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  1. Thanks for this insight. If this is true I will no longer have anything to do with it, and continue to dissipate. Because that's where I, personally, draw the line.
  2. Yeah, I believe my initial fear had something to do with reading about tulpaforcing leading to DID. I'm a bit embaressed about it actually. I knew very well that the process wasn't entirely without risk, but suddenly it was just too much I guess. So far I've only been able to 'feel' certain emotions coming from her, as well as body language. She isn't vocal yet, so I don't really know of a reliable way to ask for her imput. I usually just talk to her, try to feel her presence and watch her moveabout the wonderland.
  3. Thanks. I suppose I'm just looking for a little confirmation of what I subconsciously already know; that it's alright.
  4. (inb4 *continuing) So I'd like to hear other people's thoughts on this, please. To keep it short, I had been creating a tulpa for some months. Then I came at a point where I read something which frightened me, and suddenly I decided I didn't want to continue anymore. Yes, I know impulses of fear are never a good foundation to making descisions on... But for some reason I still did it. It must have been 4-5 months ago. I never meant to hurt her, I just wanted her to stop existing. For months I tried not to think about her, and most of the time I managed to. But there where also times o
  5. 09-01-2012 Some interesting stuff happened. So I just had my first week at my new school. I've still been tulpaforcing every day, but usually no more than 30 minutes. Some sessions were very good, others didn't go so well. When I woke up yesterday I immediately felt a strong bond with Spick, and this feeling lasted until my attention became fully occupied with school and having to be social etc etc. Still, it was very nice to experience. Now here it gets interesting. When I tried to tulpaforce yesterday evening things didn't go very well. Not sure why, but all of a sudden I began to
  6. 08-26-2012 I've just continued doing personality work, at least 30 minutes a day. It's kind of hard to judge when we'll be done working on Spick's personality, but I guess it can't hurt taking a decent amouth of time for it. During our sessions I try to feel her presence, and narrate to her about whatever personality traits come to mind. I've already narrated most aspects of her personality a couple of times, but I'm going more and more in-depth with them. Whenever I feel original enough, that is. I've begun using the 'energy crystal method' Nikodemos mentioned to me, so sometimes I visuali
  7. ^Thanks for the welcome. The energy crystal method sounds like a great solution, I'm going to use that.
  8. Weeeelll... - Companionship, a strong emotional bond. - Learning more about reality and existence. - That feel.
  9. I kind of do give a fuck, I like to think about this stuff. Introduction of the concept of tulpae once again flipped my whole beliefs system upside down, and it's always cool when that happens. Apparantly we all have the ability to create sentience and our own reality inside our mind. So for that matter our entire universe could be a 'dream' of something bigger. A depressing thought? To me, not really. I do believe there's one benevolent cosmic force from which we're all components. Reality is probabely just something silly, something to fool around in, reach enlightenment with or whateve
  10. I also get somewhat disheartened every now and then, I guess it's part of the process. We'll have to get used to it that not every forcing session goes as well as we'd like. Could be interesting to make your tulpa an extrovert in contrast to your own personality. Myself, I'm going for introvert to mach my personality.
  11. Hi! So I'm working on a tulpa. I'd like to keep track of my progress here, and if anyone has any advice to offer I'd love to hear it. For important updates in my progress I'll be editing OP (which will result in a huge wall of text on the first page). I'll try to underline the important stuff. Lastly, I don't keep track of how many hours I make, but I strive for at least one hour of tulpaforcing each day. This is what I want my tulpa, Spick, eventually to look like. Except with gray eyes, the addition of wings, and removal of the 'cutie mark' note. 08-24-2012 I think it's been a
  12. Ohai there, fellow EPR user! Twinkledust here. ^^ You actually talked out loud when you took your tulpa for a walk? If that's what you're going for it's your choise, but I know I'd feel very awkward. I hope you realize talking out loud isn't necessary. Good luck in your efforts, I'll be checking on your progress.
  13. Ok, good to know it's a normal thing. But, is narration / tulpaforcing still effective when the tulpa is not present?
  14. Hello everyone, So I picked up tulpaforcing and generally I feel pretty good about my progress. I've done three long sessions of 50-60 minutes now, and a few shorter ones. I already feel some sort of warm connection to my tulpa, and I think I've fleshed out her personality for a good deal now. In appearence she's still a glowing white orb-thing. But now something is puzzling me. Sometimes, also during tulpaforcing, it's like she just 'dissapears' all of a sudden. It's like she's hiding away inside of me, in a place where I can still narrate to her, but can't feel her presence anymore. Th
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