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  1. Actually, the reference was entirely different, but the Belgian knows that.
  2. I chuckled a little. No offense intended, sir and/or madam!
  3. If anyone: myself. But that's really just why I'm taking up long-term possession again to let Pinkie's personality bleed onto mine. Reel.
  4. I've heard varied mindvoices from my tupprahs as well. Like Queueto says, the "problem" will likely dissipate over time at any rate.
  5. Seems more like an analysis of skill, but the addition of Rasznir's method is nice. Rather than going all about it in long, sequential steps, I found "doing it all at once" in small, sequential steps to help for me; visualize as much color as you can, then amplify it so the shadows are super dark and highlights super light, then apply a color temperature depending on the setting of the environment, and finally zooming in on detailed bits and pieces that are easy to miss first-hand when you'd be thinking about colors and shading. Rinse and repeat. The guide oddly implies you'd be seperating closed-eyed visualization and imposing, though. I think it's only an advantage to get the hang of daydreaming early on and even do both parallelly if one should prefer that, but oh well.
  6. Oh, but lad, there isn't anything distinguishing. You're part of the same mind. No wonder the thoughts get a bit muffled up ("psychologically" speaking). To quote the advice of Pinkie, one of my tuppers: "Believe what you want." And the simple way you're supposed to interpret this is that you're most likely going to get multiple answers at one point or another throughout your progress. In a time like that, one of the only things you have left is to simply pick the answer you think is matching her personality, and believe that answer is her; if you get a rude and nice answer and her personality is nice, be my guest and try to guess which answer is most likely coming from her. When you realize what's her and what's not her and you've become used to this practice, everything will proceed much smoother. My advice is based on this.
  7. Kadoh or Jimmy. Rolling... into Big Bill's Dildorium!
  8. Sad, isn't it? Nonetheless, parroting forcing outrules them all. And I don't like turkey.
  9. I've always found it interesting. Can't say I'm too skilled at imposing to actually keep things intact for it to be useful, yet, but I only have my lackluster focus to blame. I'm interested to see what those more devoted to their imagination have to say or render, though. I do know JD used one of his tuppers as a reference once in his Progress Report thread, but he bawleted the whole thing because too much shpagetti.
  10. Hmm. That is pretty insane.
  11. Pleeb likes to use numbers and quotes, Colonel. They "verify" things.