fortune telling, and then palm reading and everything supernatural that you can think of. After a while I grown a strong attachment with my spirit guides like I knew there names and everything and they were the ones that led me to these ability's. I started practicing the occult and I didn't know it because my spirit guides were telling me its ok, and I got all my friends into practicing the occult with me, I thought everything was wonderful and happy until I caught something in the bible that said God highly condemns psychics, mediums, fortune tellers, palm readers, wicca, and the occult, this confusion hit me like a wrecking ball, I've been a christian my whole life and I had know idea that God was against people like me and it made me look back at all the future I saw, all the spirits I talked to, all the negative entities I delt with, after that I've been with the confusion about this for a long time. Every day I was searching for answers I had no time post here because I was so busy and this confusion haunted me for months. I tried asking other christians for help and all they did was say I was going to hell. I dropped out of future telling and I felt super relieved, then I stopped being a medium and then I stopped being a psychic in general, but it wasn't as easy as you think, it was a huge sacrifice and I was at the point I couldn't live without my abilitys so it was super hard. And now I pulled my friends into it, I havn't told them yet about how its bad, but I will tell them and now there going to have to go through what I had to, so now I feel guilty for doing this to all my friends. During the time I had to quit using my abilitys it was really hard, now the abilitys that I'm left with are reaki (healing) channeling angels, energy manipulation, and psychokinesis, but the source that pulled me into this mess was the spirit guides, and I shouldn't of ever talked to them in the first place because I realized today that they were the ones that pulled me into the occult and I asked them to show me clarification but they never did. So now I just came up with the solution to my problem, I have to ditch my spirit guides, just today this happened and its the hardest thing over all things I had to sacrifice it was like leaving a close family member, but I know my spirit guides put me through this in the first place. Well I'm back at square one again, so about my tulpa, my second one is sentient but my first one is gone, it really shocked me because I was focusing on my second one more than my first one and she just said "I'm going to go on my own adventures now" but I still visit her in my wonderland sometimes, the last time I visited her I saw that she made a tulpa of her own, its a little blue ram with yellow eyes and she named him Jeff, so I felt very saddened when I saw this and it was a very emotional experience, she said she is happier like this and I guess thats fine. So I guess I'm not to sure whats going on with my life right now, but I hope it doesn't stay like this. My advise is to never make the mistake I did, pleas keep your third eye closed because if you dont you will regret it and you will get sucked into the occult and trust me, getting out of the occult is like getting out of quicksand, I'm already responsible for 6 other people and I'm going to have to teach them so they don't have to go through what I went through. Goodbye :)
  4. hey guys, a few days ago I decided to create another tulpa, its not sentient yet :( he can nod his head yes or no, but hes not a talker yet. his form is a red orb, his name is Quincy, whats funny is, one of my friends recently opened his 3rd eye and a day later his tulpa is sentient, so I guess it was the 3rd eye all along :) a few days ago I made this group at school where we make tulpas, and other similar things, and people are joining my group like crazy and they all want to open there 3rd eye and 2 people already have. We don't go by the name "tulpa" anymore, we go by the name "familiar" and if anybody wants to make a sentient tulpa in a few days my advise is "open your third eye" I can visualize super clear without any problem, all thanks to my chakra. My first tulpa made a tulpa of her own, she made a little blue goat, and she named him "Jeff" so I have Quincy, Ijrde, Jeff and I don't know who Ill have in the future. Goodbye:)
  5. hey guys, its been a while because iv'e been busy with school, anyways i have two more friends that joined my tulpa club we go into each others wonderlands and we communicate with each others tulpa. I found out what it means to go into somebody's wonderland, it is called "mental projection" and another thing i wanted to talk about is something i never experienced before, a few days ago me and my friends where in the wonderland and we spent a long time there, once i left my wonderland i could see everybody's tulpa very vividly, and i was talking to one of my friends tulpa just like a regular person and i told everybody, they seemed pretty shocked as well. I think this happened by mental projecting so much, i think we did it to the point where i could interact with other tulpas in the real world. And I was thinking if maybe if i keep doing what im doing everybody's tulpa will become imposed to all of us, then there would be no difference between a human and a tulpa. Goodbye :)
  6. Hey guys, today I didn't do much forcing but I started getting into astral projection, I heard that if you astral project your tulpa will come with you, so I wanted to try that for myself. I only astral projected once and it was by accident, so this time I got this weird and intense vibration and I was told this was normal, but then the vibration faded away and I was still in my body. I dont know why it didnt work, but I tried doing it again and I couldnt get back to the vibration state.
