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  1. Thank you! I will defiantly try passive forcing!
  2. So basically narrate my whole life to her? Keep her posted on my feelings and the emotions running through my mind and heart?
  3. So is passive forcing kind of like kinesthetic learning? When im doing school work I find it easier to get work done by moving, or chewing on something. For instance my water bottle, pen, mechanical pencil etc. even gum helps out. I also figured during my years of learning that I learn better when I dance at the same time. So can passive forcing be dancing while my mind roams? So instead of negating my thoughts I should just let my mind roam and imagine whatever it wants? I already know how her features, smell, how her hair feels etc. but does that mean my mind wants something else besides Shiro? When im tulpa forcing I think of Shiro and then this other character pops up in my head and I open my eyes to try to refocus on Shiro. This character pops up a lot. (Sorry, I don't know if there is a way to tag people on here.)
  4. So I have only started Tulpa Forcing but I have run into an obstacle that I cannot seem to get over. When im trying to concentrate on Forcing, my mind likes to wander and think of everything else in my life or things that I like. So I read more about how to concentrate and people said meditating is a good way to concentrateand hypnosis. I have tried these and they don't work for me. My mind is completly active even when I'm alone. I feel like I have ADHD and ADD. Im always moving a part of my body, so this leads to me not relaxing and trying to concentrate. When I am concentrating my imagination likes to kick me on the butt because it's like it doesn't want me talking to Shiro. I want this. I know having ADHD and ADD might not work out for me Tulpa Forcing, but just because I have these doesn't mean I want to give up. I don't take any medicine for relaxation or anything. Plus I don't want to have to dope myself up to concentrate. So is there any other way I could focus on Shiro? Any suggestions would help... Thank you