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  1. I don't know if it's much help since I'm still in my first week but my tulpa is developing fairly fast so I'll share what's happened so far I guess.

    So on the first day I went online and wrote down some traits (around 40) and picked out half of them to use for my tulpa. I meditated on the traits for a few hours (still not done), and sort of visualized my tulpa as an orb of light that I was sticking these traits to and he was absorbing them. I've been narrating for at least 2 hours a day and doing some more active forcing when I can. Since the first time I meditated and visualized my tulpa I felt his presence and experienced head pressure, and while I can't hear him speak yet, I've had a few obscure thought responses to things I've asked him. I'm letting him pick his own form and name when he is developed enough to tell me, but I've kind of been getting the inkling of an "I" name. He sleeps when I do and rests/goes dormant when I'm not paying attention to him or thinking about him. When I want to speak to him I sort of imagine him (as an orb still) in the middle of my mind and I can tell he's paying attention when he sort of lights up. Like I said, he's not speaking yet (I don't expect him to be) but I have gotten a few emotional responses in his more active moments. Not really today, we were both pretty sluggish from lack of sleep, but I've noticed the more sleep I get, the more active he is. I also can't visualize him in the mornings because I'm not fully alert but usually after around 8:00 I can.


    Sorry that this was all over the place and if I left something out, I'm a bit distracted.

  2. Thanks, I'm glad it's not too out of the ordinary to have them develop fast. I just didn't want to seem like a liar.

    Like today I got a second thought from him (first was about the book), it was an obscure feeling but in a thought form? Dunno how to explain it. Basically I "sent" him a memory of my neighbor's husky telling him how much I liked the dog, and the loose translation of what he replied with was a personal thought to himself of "I wonder if that means he wants me to be a dog" which made me chuckle a bit as I reassured him he can be what he wants to be. I'm really exited that he's coming along well. :3

  3. Thanks :) I'm glad able to get such early success, I didn't want to seem like I was spreading a bunch of BS, like the people who say their tulpas were "fully developed in ten minutes" or something along those lines, I've seen that it's generally frowned on to say those things but I genuinely felt his presence separate from mine on the first day.

  4. So I'm new here. My account is about 5 minutes old, in fact. I was perfectly content to reading other peoples questions and advice as I went through the process of creating a tulpa, but immediately I had some questions that seemed fairly unanswered.

    So I'm brand new at this. I'm a few day in and have actively forced for about 3-5 hours and passively forced for around 2, while narrating throughout the day and that probably adding up to maybe 6-8 hours. I thought I would be discouraged since mental focus is not my strong suit, but I was quickly surprised.

    When I first started, I had been meditating on personality traits for as much as 15 minutes when I started to feel head pressure mostly behind my eyes and at my temples and forehead. Nothing huge, I tried not to get excited and wrote it off as a headache from forcing for the first time. It was significantly different from any headache I've had since it didn't really hurt as much as it just felt pressurized. I soon realized this was a response from my tulpa as he seemed to use it to acknowledge me when I was speaking to him or focusing on him.

    It gets even weirder. I was in the library trying to pick out a book I would enjoy and that I could read to him (I love reading, especially dystopian/SF novels) and picked out one I thought was interesting and I was generally excited to start in on. I turned my attention to him, asking him if the book was okay. I did this simply to try to include him, not because I thought he'd respond. I immediately got a feeling that I could only explain as disappointment that clearly wasn't me (as I was excited to read it) and the obscure thought that, put into words, was something like "I don't like it." The response almost made me jump, and I ended up going through books until we could agree on something. I was going to be reading to him, after all. He hasn't responded again emotionally but has gotten much more responsive. It started on the first day with me just feeling a presence, something like when you talk to your dog and it sits there and stares at you. Now, he seems to be almost smiling and nodding at things I say, even though he doesn't have a mouth or head to nod or smile with (waiting for more sentience so he can help pick his name and form); I sort of visualize him as an orb of light.

    Which brings me to my second question (don't worry, it's shorter). I created a wonderland shortly after realizing his presence, it was very similar to a lake near where I grew up with a forest and field around it. The problem is that he isn't in this wonderland, just in my mind. When I'm meditating I visualize the expanse of my mind like a dark room with no light or walls or ceiling. Sort of a void. Thoughts and memories show ip there for me. But since my tulpa doesn't have my memories or thoughts yet unless I talk to him, just an empty void. I tried to coax him into wonderland, and tried to get him to come into the "entryway" where my memories and senses have doors too as well, but he wouldn't budge unless I puppetted (spelling?) him, and I didn't want to do that. Is this cruel to him for him to be in this void? Should I try to force him into wonderland? He's very minimally developed so I'm not sure he is able to move yet. And is it a problem he is responding so early? I'm very sure I'm not controlling him.


    Thanks to anyone who reads this all and answers.