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  1. So I searched the forum and couldn't find much that helps me, I have literally no idea where to even begin meditation. I also have a god awful minds eye. I can't create a wonderland, nor visualize my tulpa with ease. When I close my eyes to picture something, all I see is a dim, blurry image with dark colors, and that's only for a Max time of 15-20 seconds. I loosely participated in this community a few years ago, but couldn't get past this. After finding it again and realizing how bad I want to make a tulpa, I figured asking the community could help. Anything will be appreciated, and I will do anything I have to to get over this hurdle
  2. So I have been working for over 50 hours, but I am curious, am I parroting? So I am not explicitly controlling her, but it also kinda feels like its coming from me. I asked and I got no response. I figured I'd ask, any advice? Also sometimes I just get silence when I ask, other times I'll get something back, as if I (or she) don't know how to respond for lack of knowledge
  3. So, as some may know, I've been working on my tulpa a lot as of late. Unfortunately, though, thinks have been busy and I haven't natrated/visualized my tulpa in a week or so. Do I need to restart or can I just continue where I was?
  4. So I have one if those brains that thoughts fly in and out of really quickly, and my minds eye is horrid (I can only see dim shapes, the can be complex but it's really dim) I don't want to skip this phase, but even when I get her pictured, a thought come up and takes it away. What do I do?
  5. Okay, so I know you're not supposed to make a Tulpa just for sex, but is it wrong to have it? I don't plan to but a close friend of mine did and I was curious. (Keep in mind, in this scenario the Tulpa agrees and is ok with it)
  6. So I work on the personality on my 45 min walk to school and I was curious as if that's as good as sitting down and forcing.