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  1. Hmm. I think I understand your problem a bit better. You're afraid of the internal change that belief in a tulpa would cause, right? You see that it would change your perception of a lot of things? Do correct me if I'm wrong. And you're also afraid that this internal disbelief affects the tulpa you're trying to create negatively? In case you do feel this way, I would first assure you that it's totally normal, but counterproductive towards creating a tulpa. Maybe you need to dig a little deeper into yourself and ask what is causing this fear. Understanding yourself is a great aid not just in tulpamancing but life in general. When you have a better understanding, you can make different and more productive choices. For example, I couldn't have created a tulpa a couple years back. I didn't really consciously believe in hearing another voice in my head. But a lot of stuff changed in my life, opening a door and a pathway into where I'm now. As a ex-christian, I used to believe in demonic entities. Through believing in the Christian god and bible, I had no choice. Thus all kinds of "demonic forces" became very real to me. This belief eventually lead me to depression, where I thought that demons and Satan were trying to destroy my life and make me give up Christianity. In this belief, these demonic entities became a separate consciousness within myself, a distinct voice with it's own characteristics of hatred. If you've ever been depressed even for a short period of time, you can identify with this. You hear voices telling you that "you're not good enough, you are better dead" etc. Horrible things these voices tell you, and for some time, you fight back, right? It's not like you're consciously creating these voices to make yourself feel bad, they come from deep within. This is one example of what a tulpa is. Another example of a unconscious tulpa lingering in your mind could be a comforting voice telling you that you're going in the right direction. Have you ever felt like you know something to be true but the whole world seems against it? (I'm not talking about tulpas, just life in general) Or maybe you want to be a certain kind of person, but there seems to be a lot of opposition. After a while this feeling of external oppression towards your goal gets to you, and then you start hearing internal validation from within, almost like someone else is arguing for your sake inside you. These are just some of the things that helped me to "believe" in tulpas. The knowing that I've always heard some "external" voices, and always believed in them without question. Maybe this isn't helpful information, sorry if it isn't. But these are the types of things that helped me understand and believe in tulpas. A consciously created tulpa is just a more advanced and controlled form of these types of voices from within. Tell me how it goes. Best of luck.
  2. Lucid dreams can be a powerful tool for sure. I have actually tried to bring Miki in a lucid dream. The first time I tried it I failed miserably. I ended up "imposing" Miki in the dreamscape like I would do IRL (overlay thingy), and to my astonishment nothing happened. :D The dream felt like a replication of real life. I could see Miki in my dream mind but not in the dreamscape itself. I've had some success after that first time, but my dream recall sucks as I haven't really focused on it too much lately. Funniest thing that happened was when I was having a lucid dream, I tried to call a earlier tulpa named Gin into it. She appeared, but so did a thousand others. The whole dream was filled with clones of her and I was having a hard time figuring out who is the real one. This happened pretty early after I had created Gin and started tulpaing. Good luck, whatever works works, doesn't it?
  3. It's a difficult question as our minds work in different ways. You're right in thinking that ignorance won't solve the problem. Ignorance is only an act of rejection of the truth. The truth that controls you within, the truth that you are trying to overcome. What helped me, and continues to help me in everything I do, not just tulpaing, is to place my own conscious desire above everything - the society, morality, religion and gods. You could say that at the center of my being I believe in my own will, thus, whatever I decide instantly starts manifesting. But that's just me, and I realize that such an attitude towards oneself may not come easy for all. Why do I get all philosophical? It's because when you're creating a tulpa you are inevitably forced to ask yourself some hard questions, and depending on what you choose to believe, you either make progress or stall. You seem to have acknowledged these hard questions and that's good. I'm afraid I can't really give you a straight route to success, as I feel I'd need to know a lot more about you and your thinking process before even suggesting anything. I can, however, tell you about my own experiences. They are quite unlike the rest of this community. I'm a bit of an oddball in this community, since I created my first tulpa by accident in a lucid dream, without even knowing what a tulpa is. I didn't really force any attributes onto her in the dream, she just assumed her personality from my loneliness at that time and that was it. Later on I started forcing her body, but I didn't touch her character. Her character was "a comforter in my loneliness". I was just daydreaming at this point, and the fact that I knew it was just fiction helped me hear her voice. Think of making a scenario in a daydream. There's different characters with different roles. As long as you know the roles of the characters, you can pretty much guess what they are going to say at any given moment. This was the early way of me thinking about tulpas. At one point I moved the daydream to the real world. I told