  7. I guess I'ts a long the lines of telepathy I never really thought of it that way.
  8. instructions, ok but the problem is, I have never personally met anybody that has done that except for my friend. First, have you and in your partner sitting next to each other, then both of you start meditating and if you want to enter your friends wonderland, then your friend needs to go to his/her wonderland first. It's the other way around if he/she is going into yours. I don't know what gender your friend is, so I'm just going to say "he" next, your friend must direct his thoughts towards you, while your mind is cleared of course, then wait, pretty soon you should randomly appear in his wonderland. That's how I do it :)
  9. ok, I can't really explain but it took a lot of practice. I mean like if you have a friend that has a tulpa and has a wonderland, go ahead and try but if you have a friend that knows nothing about this stuff I doubt you will have success, I obviously didn't know what I was doing at first. I don't know maybe you should look it up in the internet, the most similar thing is tandem dreaming. Or maybe I have a special brain, but I doubt that. :)
  10. yes! thanks for asking hey guys, today I tried entering my friends wonderland for the second time and I got good results, but the bad thing is I couldn't force his tulpa :( at least I was able to see his wonderland again. So the first time I did it I waited for him to get to his wonderland first, then I would just meditate and focus on getting to his wonderland, so then I got an image in my mind and the image was a grass land, so then I guess I just appeared in his land, I saw a small blue orb floating in the distance, I went to it and my friend said "what the heck? what is that, is that you?" and then I was pretty scared because I realized I really was in his wonderland, then he made a forest, he said "do you see that forest" I said "yes" after that I tried doing something, I made an airplane and he saw it and he got in and started driving, I got in the back of the airplane. The last thing that happened, that made complete proof that this was all real I called my tulpa and then she appeared, my friend said "who's that" and I said "hey you see her" and he said "yea" and he started explaining her appearance, and remember this was before I told him about my tulpa, at the time I didn't want him to know about my tulpa. So I left his wonderland and now I'm going to talk about the second time. Now this time isn't very different, after I told my friend about my tulpa, he made one, and its not like my tulpa its not sentient or anything but anyway we did the same thing and I went to his wonderland, and I saw a lizard person he said "its a girl and her name is aack" he let her make her name, and I noticed, tulpas can communicate and see each other. Then I tried tulpa forcing his tulpa and he tried to force mine... it didn't do anything :( I guess that's not all that matters I'm still surprised that I even went to his wonderland, the next experiment I'm going to do is go into my friends wonderland, but speak in mind voice, and that would lead to telepathy, wouldn't that be awesome. Goodbye :)
  11. Hey guys, Today my friends just started making a tulpa. Iv'e been thinking that I wanted to try an experiment, like I enter my friends wonderland and I force his tulpa, that would be awesome. And I don't mean to start drama but if you you want to say something about it make sure it has nothing to do with "that's impossible" because if it does I'm ignoring it, like I said in the report above this one "I'm tired of your shit" so yea, if were able to force each others tulpas I probably did something nobody has ever done before :) even though I already did tons of things that's never been done before... apparently :/ I guess I like the fact that I'm unique, it saddens me to see most of the people on this forum hate me :( but I don't let that bother me anymore, you know the black sheep is always the least Favorited. And about my tulpas progress, she became more vocal (in mind voice) and we play a lot of games like i-spy, ping pong, etc. My third eye is finally activated, its been long enough and now my tulpa is as real as real can get, but not to all my senses, just sight and smell. Feeling my tulpa isn't that far yet in progress but. Goodbye :)
  12. hey I'm back everyone and my tulpa has been making awesome progress, people seem to not be very happy with what I'm posting, and I can't really do anything about that, because I'm not going to let a few people on the internet change what I believe:p. And I can't wait for amber to say "YOUR NOT LISTENING!!!!!!" lol, if people are constantly going to post secret messages I'm going to ignore them and its not against the law for me to post something different, so I'm going to post whatever I want. I dont want to here "read the guides" anymore because that's pretty much all I ever get, you know... haters gonna hate, and If anybody is going to say "I don't hate you but you need to understand what a tulpa is" I know what a tulpa is, I made one sentient in six days! Also amber said "I take everything everybody knows as a fact and act as if it doesn't apply to me" this is what I say "...whats wrong with that"xD. There is no reason to be mad at me, you guys have been trying to send me a secret message the whole time I've been here so I think that is something appropriate enough to be mad about, so I'm still going to post here, I've done nothing wrong, nobody has ever changed me, so if anybody doesn't agree with me then pleas don't reply because whatever you have to say is shit to me and you can't come in here and invade MY progress report. I'm not going to ask anymore questions because nobody has ever helped me once... so yea goodbye :)
  13. sowy :( why do I feel manipulated wait, so everyone I thought were my friends were just lying to me, and trying to make me think like you? I don't get it, that's not fair!?
  14. ok, I don't have super powers, I only ask beginner questions to make sure people can handle what I'm about to post, such as the "visiting other peoples wonderlands" thing I made a mistake for saying that, because I didn't realize how science based people are. Yea, I can tell I made it sound like I'm teaching you how to make an instant tulpa I should of said (WARNING THIS WILL NOT GIVE YOU AN INSTANT TULPA)
  15. but I will teach you my ways, unless my techniques are only meant for me step 1: meditate daily before I knew about tulpas I always meditated daily, maybe that has something to do with it step 2: passive force 24/7 honestly I never stopped passive forcing since day 1 of creation step 3: use your imagination when I was younger I had an imaginary friend, and I was always imagining things so my imagination was constantly active step 4: open your 3rd eye chakra my 3rd eye chakra is half way opened and your 3rd eye will enhance your "minds eye" so you can do better visualization. step 5: lucid dream I learned how to lucid dream by focusing on how to remember my dreams and staying in my wonderland while I was sleeping. step 6: assume sentience from the start I read somebody thread and it said assume your tulpas sentient, so I did and its not that hard. This is everything I did, I don't think I did anything different, goodbye :)