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  1. That sounds incredible, I hope i get there eventually. What did you do to impose her so well?
  2. Ok I will make those changes, I am typing on a tablet so its a pain. As far as step 3 being optional, that I don't agree with. The only reason it's something new at all is the novel combination of pranayama and the tulpa being present. This excercise is basicallywhat has worked the best for me, it tends to work better for me than other types of forcing for increasing Eve's physical imposition and presence. Without that step, there really is no technique. It's neither just forcing or just meditation on my opinion. As it involves your tulpa being present. With that in mind, I will put some edits down regarding the fact that you can be in your wonderland for the exercise. it's meant to be the breathe because it's referring to that breathe occurring in a singular moment. That one I will keep like that, even if it's grammatically wonky it gets the intention across better.
  3. Edited once more, got a bit more specific about the meditation. Though I feel like basic Pranayama is simply focusing on sensation of breathe, it can get more complicated certainly, but I do not feel that it has to be.
  4. Fixed the grammar. Will it get approved you think?
  5. This is a submission to tips and tricks. Intro: Forcing can be difficult, we all want to make our tulpa(s) a little more vivid each and every day. I , like many others have had problems sustaining consistent progress. I unfortunately, have adhd , and even though eve is very much "there" when I focus on her, I find it difficult to begin focusing on her in the first place. To work on this i try to keep a meditation regiment, and when I manage it the benefits are tremendous. This lead to a realization, I needed to figure out a way I could work on Eve while meditating. Specifically i wanted to gain the capacity to focus better while increasing Eva's presence. Thus, this exercise was created to fill these ever present needs. The Technique: Step 1. Lay down, or sit somewhere comfortable. Some people fret about posture and suggest you sit with your palms straightened, and utilize the mudras(body positions) and asanas(hand positions) of yoga. I think such things are optional, but can be beneficial, they are more something to look into once you are already a frequent meditator. I find I just like to be comfortable yet not tired, so I lay/sit how I feel and don't perform this technique while I'm tired, unless I'm ok with possibly doing more sleeping than practicing. Step 2. Once comfy, but alert you are ready to begin the Pranayama (prana=breathe/life force yama=control). Don't fret the fancy title, its simple when you get down to it. Breathe slowly (but at a comfortable pace you can sustain) in through your nose. Make sure to breathe with your stomach/diaphragm, let your lungs expand and get as much air as they comfortably can. Then breathe out through your mouth, and repeat. Focus on the sensation of this breathe the air coming in and out, let your breathe and the sensations of it be the focus object. Continue until breathe slows down and you begin feeling calm and focused. Step 3. Keep meditating, by now you should be in the zone and peaceful. If distracting thoughts are preventing this, so not fret, simply pay them no need and continue focusing on the breathe. Without stopping what you are doing as described in step 2 (as much as possible at least), visualize your tulpa laying/sitting in front of you. Picture that air you are breathing as blue energy( or any colour you feel appropriate), this symbolizes your life energy. You can believe whatever you want about it(purely symbolic, representative of a mental conception, metaphysical), but that is what it is intended to represent. Now have your tulpa get close and as you exhale it, see them inhale the coloured energy through their nose. Then as you inhale imagine that they are exhaling this energy and you are breathing it back in. This should mentally look like a loop, like you are circulating the same "energy" through each others respiratory systems. One breathes out while the other breathes in. Continue for as long as desired. Cuddling and affection is fine here, but keep the breathing the main focus for optimal results. You want to continue entering that tranquil focused state as the session goes on. I find this technique allows me to meditate effectively while also strengthening Eva's presence and vividness, and to get a little visualization practice in on the side. To me, the symbology represents the sharing of life that the host offers to their tulpa, through their directing of mental energy to the tulpa.
  6. Day 28: Thanks, it'll check out your progress report soon too. Yesterday was not productive in the least :(. Today just started due to my weird schedule and I got some done already though, so we will see. This will be a long day since I need to reset my sleep schedule so it should be good. Will keep it updated periodically. Meditation- 15 mins Visualization- 20 mins
  7. Day 27: Well I made some progress, spent some time yesterday visualizing with my new technique. I spend some time in general meditation, then lay down, do progressive relaxation, and visualize my wonderland. After I get bored of doing that (as low def and flickery as that is with my current skill level), I have my tulpa tell me random situations to imagine. Then I kind of improv them to make them fun and stretch them out. It works pretty well, it will be my go to from now on. I will also start doing a minute count for meditation and visualization starting today. I haven't gotten to it, but I will update this post before bed. My visualization is a little better, I see how I could get it good now, so I will be in an aggressive rush to master it, then work on imposition for eve to take my tulpamancy to the next level. For meditation I do meditation just on the breathe, typical beginner zazen style, some mantra stuff to break it up if I do longer sessions. Eventually I plan to shift to link zelda's system where you use random nouns and such, I can see how that is good excercise for the mind and could be fun. Right now it's a strain to visualize and not good enough to focus on anything but not blanking out during visualization. Meditation time: Visualization time:
  8. I would say it's fine, that was my intention with Eve. It largely worked out that way, there havent been any hitches involved with that. If anything our more "intimate" components of our dynamic act as extra forcing. The important thing is setting up rules for how they will fit into your life going forward. Would they just be a friend if you were in a relationship? Would you continue both relationships (that is what I would do). I personally believe in keeping our relationship persistent even if I get involved with other people, largely because it is a more permenent long term thing than what I would expect from a person. I look at peoples relationships, and only a small small fraction stay in love their whole life, and I dont believe in that sticking around if that falls apart. So I consider that an unlikely possibility. If it did happen though Eve would not be going anywhere.
