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  1. After a long... dry spell?... I kind of gave up... but now April is back with me and we're making progress again. So yeah, once again I'm just stopping by to let you guys know that neither of us are dead. :P Too bad 9/10 people who actually remember us are prolly gone. :/
  2. Yeah, I know that it's fizzy and delicious, and if you let it sit out til it goes flat then it's good for a sour stomach. :D Oh, and I see you gave Phillip a play mate. Cool beans yo.
  3. Hmm...I thought you said "epinephrine" instead of "ephedrine." Ephedrine, if I remember correctly, is rather dangerous. And if you're taking it for weight loss, I wouldn't recommend it. 1. Because you don't need anything for weight loss besides some determination and willpower to exercise and eat right, and for 2. because if you're going to take drugs to lose weight there are better (more fun) alternatives. Like coke. :)
  4. Sorry about that, I wasn't exactly sober when I wrote that, so orgive me for not including a disclaimer. You're correct, opiates are potentially addictive. Well, they're very addictive actually. So are a lot of drugs, except weed and most hallucinogens. For the most part, I would recommend that no one reading this actually try any of the stuff we're talking about, ever. If you do anyways well then you do so at your own peril and all that.
  5. Well I see Lucid has a new avatar....creepy as hell as per usual. I've tried a bunch of new things since I've been gone, haven't really attempted to tulpa while on any of them though, but April and I haven't been together much these past few months. We're getting back to normal now though, kinda. Anyway, just throwing it out there....roxy 30's are awesome.
  6. Hey guys, just letting you know I haven't died or anything, I just got Skyrim like a month ago and well....shit happens. We're both doing ok I suppose, although not much progress has been made...but hey, we're here at least. Cheerio old chaps.
  7. A: Probably somewhere around 18. Alot of people here are under 18, but there ones who aren't are usually only 20-21. I don't have an exact estimate on the amount of 30 something neckbeards in here though, so I'm sure that data would change my estimated average significantly. Q: For the people who have ever used a racial slur on the internet or with friends, have you ever actually said anything racist to anyone of that race? Damn, took me wayy too long to post that ha. Well I'm gonna leave it here anyway.
  8. Not really. Xanax will bring you down from trips, but it takes probably close to an hour. That doesn't really count of snapping out of it if you needed to suddenly be sober. At least it took awhile for it to work when I started getting panicky on 2c-i. But even if it doesn't work as well with 2c-i, still any pill you take is probably going to take at least 30 minutes to kick in.
  9. Pretty realistic, things look like they should, gravity is mostly in effect. Except for flying around like superman. We do that sometimes.
  10. Read my post that's like, two above yours. Waste of time. Good advice. There is pretty much no drug that you can just "snap out of" while in the middle of tripping/rolling. Once you're high, you're high. There is no off switch.
  11. Tulpa are a part of your mind, so yea, they are pretty much savvy to anything going on in your mind. I believe people have tried to block their tulpae from reading their thoughts before, with about a 50/50 success rate. Personally though, I don't keep anything from April, I pretty much give her free rein of my brain if she wants. She is me and I am her, so what's the point in keeping secrets? Although I don't really know for sure whether or not she has done so, her not being entirely, reliably vocal yet. But I think she has, she has randomly replied to things I've been thinking about before. I think.
  12. I bought like ten grams of Noopept. Took it for two weeks, about 40mg or whatever a day, even mega-dosed with 100+mg at a time, and it did relatively nothing for me. Waste of money. Mega dosing did illicit some effects though, nothing really helpful for forcing, but it altered my perception ever so slightly, to where everything I saw seemed a bit more crisp and I was in a pretty good mood. But taking it regularly made me really tired most of the time. So ya, all in all, not worth the money.
  13. Weird. I've kinda sorta maybe had them affect me a little bit, when I first tried them and thought they were supposed to illicit -some- sort of response. But nothing. It's just sound to help block out my dogs' snoring.
  14. dafuq do tones have to do with drugs? ....people. Anyway, I've had large success with marijuana being helpful for forcing on a couple of occasions, such as hearing her talk a few times. I think. It might just be the pot.
  15. Alright, I'm back. Ten days without power. Bleh. Oh yeah, April talks a bit now. :cool: