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  1. Krowy

    Stupid Jokes Thread

    (No need to be technical about aging of cheddar but I admire your knowledge on the matter.) A man walks into a bar. With a long winded sigh he sits and askes the barman for a point of Cider. The barman obliges and pours the drink and puts it in front of the man. While the barman took the money and turns around he noticed at the corner of his eye that the man put his lone index finger in the glass of cider followed with a depressing sigh. Weirded out he hold back "Not my problem what they do with it after payment" he muttered. After a few minuites a tap on the shoulder. It was the man again and he asks for another glass of cider. Glancing at the other full glass with the mans finger inserted in it he hesitated but done so and put it in front him as the man does the same but on the opposite hand with a dull dreary look. Other locals were getting weirded out and arising to leave. In fear of losing every local in the town he asks "Sir, excuse me but why do you have two finger in cider?" With a sigh and a moan the man said "I feel fairly down. I lost my job. I asked my sister and she said when ever she is down or depressed she sticks two fingers in cider. (*winks*)
  2. Well I am in a peculiar mood and have a dose of insomia so decided to stay up, drink Earl Gray and listen to opera. 030 (Believe me I am not weird just adorably eccentric) Rigoletto - La Donna E Mobile Gianni Schicchi - O Mio Babbino caro Carmen-Toredor March.
  3. Krowy

    Stupid Jokes Thread

    A man walks into a bar and sits down. A waiter stumbles over and asks " may I help you sir?" The man asks "Have any Trés vin ordinaire?" The waiter nods "Of course. May I recommend getting a plate full of cheddar also. The flavours of the wine and cheese dance upon ones tounge." The man turns and look serious. " I believe I can not. It would go against my very nature! I am aged like fine wine but I am hardly mature as Cheddar Cheese." *insert witty laugh here * (Oh my, I am proud of that one)