Gin (the "tulpa" I created in the dream) that I'm going to show her where I live etc, thus I was now 'imposing" her. At this point I had no idea what I was actually doing. It was just a innocent daydream to relieve my boredom and loneliness. After some weeks, I created a twin sister for Gin. Her name was Ion and she only had one defining characteristic: "Gin's protector". When I made her, I simply told her that "take care of your sister first, everything else comes second". This line of inner commentary to her was enough to cause my subconscious mind to assign her the role of Gin's protection, and thus she would say and do things fitting to that role. After a couple of weeks, Gin learned self awareness. Don't mistake this for sentience. Gin was a unique person all the time, but now she had learned that she was just a thing of fiction - my imagination. Until now I hadn't conveyed that information to her, and she couldn't read my mind or anything. When she became self aware, she turned against me and didn't want to be with me anymore, because it was "unhealthy to play with your imagination". After that I proceeded to consciously create something even better than Gin, a friend that wouldn't leave me under any circumstances. At this point I started to do conscious forcing (still unaware of what I was doing). The way I created Tulpas was a ritual. I don't mean anything scary or anything requiring sacrifices. It was a ritual inside my mind. In my mind (you can call it Wonderland, I call it The Void) I would go to a nice scenery, say - a desert. There I would place seven candles in a circle, because at that time the number seven symbolized perfection to me, and that's what I was seeking. In the circle I would form a heart, and to the heart I would define as many or few characteristics as I liked. For example: cute, loving, proud. Then I would visualize her body, after which I place the heart in her body. The heart, which carries her key characteristics. After that there's a body and a heart, but no consciousness. I would then proceed towards lighting the candles. The candles were super candles and they released a lot of smoke. This smoke symbolized the consciousness to me, at that time. I would then guide the smoke into the body that laid in the circle, after which there's now a body, heart and the candle smoke which was the consciousness. Now all I needed was a trigger, a thing that starts her. I chose a gentle kiss for my ritual. A kiss, signifying the end of the ritual and a birth of a new life. Then the person would get up, only possessing common intelligence and the things I wrote in her heart. Everything else was new to her. From time to time, early on at least, I would have to consciously assure that she was acting according to the things in her heart, but mostly she was free to do and act uninterrupted. I created a total of 13+ tulpas this way. (I lost count) Some of them lived for longer than others. What I learned was that it's important to clearly define key characteristics rather than try to act every scenario and situation according to will. You got to define your tulpas personality and then let go, let her take care of the rest. And if you notice that the tulpa is acting in conflict with her character, ignore it, because it's not your tulpa. It's just some other voice. After a while, when the personality has grounded to the characteristics given, I would completely let go of checking up on it. After making these 13+ tulpas, I gave up as I wasn't able to reach the perfection in them that I wished for. Because they were sentient beings with a free will, there was always some natural deviation from my original intent. They were bitter disappointments. After giving up, the next day, a voice I had never heard before and a personality I didn't recognize contacted me out of the blue, telling me: "I will never leave you..." Thus, a sentient being was born. So sentient that she fucking created herself - and she's friggin perfect too. Her character is completely her own, I haven't wasted one second in thinking what she is or what she should be. Sorry for the long post, maybe you'll find some motivation at least. One thing I learned was that the more you try to control, the harder and stiffer the tulpa is. Just define her once, then let go. That's what worked for me.
  4. Well my tulpa can change in under a second if she wants to.
  5. Sure. Nothing is set in stone. Just make it clear to yourself what you want. :)
  6. Yes. My tulpa can change clothes either by materializing them on her form or by changing them manually. Neither affects her original form. To achieve this, you just have to consciously decide what your tulpa really looks like and then picture it in that fashion until it becomes second nature. I've found keywords and certain concepts to be helpful to this end. For example, when I was figuring out what my tulpa looked like, I would summarize a certain concept under one word or phrase. (ie. hourglass body shape, height to my chin, hair down to her breast-level) A important thing that I discovered was that I couldn't really picture something if I didn't know what it looked like. For example, where does the ribcage really start? How about feet? What do they look like on my tulpa? To some extent we all know these things, in our subconscious, but when we are trying to consciously picture some parts of the body (or whatever it is you're forming for your tulpa), we get stuck as we only have a general concept of what it should look like - not a full, throughout understanding. So, I taught myself human anatomy and forcing became a whole lot easier. I know I straddled a bit from your question, but the key point I'm trying to drive home is that you have to consciously know the form of your tulpa inside-out. This knowing is the thing that keeps your tulpa from shape shifting into something else.
