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  1. Thanks so much for that. At this point, we are jammed in the same body with no way out really. Sometimes I feel like we are two different types of play-dough sealed together in one case. However, if we ever do get things normal again, I will defiantly be trying this. It sounds very helpful once we get to a good point again. Thank you. Also, for anyone who is wondering on our progress...I hate to say not much has changed so far. My household got sick (us included) and though no one went to the hospital. I don't remember much so, I know I wasn't working on things from my end (shame on me, i know...). On a plus side, everyone is doing better, and Minata and I have been about to talk a bit more with a little bit of ease. Thanks again for all the comments!
  2. Wow thanks so much Einulf and Aura!! I really appreciate it. Lately the only thing we do on autopilot is dishes since my mother and daughter are both sick. However, I will try this next time I can, and try to post the results (for anyone who might be interested). Thanks again! :D
  3. Thanks for the reply ClianthaMiura. I was curious because this is all still new to me, and I only know from what Minata and I have gone through together. I was wondering if it was the same as when she would disappear (for a short time). Thanks for the reply Chupi thank you so much for the suggestions. Honestly, I have been wondering how exactly I would even go about separating us, even if we worked on a Tulpa she agreed on (before reading your post). I will defiantly check out some of the forums around here on tulpaforcing and such. As for the meditation, that might be a bit tricky (since neither of us are very good at it, no matter how hard we try and if we do get relaxed enough, one or both of us fall asleep). We have been talking a bit more during the day. At this point, though, we aren't able to think or focus on separate things (tried a couple of times today until she got angry at not being able to). We will keep at it though and I thank you so much for your comment and suggestions!!
  4. Thank you so much for the link Sushi!! I have been reading over it and though its odd I've never heard of it with all the research I have done on the subject. However, the link is extremely helpful and gives me another direction to help figure things out! I can't thank you enough!! Thanks so much for the comment ClianthaMiura! If you don't mind me asking, does Desmond act the same now as he did when you were younger? I know that Tulpas change just as we do, but I thought I would ask. Also, have you asked why he left? Again, just curious and if you (or he) do not wish to answer, I understand. Jean-luc in a way it doesn't. However, we both feel we need to know. Recently, we have almost "merged" or co-run things to the point I'm not sure who I am and she isn't sure who she is. We feel like we need to know what is going on in order to sort things out and get things straight between us. Einulf I do trust her with almost everything. There are situations, I know she will take control of, whether I want her to or not (since she has a history of it). It has been this way since I was a teenager. In the last 4 years or so, we stopped resisting each other so much and actually talked about a 'compromise'. Since then, we too switch several times a day and no one notices because we work as one unit now and most thing its just me being 'bipolar' or something. However, we are starting to become one and it's frightening for both of us. I can't tell who I am sometimes and I asked her about it, and she feels the same way. In her words "it's like being sucked into a mirror image and only half of me is still left. I can't tell who I am or who you are. We are halfway the same but still not!" We used to be completely separate and I could see her as if she were a Tulpa but now is very vague and blurry. After some reading on Multiplicity, I'm starting to lean a bit more on this theory. However, I am curious as to what would happen if I made a Tulpa of Minata. She isn't against it, but we are a bit weary of the idea at the moment. We want to be separate again, but still in agreeance on how things will work. I read a post about the effects on Vyvants on Tulpas and I'm wondering if that has something to do with it. I was on the medication for 4 years (the time which we bonded and compromised). I don't think either of us noticed we were merging and now that I'm not on it all the time, we feel horrible and confused. Thanks again for the comments and help everyone!! This means so much to me, and we are both very thankful for everyone's thoughts and help.
  5. Hello, my name is Mina. So before I begin my numerous questions, I would like to provide a little back story about me and the tulpa / personality in question. I was not supposed to be born, due to the fact the doctors were convinced that I was a tumor. They told my mother if she kept me, I would be disfigured (missing arms, legs, and such) and would probably be a vegetable. Well, she kept me (obviously), and luckily I have all limbs that are normal, and I am not a vegetable. My mom was a single mother (nothing is really known about my biological father) that had gotten married to a man who had several disabilities (that she didn't know when she married him... poor judgement and timing, I know). Well, the first occasion I can remember Minata (my tulpa/ other personality) was an occasion when my step-father (at the time) had taken me with him to go see my mother at work. She worked in a bar, so I wasn't allowed in, but I went in anyways. She had been gone all day and I missed her. Needless to say I got into trouble. He spanked me (a bit excessive as he usually did) and put me back into the truck, then left. I remember crying and panicking, but this voice told me to calm down, it would all be alright. I can remember her stroking my hair and trying to calm me. I have had her around ever since. Sometimes she leaves, but usually not for long. I didn't know her name for a long time. She would hear a name and think about it. "I think I like it....Maybe that's it" she would say. After a while though, she would change it and tell me it wasn't "her name". When I was about 14, she heard the name and knew, her name was Minata. It felt right (or just gave both of us a right-ish feeling). Well, now it's time for the information that makes me wonder. She has a different form than what my body looks like. I can see it in my mind, as I always have. Her voice is also different, as is her personality. Things that I might be sad or hurt about, make her angry. There are things I like, that she doesn't. The part that makes me wonder the most though, is that we switch. Sometimes it is a choice, other times she sees my weakness and takes over. Could it be that since I have always had her (since I was 2), she has 'developed' enough strength to 'force' a switch? When I started to talk about her, or my mother noticed the sudden change of personality, she thought I had split personalities (which isn't uncommon in our family), so that is what I have been thinking she is until now. I just learned of Tulpas 2 days ago, so this new knowledge has made me wonder, because about 85% of what I have experienced with Minata sounds a lot like a Tulpa. Even she is starting to wonder, because neither of us know how she came about. She just appeared and has been with me since. So in total, my questions: 1. Has anyone ever experienced anything similar? 2. Is it possible for a split personality to be a tulpa too?? 3. How could I discern if she is a Tulpa or a split personality? Sorry for the length of this, and if it is in the wrong spot. This whole Tulpa aspect has us really confused and curious. I really thank everyone for their time for reading all this and for any help offered! I hope all is well with everyone and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them or PM me, if you like.
  6. Hello everyone. My name is Mina. I have been reading over the forums for about 2 days now and decided it was time to sign up. I have lots of questions that may seem a bit odd, but would really like if someone could help me understand things better. I plan on making a thread in the question/answer section to explain things a little better and ask my questions. I'm not even sure if what I have is a Tulpa or if it is a split personality (which I will be addressing in the thread I will make). I have memories of her as early as 2 years old. I have always heard her and sometimes when things are really bad in life and I need her (or randomly at time when she feels like it), I can feel her. For the longest time I didn't know her name, but in my teens one day it just clicked in her head. "My name is Minata" she told me one day. Anyways, I just wanted to say hello to the community and I hope I don't turn out to be an odd-ball here lol EDIT: I have created the thread for anyone who can help, is interested, or has information. Here is the link: