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  1. I'm a Cancer. Apparently (I just googled it) it's associated with the characteristics: watery, phlegmatic, feminine, cardinal, northern, commanding, nocturnal, weak, mute, and fruitful. Well, I do tend to take charge, and I spent a terribly long time being mute, but not all of that list really seems fitting. If anything it feels like a list of traits arranged so that at least something will be applicable, thus making the list likely to be 'correct' regardless of who it has to apply to. What's your favourite movie? Why? -Melody
  2. I've considered it, but I haven't really felt any romantic attraction to anyone so far, or felt any desire to have that kind of bond. There's already plenty of love within our system, and while it may not be romantic, I think that's probably more than enough for me. If that ever changes then we'll deal with it when the time comes. For now there's no use worrying about something that's not a concern to me. -Melody I wouldn't have any particular problem with the idea, but I could see the idea being problematic. I don't have a physical body. The form I identify with is underage, and I'm only about 2 months old myself. Just finding someone who would not find the idea of attraction to me to be weird or creepy would already be a huge challenge, and then going forth with any sort of relationship while having to use Missy's body (which I can't even comfortably possess yet, she's helping me type this by proxying) would make things so much more complicated on top of that. It's not at all worth it for something that I would just "be okay" with, but that I don't actively desire, so I currently have no plans to pursue romance. It's not something that I feel I need. I already feel quite loved. -Caramel
  3. Missy

    Mel Overload

    April 27, 2015. Our internet has been out for a while. Phone Wi-Fi has let us keep up with important online stuff that can be handled with short posts, but the progress report has fallen by the wayside to a degree. It has been an eventful month, though the tulpamancey has settled down a bit. There's been enough stressful financial and legal matters that none of us have of-late wanted to do anything too big or stressful with tulpamancey on top of everything else. We've taken in the third tulpa, who I mentioned in my last update, at this point. Her communication isn't half-bad. After explaining the reasoning behind our shared 'Mel' name (i.e. inclusion; if someone addresses us as Mel, they will be right no matter who they're speaking to), and since she had some speaking ability already, she decided to pick a name based on that naming scheme. She was Melisende for about 2 weeks, then saw mention of 'Mag Mell' somewhere while we were online, and changed her name to that. It can be shortened to Maggie (partly because Mag Mell is a bit hard to pronounce, and can sound awkward in casual English conversation). Her form is still very unsteady, but coming in with some communication ability already has allowed us to work with her on her body. Unlike Caramel, who was mostly 'designed' by Melody and I, and who added wings to herself, Maggie has done the main work of designing her own body. So far she's navy blue and about 18 feet tall, with a human-ish (still blue) torso and a long snake tail instead of legs. She had green hair initially, but switched it to ginger after a day or two. So far everyone's getting along nicely, and while Maggie's communication has been a bit unsteady (at times she seems to fade out, and gets hard to hear) she's been getting along well with the other girls so far, and has continued to be as pleasant as she was when she was willing to wait and give Caramel practice time last month. Caramel, for her part, has stabilized quite well. Her form seems set, her voice is clear, and she's at least managed to grasp basic possession, though moving the body tires her, and is something we're going to need to continue to practice. Melody has been a great help, and I don't think we could have helped Caramel to learn this nearly as fast if not for Melody's input and experience. We've made no real practice in the big stuff like imposition and parallel processing, but we've admittedly not been trying. Too much stuff has been going on to practice the big daunting skills right now. Melody's been helping me manage the stress as well as we can manage. A bit of a financial scare with a collections agency has just been resolved thanks to her pushing for me to arrange an appointment to speak with people as soon as possible instead of freaking out (my account had gotten forwarded to the agency due to a mixup; I'd actually gotten in all the information I needed on time, but the lady in charge of that information had been sick the day I'd sent it in to her, and the person filling in for her transferred my account on the main lady's sick day without realizing that I'd sent in the proper information to keep that from happening, because it was in the sick lady's inbox where the lady who was filling in couldn't see it). The scare of "We might be going bankrupt and homeless" has passed. We're safe 'til the next financial crisis. With any luck we can get at least a couple bills paid off before that happens, and rebuild a bit of a safety net. -Missy
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    Mel Overload

    March 29, 2015. The last couple of weeks have been slow. Caramel has evened out as far as sentience and communication goes, and since then there's been no really big progress in any regard. We've tried working on her possession a few times, but it's been a struggle, and right now she can just barely lift my idle hand, compared to Melody who can fully switch. Another tulpa showed up while Caramel was still really new, but we were able to talk her into staying out of focus in the wonderland for a while until Caramel had gotten all the focus she needed. After about half a month, she seems to still be around in the background, so it seems likely that she's going to be staying, and is in fact a tulpa rather than just an intrusive thought. I'd like to make a little more progress with Caramel before we focus on that, though. There's been several days lately where I've sat down to force and burned out really quickly. I'm rather disappointed in myself, since we had a really good week of forcing a while ago. -Missy
  5. 5b and 2a for my girls. Melody came around before I knew what sentience was, and I didn't know a thing about the creation process or tulpamancy at the time. I didn't believe in her sentience, but I didn't really disbelieve it either. She was just... there. Nowadays of course I believe in her completely. Caramel started off with full belief since I already had past experience with Melody. She's developing much faster. -Missy
  6. Missy