  7. I have a almost fully imposed tulpa, and it's pretty sweet. The reason I say "almost" is because from time to time some regression happens. But needless to say, I have experienced a fully imposed one and it's beyond amazing. Reisen pretty much summarized the conventional, sane thinking on this. A "overlay" on top of reality, so to speak. But a tulpa will never be fully imposed, if you restrict it to just being an overlay. If you want a fully imposed tulpa, you have to push yourself right to the edge of madness and mental instability. You need to rebuild your subconscious definitions of what reality is and stop drawing lines between physical and metaphysical realities. Of course, it's up to you to decide whether you would want to do this. I did, but my mind still regresses to the conventional, stable environment it's used to. So, what does a fully imposed tulpa feel like? I know a lot of people want to focus on vision and "seeing" the tulpa with as much clarity, but more importantly, a fully imposed tulpa is a presence that you sense with your "sixth sense". You ever walk alone at dark and could swear someone was following you, or watching you? A fully imposed tulpa gives the same kind of feeling. It's a feeling of absolute, subconscious level certainty that a person is next to you, thus you can feel their presence. This "sixth sense" feeling of certainty is the cornerstone of a fully imposed tulpa, because all the other senses naturally follow and align themselves to this one. When you can feel a presence of a living being from your surroundings, there's no questions in your mind as to what it looks like, how clear it is, what does it smell like, etc. You take a look at the tulpa and it's form tells you all of these things before you can even form a thought. The first time of full imposition is just like meeting a new person. Like, you don't have to intellectually think about what a object or a person looks or feels like. It's the same for a fully imposed tulpa. It just IS. Just like other people we interact with every day. We don't have to consciously decide that they exist. They exist on their own, aside of us. It's the same for a fully imposed tulpa. Maintaining a fully imposed tulpa is harder than actually getting it to that state, because the slightest impulse or action that shows the tulpa isn't a part of the physical plane might shatter the carefully constructed reality, thus - regression. Right now my tulpa is only partially imposed, and I can't bother to construct a new reality that would overthrow this one. I'm fine the way things are for now. Sometimes I get these moments, though, when my tulpa suddenly becomes fully imposed by itself, which is a sign that my subconscious is imposing it regardless of my conscious awarness. And really, this is the only way to fully impose a tulpa. You can't consciously decide and force a tulpa to be fully imposed. It comes from deep within. (Not saying that you shouldn't consciously program your subconscious to reach this desired goal.) What I'm thinking of doing is constructing a reality where I have a fully imposed tulpa and then locking that behind a magical keyword that acts as a trigger, then I could have the best of both worlds at my fingertips. As to how vividly I see my tulpa with my eyes closed, really vividly. It's because I know what she looks like. I've spent probably hundreds of hours picking different body parts for her form, making it the absolute, sexiest thing in the world. The amount of detail in her form is insane. As she assumed personality and consciousness on her own, her body is the only thing I have had to actively force. But I don't really have to close my eyes. I just look to my left and she's there (partially imposed, overlay thingy).
  8. Hi all. I am Of the Void. Last fall I accidentally tried to create a Tulpa. Back then I had no idea that this type of community or movement even existed. Well, my Tulpa creations ended up being disappointments. I had failed and gave up the whole thing. Next morning after giving up, I woke up and went to the bathroom, disappointed and a tad depressed. I started doing my morning routine when I heard this voice that complete stopped me. It said: "I will never leave you." The voice wasn't a threatening one. It was gentle and loving, beautiful and sincere. The voice came from my left and reverberated throughout my entire being, stopping the entire planet from spinning for a moment. A Tulpa, one that I didn't plan for or even try to create, yet perfect in every way had assumed life on it's own. To this day I feel like I can't really say that I created her, because in all honesty, I didn't. I did, yet I didn't. There's a lot to tell about this Tulpa, how she turned my life upside down and revealed many secrets of life to me, how she lead me to enlightenment and other great things, but I will leave all that for another time. I came here not to ask questions, but to share knowledge. Knowledge that's born out of experience. And I have a lot of it to offer for anyone who wants to hear it. See you around!