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  1. I'm currently talking to two of you in Skype right now and am planning to start this next week. I'm going to go ahead and open this up for everyone who wants hypnosis, whether or not you met my previous requirements. I'll just go ahead and screen out anyone if they have any qualities I'm not interested in. Skype is charles262good, hope to have some nice testimonials here in the next 30 days.
  2. What I had meant is that people hypnotize themselves constantly by telling themselves what they are and what's happening to them, forming a very strong association to what they're telling themselves, although none of that exists. Their beliefs are just thoughts and say nothing about the real situation. That is a state of trance. You are technically in a state of trance all the time, exhibiting different characteristics of it at all times, so yes.
  3. Yeah I live in Cali, so I'm PST. We can work it out on Skype, just contact me. I have work and school every day of the week, but school only takes up 2/3 hours a day so I have a lot of free time.
  4. Haha forgot to mention that. Most likely Skype. Audio works very well, if you have headphones and a comfortable place to lie down. I haven't begun to use video yet, but I may incorporate that into my service later.
  5. Hello users of My name is Renton and I'm offering free hypnosis sessions to the users of this forums. My interest in helping you guys sprouts from the fact that you are doing something truly amazing with your minds by creating new and different personalities and interacting with them in the outside world. This is extremely interesting to me and I'd like to get involved. I have a great skillset as a hypnotist that I'm sure would be of great benefit to you guys here, and in exchange I get to find out more about Tulpas and this rarely explored region of the human experience. Before I begin making this all inclusive and offer my services to anyone, I'd like to work with an initial 2/3 people to get familiar with the process of creating tulpas, strengthening connections, increasing your ability to visualize, etc. If you are interested in this service you must meet one or more of these requirements: You tried to create a Tulpa but never made much progress. This will give me a good idea of how a Tulpa is created from scratch or for the newbie. You have made a Tulpa before and are looking to make a new one. In this scenario I want to see if I can speed up the process of creating a Tulpa while keeping all the good traits as well. You are looking to deepen your connection with your Tulpa. I want to see just how far we can take the level of communication between you and your tulpa to. With my unique skillset and experience I can do a lot with the subconscious mind once under trance. These are the skills that I can provide anyone who wants to work with me: Make Tulpa creation faster: Using some relatively basic techniques I believe a tulpa can be created much faster and you can get the same results within a much shorter time frame. Increase and deepen the level of connection with a Tulpa: We can impose your Tulpa on physical reality, increase the strength of its voice, the amount of space it takes up in your mind and other things. Program your Tulpa with any traits, skills and behaviors that you would like. Give you the ability to self-hypnotize yourself which will allow you the ability to do many wonderful things for yourself. Along with what I mentioned above this service will give you the knowledge to understand your conscious and subconscious and get the best results from it, and my hypnosis sessions always include suggestions that leaves you in a state of profound relaxation and has you come out feeling more attractive, confident and in charge of your life. After our sessions are over, you can easily look back to this day and realize what a great choice you have made. My Skype name is Charles262Good. Even if you don't meet my requirements you can still contact me and we can discuss if there is anything I can do for you. FAQ Why are you offering this? I have free time between school and work and this is my hobby that I absolutely love, that has created profound change within myself and everyone I have worked with and that I want to offer to more people who are interested in it. I know my skills are good and that what I can do for you guys is valuable and I like what you're doing. That is why I'm offering this. Why would I trust some random guy on the internet with my mind or my tulpas? There is absolutely no reason for you to trust me, you don't know me. I'm sure that this won't dissuade people who want good results and are willing to take the risk, and as I get a few reviews of my services on here you can evaluate them for yourself and decide whether or not to trust me. I will not link to any names, websites, or locations that have my real life identity. Being hypnotized turns you into a zombie!/You will take advantage of me in hypnosis Both of these statements are wrong. Being hypnotized does not turn you into a zombie, you can be fully consciously aware of what's going on and still have the ability to decide on what you will do. I have no interest in taking advantage of anyone in trance, matter of fact it's nearly impossible. Your subconscious will reject absolutely everything I say to you that is against your best interests. I can't be hypnotized/hypnosis doesn't exist You are hypnotized right now. Are you completely aware of your body, your breathing and surroundings? When you drive a car, take a walk, or do any variety of daily things do you ever come back a few minutes later wondering "What the fuck happened to the time?" That is a state of trance. Your system of beliefs (this is good, this is bad, this is me, this is not me) are a state of trance. People as a rule are never fully aware of reality, we only have a map of reality which we live by. If you are willing to relax and follow simple instructions you will get profound results. How much time will this require? Anywhere from 20-40 minutes a session, although we can go longer as we work together. I have ___ issue that won't allow me to do ___ One thing I've learned from working with accomplished therapists, hypnotists and consultants is that people's problems are universal. One of my mentors who has done 40,000+ hours of therapy with hypnosis says his biggest challenge is to sit there and listen to people talk about their problems long enough so he can get them into trance and fix it.
  6. Hello everyone, my name is Renton (guess the anime lol) and I'm interested in Tulpas, although I don't plan on making one, I still think this forum is very interesting. I am learning hypnosis right now and am practicing with a few people in real life but would like to step up my game and get more experience working with you guys here, creating Tulpas, strengthening connections with your Tulpa, the voices, hallucinations, etc, etc. I can also do hypnosis work on issues like self confidence, anxiety, social skills, and many other things. If you're interested in my services please feel free to PM me and we can plan some time to work together.
  7. I'm actually learning hypnosis and am interested in this Tulpa phenomenon. I don't have a lot of knowledge about Tulpas and don't plan to make my own, but I would like to work with people on making their own Tulpas, or strengthening the connections with their Tulpas. Once I get you into trance I can install a simple process for you so you can access that trance state whenever you want, which could allow you to Tulpa force a lot faster/better, and do literally everything else. Like switching, or the voices you guys try to make, etc. Keep in mind that I am learning, practicing, getting better with my skills but if my services interest you feel free to shoot me a PM and lets work together sometime. Edit: Yes this is 120% free. I want to practice and get better.