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  1. To everyone and the poster. Imposing is possible with ease of you had practice before. I've been imposing misc things for years now because as a kid I was one with an extra brought imagination that liked to pretend. Thing is I never stopped pretending and now I can do visualization related things with ease along with imposition. I started imposing two days ago and I'm already able to create visuals in my peripherals that I can sustain. However the issue that I have is consistency of your tulpas form. Because I can say from experience that imposing a visual is easy but it's consistency that is not. Like for instance your brains ability to sustain the dimensions of your tulpa when it turns. Three dimensional imposition like that requires a consistent understanding of form to serve its function making me skeptical. I'm assuming you haven't imposed smell or touch simply because those are the hardest things to impose. Those senses are out of the question for only 6 days but I can to some extent believe sight and hearing I would just slow down due to the form consistency issues presented to occur in the future. Anyway that's what I have to say and if it just sounds like a load of bs it probably is I'm pretty bad at expressing myself.
  2. I'm just gonna say right now that your posts are magical and please keep up the good work.
  3. Thanks for the info guys I'm finding your differing yet effective methods very interesting.
  4. Did you or anyone else ever experience a tulpa making noises in your head that sound like words and are fluid like words but are really just noises.
  5. So essentially I was wondering as to what the process is that your tulpa went through to develop and what it was like. I'm wondering this for everyone's first tulpa and not like the 8 or 9th one. So yea, if you guys could just sum up your experience and how your tulpa developed that'd be awesome.
  6. Hey this actualwatermelon. This seemed like a funky forum so I thought I'd check it out. I'd prolly seem like a complete weeb if I said I've had a "tulpa" the whole time and didn't figure out about it till earlier today but... I've had a tulpa the whole time and didn't learn about them until earlier today. Oh my god I thought it said disable similes to the side and I was like "Yea screw highschool engrish." I'm gonna post everything about my "tulpa" in the progress thread and copy everything that is said by him word for word. Or maybe I wont maybe I dont have a tulpa maybe I'm just delusional and really really wish I had one. Or maybe noooooooooooooot. Okay I've gotten too redundant.....