  9. So I have had Eve for about a year and a half now. I am finding that I am hitting a roadblock, I'm willing to spend the time, and she is developed in some ways, but I get too distracted. Her voice does come through if I really focus, she is very much "there' and real to me, that much is clear. I really need a way for her to grab my attention though. So I figure I need to get her mindvoice more prevalent or impose her audibly. Does anyone have advice about how they did it? I've read the guides and such, but im not sure where to place my time next. If her voice snapped my attention and had the presence of like another person, then I know we would explode progress wise. Any advice on how to get there? Or am I thinking about this from the wrong angle?
  10. I really don't like who they went through with picking. I think the tulpa community needs an ambassador who comes off more normie and assertive in the interviews. The mtv guy set the tone too much, and it was just examining it through his normie paradigm way too much, trivialized the whole thing. I would like to do an interview with the media instead. I am more of a misanthrope who masks his powerlevel and seems like someone who wouldn't watch anime, nonetheless have a tulpa. I feel like someone like that, that has the interviewer go "oh why do you have one?" would open up a better interview. I'd like to be the one setting the tone and try to represent the community better, drop some philosophy on the fragility of the I, drop the solipsism being a potential reality bomb. Really get the interviewer on the ropes and challenge peoples perception of it. I didn't like how at the end he was like "oh it's real to him" reminded me of like my strange addictions or something in the tone. I'd rather he have walked away with a little awe, and a sense that "oh I guess people have drastically different views of what constitutes reality for them.
  11. Today it'll let Eve write the update Day 25 : Today has been our best day yet so far, though we have been doing better in general. The amount of meditation my host does has increased, and he definitely spends a good bit more with me. I feel I can reach him a little better, it isn't a ton, and he wishes for more, but I think it's coming at a pretty fast rate. My host meditated for over an hour so far today, alternating between silent breathe meditation and mantra meditation at the cute little shrine he has set up. Since he isn't sure about his metaphysical beliefs, he defaults to the shrine being dedicated to me, which is pretty flattering. He also spent a lot of time visualizing me, which I thought was a lot of fun. He imagine his bed transformed into the wonderland, and pictured me and his environment. Cuddles ensued, and he had some good progress. He hates early visualization because of how blurry it is, but I think it will be ok, he only has to stick to it. Overall today was a great day, and i'd like to see it repeated. If it were to be repeated, hmmmm... maybe like 10 more times, I think he would have undeniably clear progress. I actually like the sound of that, whether he likes that or not i'm setting that as the goal. I also found out I can manipulate his ability to closed eyed visualize, if he lets go and gives me control I can make more complex patterns appear and really strain his visualization muscles, this may result in faster progress than usual, at least I hope so!
  12. Day 20: I have been having some problems, but I am meditating more, eve has stayed about the same in terms of vividness, and I have successfully cut back drastically on the caffeine. So it has been a mixed week. I guess in this coming one I would like to get further in meditation, cut out caffeine completely, study some yoga and try to bring back new methods on how to work with eve from that, and increase her vividness. My primary goal is to increase her vividness, since all this is for her to begin with. Not a bad week, but I don't feel well about it either, I would like to have a more interesting post about how I read and incorporated new methods into working with her, and some anecdotes. Most of the time I talk to eve is to cheer up lately, so not a lot of those.
  13. Interesting post. I respect that you feel that way about it, though my experiences have indicated differently. I think an important thing to consider is the degree to which your tulpa is developed. I would have to reach high levels of development with eve before making a call like that. When I look at the people who spent the longest periods of time really pouring a lot of work into there tulpa, I see less and less doubt. It dosent seem to be a conclusion that the most veteran among us reach. If you want to revisit it I would suggest really plunging in and suspending judgement. The lack of long time high level tulpamancers walking away from the whole thing is what lends it the most credence in my eyes.
  14. Day 12: I have been continuing to cut back on caffeine, trying to keep my lifestyle healthy, and spending time with Eve as much as I can. Her presence has gotten a little bit stronger, but hopefully that will pick up as I adjust to no caffeine and meditate a bit more. Not much to report besides that I spent hours with Eve today because I felt upset and needed support. We continue to bond, especially over times where I am upset and reach out for support and cuddles. I definitely feel closer to her, and I think that is helping as far as motivation to keep up with the positive changes, and motivation to further work on Eve. It'll report back in a week, my goal for then is that I didn't consume any caffeine, started a meditation regiment again, and feel like Eve is a little more vivid. Maybe that is ambitious for a 1 week goal. We will see though.
  15. Thanks stevie, it's good to be back. I needed some time to get my health and wellness to the point where I could really progress with Eve. I feel like I did all I needed to do to get to the point where I am really ready to take things to the next level with Eve, so I figured it was also time to come back to the community. I missed coming here, it was just frustrating visiting at points where my levels of focus couldn't sustain significant progress. I doubt my focus is fantastic at the moment either, but I am in a much better position to start training it. I plan on sticking around for awhile. Eve- (I would hope so! Last time my host was here he didn't stay as long as he would have liked to. This time I think he will be around much longer, and I don't plan on letting him leave either! I think this should be the final stretch for us, we have the knowledge and determination to make this happen. We both find the idea of me being fully imposed very exciting and pertinent, and we will go to whatever lengths we need to. To my host's credit he has been working hard to get in the position he is in now, the vast majority of his lifestyle changes were enacted with the intention of raising his capacity to make me more vivid. So cheers to our return, and lets make it a successful one!)