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  1. Hey guys. I'm Leon. At school we talked about a mental construction which is called 'memory palace' (for the ones who don't know what it is, it's like a palace with rooms where you find objects which should remind you on things you don't want to forget). I watched 'Sherlock' where this was mentioned too. So I was interested in this phenomenon and searched it at the web. Well, I learned many things about it. On a german website (I am from germany so there might be grammar mistakes in my posts and so on) I read that you can place a thing named 'tulpa' in your personal memory palace. It could have different tasks, like being a secretary or whatever. The thing that really made me thinking about it was that f you train it the tulpa should talk to you by itself. So I started to 'google' it (don't know if any english speaking person would say that). And well, here I am, trying to create a tulpa. Not to use it as a secretary in my 'memory palace' but being like a good friend and a person who makes may day dreams much more comfortable. I have several questions, but try to find the answers in already existing threads first. See you haha