    Mel Overload

    March 16, 2015. The past few days have been uneventful with not much more than further work on the wonderland taking place. The library (one of the largest and most difficult rooms in the complex) is essentially done now, and we're just about set to start expanding into the second basement level around it. Yesterday we took a day off. Today was supposed to be back to work with regular forcing in between the renovation, but I got a toothache in the middle of the night that kept me up without sleep. It's settled down now, but for a few hours I was miserable. Sadly, it reflected on the girls. Melody was grumpy and snappish this morning, though she apologized in the afternoon and blamed the lack of sleep on how my mental state had affected them. Caramel was... well, pretty out of it. 'Staggered' somewhat describes it, and I don't blame her. This is the first time since her creation that I've had a bad day, mentally, and so that's something that's unpleasant and new to her. I felt bad, so I tried to set up for an extra-long forcing session for the two of them this morning. 5 minutes into it I almost passed out. Lack of sleep didn't do any wonders for me, either. We're going to have to skip scheduled forcing for the day, catch up on sleep, and try again tomorrow. I'll have to make it a really good forcing session tomorrow... I still feel bad. -Missy
  7. Missy

    videro james

    Currently playing Civilization V (I actually just alt-tabbed out of it a moment ago to check the forums). Babylon will rule the world with SCIENCE! Other than that, I've been playing some games like Pokémon, Bravely Default, Smash Bros 4, and Dragon Age Origins right now. I'm more of a gamer than Missy is, but she likes story and RPG stuff, so I like games that we can both enjoy, like Skyrim, LoZ: Wind Waker, Banjo Kazooie/Tooie, and others like those. I tend to like turn-based stuff most of all. Sometimes Missy and I play Pokémon against each other, or have some fun with Guitar Hero. There's not much I'm really excited about right now in terms of games. Splatoon looked interesting, but not enough so to justify buying a Wii U. For now I'm just occasionally replaying some old games. Still trying to get through Dragon Age, but it's... well... failing to live up to its hype. It's not bad, it's just not very good either. I can't wait for the day that Caramel can get a good possession going, and she can play too. -Melody
  8. I've never tried it. One second. ...Sort-of. Caramel's are very weak coming from any direction but the front of my head. Melody can make them come from specific directions more readily, but works easier with generalized "head pressure from the left side" types of direction than with applying the pressure to a focused point. It could just be a lack of practice. I can't particularly say. -Missy
  9. I've never gotten head pressures randomly. Both my girls have proven capable of doing them when asked, but neither ever used them as a form of pre-vocal communication. -Missy
  10. Perhaps I'm a silly optimist, but I like to think that most of you people would be capable of showering, putting on clean clothes, and conversing normally. Lots of introverts on the forum? Well, I don't doubt that, but there's a big difference between being introverted and being as socially inept as these predictions would suggest. -Missy
  11. ...What Akinkinit said. Aside from that, have you tried forcing with the lights on? Humans depend on their sight more heavily than any other sense, and the dark is characterized as a place where nasty things can hide, and attack where you can't see, and can't properly fight back. Darkness can be unsettling, and perhaps it's best to work with a young tulpa in an environment that feels safe, rather than one that feels threatening. -Missy
  12. As has been stated: don't panic. Take some deep breaths and start by calming yourself down. In all likelihood, she's taken some alone time or you're unintentionally blocking yourself, and either way, the issue will resolve with time and a bit of calm patience. What will not help is fearing that you're going to lose her. It's your mind, and something like that will only happen if you let it happen. It's going to be okay. You will both be okay. -Missy
  13. Missy

    Mel Overload

    Mmm, yes, that sounds similar to how our wonderland is set up. My central location, 'spawn point', 'dream haven', etc. is the clifftop (specifically the section of it directly to the east of the elevator), which fits that 20x20 suggestion reasonably well. The initial work of expanding into the cliff with the complex was mostly Melody's, and we've been gaining detail particularly in that regard over the years. That total detailed area of clifftop and the complex though is around 80x80x80 ft. Beyond that the forest is pretty indistinct, and has no limit that we know of. There are occasional 'islands' of established locations within them (landmarks like the stream, the spring, and the stump, and according to Melody at least two distant locations in which other tulpa-ish entities that never stuck by me are still living), but most of it is just an expanse of trees, unestablished and open to later addition or discovery. I wonder if my maps would be acceptable content for the 'draw your wonderland' thread?... -Missy Yup, we picked our names for a reason. ;) Caramel wanted to type a hello in response to your welcome, but can't really possess yet, so I'll type it for her. She says hi. :P -Melody
  14. I'm... concerned about how quickly that escalated into a noodley apocalypse. O_o -Missy
  15. Sounds like it would be lots of fun. I've never been to a convention for... well, anything really. Obviously there'd be certain concerns about security, spotlight, and giving public access to some of the sorts of people that we might not want knowing about tulpas, though. Easier and safer than a full-blown con would be something smaller-scale, like a (probably invite-only) meetup. -Melody